Tu Jaane Naa – Wedding (Part 17)

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Hai guys here is next episode

Its Abir and Mishti’s wedding

Everyone has gathered for their wedding. Rithu is excited to the core and it running here and there in joy.

Abir and Mishti are brought to the mandap

Preesha: Congratulations to my two dear friends

Karishma: Im so happy that this day is finally here

Abir and Mishti exchange garlands

Arohi : Its time for the other rituals

The time for pheres come and Abir lifts Mishti in his arms
Preesha: Arrey wah Abir

Abir: Woh ..kya hena she has carried my responsibilities too till now. She has fulfilled the vows of the wedding even without taking them from the beginning.  And yeh shaadi is not between just a couple its between parents. Thats why

Vinod : Wish you were this responsible and mature earlier

Abir: If you had been I would have

Mishti nudges him

Arohi: Both of you stop it. Let the rasams continue

The pheres get over . Preesha brings the sindoor and Abir fills Mishti’s hairline

Mishti gets emotional. The loneliness and pain which she underwent for the past years vanish in a second. Atlast her dream became true and she became Mrs.Abir Mehra in short Mrs.AM

Abir notices her tears and wipes it

Abir: No more tears from now.

Mishti hugs him forgetting the situation. Preesha clears her throat. Abir and Mishti realise the situation and Abir picks Rithu in his arm.
Preesha gets Rudra’s call. She accepts the video call and takes it near Mishbir

Rudra: Congratulations dude AM.
Ritik: Congratulations Mishti and Abir

Rudra:Sorry not making it up

Abir: No issues Rudra. Captain needs you. Even I should have been there

Ritik: Oh shut up. Happy married life

Ritik and Rudra disconnect the call

Rudra: Captain I have cracked the symbol

Ritik: Whats it?

Rudra: A snake…and the ohm symbol

Ritik: This refers to the Naag mandir right..maybe she was taken there by Varun

Rudra: Correct captain. Let’s go there

Ritik: Wait..its been almost a year now..if he had changed the place?

Rudra: Nothing wrong to check there

Rudra and Ritik rush there and find an isolated place behind the naag mandir. But no one is there

Ritik: I told na

Rudra finds an sd card near a chair

Rudra: But our arrival is not a waste captain. See what I found. I guess they have left just now


Shivanya is tied inside a dark room

Varun comes there

Varun: Thank God Abhay informed me that Rudra and Ritik guessed the place and are coming here

Shivanya: How long will you take revenge for the death of Kajal

Varun: Till you and Ritik die!!!!!


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