Tu Jaane Naa- A Question (Part 5)

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Hello friends here is the next episode.

Mishti reaches Rithu’s school. At the front desk

Lady: Mam can we know the name of Rithu Arora’s father

Mishti: No need of it..just my name is enough

Voice: Why not add my name

Mishti turns to see a guy standing behind her

Mishti: Kaushik…what are you doing here

Kaushik: I have come here to ask a question to you

Mishti: Whats it now

Kaushik: Will you marry me

Mishti: My answer has been and always will be no

Kaushik: But why Mishti..I love you

Mishti: I don’t..both I and Rithu belong to someone else..we are his…

Kaushik: Atleast tell his name and show your wedding proof then I’ll leave..see I will bring up Rithu like my own daughter

Mishti: Shut up..Kaushik you know nothing..

Mishti drags Rithu and comes to the class for the meeting.

After sometime Mishti and Rithu are going back home with Rudra Preesha and Saraansh.

Flashback rolls

After few more meetings Abir eventually manages to woo Mishti. She is in love with him. Both Mishti and Abir are sitting with their friends in a garden

Rahul: Waise this government is doing all crap

Abir: Why do you say so

Rahul: Then what else Abir

Mishti: When people are not good then how can we expect

Abir: Its better if ladies don’t talk politics

Mishti: Why are you saying so

Abir: Your job is to better encourage men to do the best..Practice medicine tend to people

Mishti ( In a raised voice): Abir mind what you say

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Abir also raises his voice: Mishti don’t raise your voice to me..(he raises his hand to slap her but..)

Mishti gets angry and leaves from there

Abir runs behind her but she leaves from there in her car.

Abir takes his jeep and goes to her home.

Mishti is standing in her balcony while Abir is standing downstairs

Abir: Mishti..I’m sorry for that..I…I should not have raised my hand..sorry ….without you I can’t stay ..

please forgive me

It starts to rain. Abir is still standing there getting drenched and cold..Mishti goes inside and comes out after sometime to see Abir standing there still. She runs down to him and throws herself on him.

Mishti: Why are you like this..huh..why

Abir: I don’t know but..I know one thing..it’s only you who can change me.

Mishti kisses him and the rain stops.
Abir takes her in his jeep to the quarters

His friends are standing out

Abir: Someone told that that’s all she is gone forever..see she is back with me…she is my girl…mind it

Abir takes her inside.
Mishti comes to reality as they reach home.

Mishti gets down and goes inside without saying anything

Preesha: Rudra..Kaushik was there at the school

Rudra: No point Preesha Mishti still loves Abir and is..

Preesha: Then it’s us who must take efforts to bring him with her

Rudra : You know what happened right

Preesha: Maybe these years of jail life had changed him..maybe ..anything we can’t let Mishti alone forever right

Rudra hugs her comfortingly

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Rudra: I’ll contact Rahul and try to talk to Abir..you don’t worry




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