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oh my assesments came in between but now they are over so here you go plus Do show your support through a vote.

On with the update
Pragya walked away from them, deep in thought. Her expiration showed clear dilemma.
Pragya’s POV
Abhi? tanu? They are a couple right? Well boyfriend and girlfriend not to say that I mind them or do I?
“You do” said her inner voice
No I don’t, they are in a relationship. “Then why does it hurt?”
Yeah. Why does it hurt, why does it hurt to see them together, to hear abhi talk about her, WHY?? Because…. NO! I can’t love him, he is already taken. This would be wrong. Even now they are in a fight because of me. No, I need to do the right thing and that is to move away, let him go
“Will you be able to?”
Yes I can, I can move away, I will
”good joke”
Shut it mind, shut up
“I won’t”
Damn you
POV end

Her eyes welled up as she turned around to find them hugging. She just ran away from there not able to see abhi with tanu.
In reality abhi had never reciprocated the hug. He stood there with his hands down. Tanu was trying her best to convince him desperately not to leave her.
Abhi pushed her back and held her by the shoulders.
“Tanu, listen to me, your lack of trust on me, doubting on me, I can’t take it forever, this relation won’t work, we are over, get that up your brain alright and don’t ever follow me,” he said politely and walked away being the gentleman he was.
“Where did she go?” said abhi
“Wellbeing the girl she is she must have left seeing the argument, must have been scared but tanu crossed her limits,” thought abhi and went to his room.
He then changed into his casuals and left. He was walking around when he saw her walking down the stairs. He quickly rushed to her and bumped into her making her fall but when he opened his eyes he found that it was someone else and he ran away as it was his history ma’am.
“wo, that went completely wrong, let’s go to Purab,” he said and headed out for his house. Upon reaching there he was thirsty after the long jog. He went into the kitchen and saw her again, in a cook’s attire.
“You’re here, again,” he said and jumped on the slab as she was busy chopping. “Missing me so much that you are following me huh?” he said as he came close and closer. He then grabbed her arms and started to dance while tum se hi played in the background.
(Who remembers these scenes?)

He was imagining her everywhere. He after having a chat with Purab regarding this realized that he had feelings for her as Purab had said “well if you start to imagine someone everywhere and see her in everyone then my friend you’re in deep love.”
“I love chashmish but does she love me?” he thought and moved towards the SUV. He sat in the passenger seat when he saw Pragya again in the driver’s attire.
“you again?” he said and she nodded her head.
“god I have gone utterly mad,” he murmured and focused back on her standing in front.
“well you’ll vanish as soon as I come close to you as you’re my imagination still it’s so much relaxing to admire you but sorry I’ve got my final match in 2 days and so I’ll have to go, bye love and sorry driver take an auto,” he said and drove away.
The next two days were quite hard on abhi. Pragya had never come for practice which had him worried. He had tried to call her a numerous number of time but she never answered. She wasn’t even at her house. He messaged her but never got a reply. He was a worried but then he received a message from her. His face brightened up but as he opened it and read his expressions changed dramatically.
“Abhi please don’t try to contact me, live a happy life, I’ll send you your money for training me, bye”
He was sad and confused by her reply. Until a day ago she was fine but now acting like a complete stranger. His phone ringed, it was Purab.
“hey man where are you our match is about to begin,” he said.
“I..I’ll be there Purab in 15 minutes,” he said and with a heavy heart got ready.
He missed her.
I.. I miss her. She has become like a habit that I can’t leave, her cutness, her antics, her anger her everything make my day. I LOVE HER!! I do and I have no doubt in it but where is she? I won’t wait to say this, let me meet her and then I won’t leave her, will scold her for making me restless for 2 days, sleepless and kinda like devdas although he drank and I didn’t what ever
He wanted just one sight of her to brighten up his day but he hadn’t seen her for 2 days. It was time for his team to bat, he was the opener. That’s when he saw bulbul. He saw that she was worried and hesitant to talk to him.

On the other side with Pragya
It was her final match too. Her team had already lost 9 wickets. She was the next to bat. She was frightened, experiencing stage fright. Everything was on her shoulders. Only 2 balls were left and 6 runs were required. She walked up to the field and took her stance. She looked around once, for HIM! To calm her nerves down, to ease her, to give her confidence but he wasn’t there
Stupid Pragya why would he be, he too has a match to play and I told him to stay away, god please help me
She for the last time ran around her gaze and found him standing on top of the podium. She couldn’t help but smile. He looked at her with a bright smile, his eyes conveying his love and affection trying to sooth her and calm her nerves. He gives her a thumbs up and winks and Pragya gives an unbelievable look. She ends up winning the match for her team.
Pragya upon winning runs to abhi who is standing on the boundary with his arms open. She smashes her lips against his and they share a passionate kiss. Breaking it Pragya looks at abhi with questioning eyes.
Bulbul came to abhi and told her the situation of the match as well as the reason for Pragya being away from him. She felt as an obstacle between tanu and him which had then made sense for abhi. Why Pragya had never messaged or lifted his calls and left that day without a word. Abhi knowing that she would be nervous flashbacks to when Pragya was in a drunk state had told him how he’s like her lucky socks and how nothing can go wrong if he’s there with her.
“And so like a typical hero I came,” he said.
“I…I love you pragya,” he said to which pragya was surprised.
“I love you too,” she spoke and abhi embraced her into another passionate hug.
So after 2 weeks I guess I have written it, wohooooo. Sorry people for making you wait but what can I say its complicated. Missing your stories guys, do update more frequently.
Wishing my all readers a happy Diwali
Until next time

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