TRUST TRUE LOVE [ Part – 2 ]

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guys a small change…

pragya,nikhel,purab – sibblings in ARORA MENSION

tanu,bulbul,abhi – sibblings in MEHRA MENSION

Lets start –

1 day it happened to have that bulbul got a phone from Purab…that time it was time of lunch…she couldn’t pick it….Abhi saw this and said his father that he needed to go to toilet his father agreed,he took bulbul’s phone along with him….
Abhi – hey purab…..stop calling we r having lunch
Purab – k drr…..and disconnected the call
Abhi came back and sat along with them they all were having lucnch
Bulbul – what he said
Abhi – he wanted to kiss u…..SHUT UP and eat
Bulbul – hahaha too funny
Tanu – stop it yaar
THERE FATHER – we have selected a groom for tanu and bulbul and a bride for abhi….
Abhi chocked while tears started to flow tanbul eyes….
they left food and went to there rooms…..
Father – wht happened
Abhi – I think they felt shy….I ll go and check
Father nods
Abhi goes to them – don’t cry…we should trust on our true love
Bulbul – we do trust ….but
Tanu – daddy will never let us get them….nor we can live without them……
Abhi – I know….we need to find a solution…. they all keep hand up on hand
TRIO – we ll win….yeah


All siblings were playing truth and dare

Pragya spined the bottle and it pointed toward her

Nikhel – k…how MUCH do u love abhi

Pragya blushes….

Purab – plssssssssssssss dont blush

Pragya beats him slowly and says – i love him too much….

Nikhel spins bottle….it points Purab

And goes on….

Nikhel gets call from Tanu…he gets shock

He drops the phone….

Both get shock…..

Pragya – what happened

Nikhel says everything…all get shocked


guys I know its short…sorry for that and also if this epi disappointed u …and this time I need atleast 5 comments or I wont continue….ignore my mistakes….tc…love u all…..mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhh

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