This Is Not A Love Story (Shot 4)

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Well here is the update but before that let me just talk about one thing that caught my eye and was asked to tell about my point of view.
So recently my dear friend @suba30 suba’s account got hacked but luckily she gained it back and suba you did the right thing not hacking into his but still if I were you I would have done something to make his life go upside down (knowing some hacking skills myself). Hehehe but still you did what was right but this incident made me furious and at the same time saddened me, Like some of you ok a few of you can go to this extent HACKING!! That’s not something so petty and you being proud of seriously.

Guys its every writers right to get voted if you read the chapter and find it good well every chapter is good as the writer puts his or her time and effort to do so and we should appreciate that, and not discourage them and scare them (although we don’t get scared) how long does it take to press a vote button or to comment!!!
I’m calmed down now let’s get into the story which is a new one
Ok no I’ll be posting a drabble although, do check it out
Without further ado the update

Abhi walked out of the club, moving away from the loud beats to hear the call.
“Hey Tanu,” said abhi trying to be cheerful
“Where are you Abhi?” she shouted on the other end.
“I…. I can’t hear you actually I’m here at the pub,” said abhi
“CLUB!! You’re alone right?” said Tanu with possessiveness.
“Yeah I am,” he lied
“You went without me and didn’t get me that diamond ring for my birthday abhi, you have no time for me, you’re at the pub partying,” she shouted in anger at abhi.
“Babe I….I” he was about to explain himself when she cut the line. Abhi cursed the phone as he pushed it in his pocket.
“Everything alright?” said Pragya as she walked up from the back, hearing the last sentence of abhi.
“yeah, everything’s perfect, actually it was tanu, my girlfriend, she was missing me and angry at me for not being with her,” he lied.
“are you telling me or yourself?” asked Pragya.
“what?” asked abhi clueless.
‘that she is your girlfriend’ thought Pragya.
“nothing,” said Pragya shrugging of the ridiculous question she had, well for her it was ridiculous.
“bye pragz,” said abhi, his tone a little depressed.
“bubye,” said Pragya.
“I felt like she asked me that she is your girlfriend, is what she said but why did I tell her that she knew already right,” said abhi as he moved towards his car.
“Why did I ask like that in my mind? Well something is definitely wrong,” said Pragya as she moved back inside.

After a few days it had become a routine for Pragya to wake up and get early to the ground. They used to train for several hours, making her do catches, bowl but her favorite part was batting,(hehehehe)
On the first day itself Pragya didn’t know how to even hold a bat. Abhi who saw this tried to guide her by showing it but Pragya did it the wrong way again and so he made her hold the bat, come around her and hold it with her, his hands on top of hers, him being so close well they weren’t even inches apart sent a butterflies down her stomach. She really liked that position for god knows why (wink). After that at times she used to do it on purpose. Although abhi felt she was doing this meaningfully he never paid heed to it as he too didn’t mind.
Day by day, they grew closer and closer, starting to share their thoughts and even study together. Any free time they would get, they would spend it together talking, practicing oh and eating.
Abhi used to get astonished on how a petite girl could eat this much and not gain even an inch where as he himself was on strict diet, no oily things. He used to look at Pragya while she gobbled down samosas, hungry.
“you always drink juices, have a masosa,” said Pragya
“No I’m on strict diet oh Masosa? Its samosa,” said abhi as he gulped down, really he wanted it badly.
“well my chotu calls it masosa, so do I,” said Pragya
After that when abhi ever did ask for a bite Pragya would make his expression, sit up straight and say “no oily things, I’m on a strict diet.” Making abhi laugh but still he never got samosa or pizza from her.
On the other hand in the gym one day Pragya decided to surprise abhi.
When he walked in he saw her lifting those heavy dumbbells that he lifted shocking him. Whenever he tried to near her Pragya would act as tired and walk out not allowing abhi to check, but he knew that something is very very fishy haaan. She used to replace them every time.

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Then came the storm in their life. On a bright sunny day abhigya were busy training when tanu marched in on them, interrupting them. She picked up the stumps and threw them which caught abhigya’s attention.
“what happened?” said Pragya.
“you stay out of it,” shouted tanu by pointing a finger at her while pragya silenced.
“babe…. Tanu why are you scolding her?” he asked.
“don’t move closer, and don’t call me babe you get that you womanizer,” shouted tanu.
“Womanizer?” said abhi
“my boyfriend and spending time with this girl, who know’s you might have even crossed your limits with this sl*t,” she shouted
“TANU!!” shouted abhi in a loud voice freaking out tanu and Pragya.
“what can’t stand it,” said tanu
“shut up! Firstly she is not a sl*t, don’t ever dare to call her a sl*t, after helping u to cheat I got caught and had to do community hours and so I had to train her (Pragya felt a little hurt deep down) but after that she became a close friend. A sweet, rowdy, short tempered, cute stubborn gal who supported me in my hard time, lightened me up, helped me, and we were just training and you call her sl*t, where were you when I needed you, roaming around with boys,” he shouted.
Pragya felt something more in those words of abhi, something he was hiding or trying to tell. She moved away as it was their matter.

To be continued ……

Next update will be the last and then epilogue if you want?
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