Top heroines those ruled box office in 2012

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Year 2012 was quite good enough for Hindi film industry. With back to back hits and super duper hit movies, the industry saw huge amount of business flowing in. These hit movies made some male stars the top most celebrities and showed them the zenith of their career. While male actors dominated the charts, female lead actresses were not behind left. It is noteworthy that this year has seen some big banner movies which had female character as its nucleus. Making woman centric film is not new to Bollywood and this year also we have seen some movies which were centered at heroines.


Vidya Balan ina still from 'Kahaani'

Vidya Balan played role of a pregnant lady in Kahaani

Women-centric films like Kareena’s Heroine, Rani Mukherji’s Aiyyaa and Sridevi’s English Vinglish can be quoted as few examples of the slot. With these films, heroines are ready to battle it out at the box office. Other prominent actresses like Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu choose offbeat roles to give a tough competition to their male counterparts.


Vidya Balan in ‘Kahaani’

The year 2012 began with Vidya Balan starer suspense thriller ‘Kahaani’. Vidya had already delivered a big commercially successful movie ‘Dirty Picture‘ in the previous year. The expectations from her were already high and she lived up to it. She played a role of a pregnant lady who arrives in the city of Kolkata in search of her missing husband.


The film explored a theme of feminism and motherhood and portrayed a fight of single seven month pregnant lady who is alone in a male-dominated Indian society. The film didn’t have any other recognized faces but it earned critical acclaim and audience liked the film very much. The movie got a word-of-mouth publicity and in mere 50 days it earned worldwide income of 104 Crores. This is indeed a big landmark for any woman centric film where no big stars are present.


Bipasha Basu in ‘Raaz 3’

Bipasha Basu in Raaz3

Bipasha Basu was fantastic in her role in Raaz 3 that earned her audience appraisal.

Bipasha had as many as three big releases this year. These are Players, Jodi Breakers and Raaz 3. Out of the slot first tow movies failed to make a mark and sunk before anyone could even notice. However Bipasha bounced back with Raaz3 – which is horror flick. She played a role of a fading star who is obsessed with her career.


We will take a look on the performances of other female actresses in our next article. Stay tuned and keep reading for our upcoming post…

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