This Is Not A Love Story (Shot 3)

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Pragya shifted her side, sleeping peacefully, snoring loudly.

“wake up,” said a voice , taking a feather and tickling her.

“Leave na Bulbul,” said pragya by hugging the pillow even tighter.

The person took a jug of water in one hand and the whistle in his mouth.

He then whistled and dropped the jug of water on pragya making her to get up with a jerk.

“what the hell!!” said pragya as she looked around to find him standing and smirking.

“how the hell did you get in?” she said.

abhi moved around the bed and sat on one of the bean bags , his eyes on his mobile.

“excuse me!” said pragya trying to gain his attention.

“darling that was quite easy, look around” he said

that bulbul let him in. UHHH! Why god ji why? Kyun meri life JHAAND hoti jarahi hai

“i would say that is not your fault but your fate,” said abhi.

pragya gasped in shock.

he can hear me?

“well i can do that, i am in touch with the higher powers, know what i mean,” said abhi winking at pragya

he is getting on my nerves the first thing in the morning

“lets go jhalli patakha,” he said

“what did you call me?” asked pragya

“jhalli,” said abhi

“your name calling me!” said pragya while standing up on her bed and looming on top of abhi.

“i’m not name calling, i’m calling a spade a spade,” said abhi trying to give his illogical reasonable explanation.

“YOU!!!” shouted pragya and jumped on him.

“Idiot, fool” she said while punching abhi.

“ow-ouch, stop,” said abhi

“hey, pragya,” said abhi and pragya was snapped back to reality, Abhi shook her violently causing her to fall in his arms, and abhi . He steadied her and made her to stand upright. Pragya was lost in his eyes when he moved in close and whispered in her ear “go get ready darling.” He then went outside while pragya moved towards her wardrobe.

After some time in the ground.

“I can’t,” said pragya as she fell to the ground breathing heavily.

“One more round,” said abhi but pragya was stubborn

tu sher to mein sawa sher

“have you had breakfast,” said abhi

“No, just a cup of milk,” said pragya

“well if you don’t run another round, no BREAKFAST,” he said

“you can’t do this to me,” said pragya

“I can jhalli,” he said as he went to pragya’s bag and took out her lucnh box, and he then savored the sandwich while pragya stared at him with envy. She got up, fire in her eyes cuing abhi to run.

Abhi started to run and pragya chased him. After rounding up the ground abhi stopped while pragya came up, panting behind.

“well here you go,” said abhi giving her his sandwich.

“For me?” said pragya , surprised.

“well you ran the ground 1 time more,” he said as he moved towards the bench to get water

“YOU!!!” said pragya as she followed him in anger and as he turned around she collided with him.

“I think you love to bump in front of me,” said abhi.

pragya just pushed him back and moved towards the cafeteria.

“who have you made me stuck with,” said pragya as she gulped the whole drink.

“He’s the best guy i can get for you,” said purab in his defense.

“just go with it, you’ve just gotta handle him for a while, for the sake of your bet,” said Bulbul.

pragya knew that bulbul was right but still abhi was getting on her nerves.

“i’m going, he must be searching me around, eating the brains of others,” said pragya as she left while purbul looked at each other. Bulbul raised her eyebrow’s in a questioning manner while purab spoke “are you thinking what I’m thinking,”

bulbul gestured as yes and both of them moved out of the cafe.

In the ground when pragya arrived abhi was busy doing push ups with one hand.

He was on his 50th push up when he saw her and quickly spoke “110”

110th! wow amazing but anyone like him can do it

abhi then got up and dusted off his hands. “well now your turn, 50 push ups”

pragya “what!! are you serious?”

abhi “do i look like i am joking.”
pragya “no way.”

abhi “ok then 20.i said 20 now” in a stern voice

pragya quickly obliged

“well you have done your Kam, now have an aam” said abhi as he took out a mango out of nowhere.

“well let do some crunches and then a few catches” said abhi

“there’s more to it, do u want me dead day 1” said pragya getting up, tired and helpless.

“i guess that might be my aim,” said abhi as he grabbed the bat.

“WHAT!” said pragya

“just stating the facts i say,” said abhi

after the training session was over pragya was lying down, completely dead.

“well that was for starters, tomorrow this will get more intense,” said abhi as he slinged the bag on his shoulder and left.

“JERK!” she said as she got up with great difficulty and headed towards her room.

she lay there with an ice bag in her hand, motionless. Bulbul came in and jumped on the bed causing a sudden jerk making pragya to yelp in pain.

“OW- bulbul are you blind” said pragya in pain as she again adjusted herself. Every movement was painful. Her legs were dead, she wanted them to be chopped off.

“pragz P-A-R-T-Y” said bulbul.

“NO PARTY, my legs hurt and if i go there i won’t keep myself from dancing” said pragya

“come on pragz, you can do it” said bulbul as she literally dragged her out of bed and dressed up.

At the pub

“wooo” said bulbul as the joint roared with the up beat bass music.

“dj bass barha” said bulbul grooving to the beat while pragya walked forward. She reached the corner to the booths and took her place.

that’s when purab walked up to them.

“hey pragz” he said and then began the usual play.

well you don’t get what i am saying eh? well whenever purab and bulbul meet they do the usual role play as if they don’t know each other, and they are so cheesy

” They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you,” said purab as bulbul followed in and they left to the dance floor

pragya was left alone. She looked around and that when she saw a figure heading straight her way.

“well hello there, you’re a fine beauty” said the guy

his voice was familiar

Pragya looked up to find abhi leaning against the pillar.

“you, that to here” said pragya

“i can ask you the same is too old so well yes i am here,” said abhi. abhi “scoot” as he sat behind her .

abhi “you look bored and tired.”

pragya sarcastically “says who.”

Abhi “pardon me”

“nothing,” she said and sunk further into her seat.

“wanna dance,” said abhi to which pragya stared at him in disbelief.

“well shaking a leg might ease the pain of the cramps” said abhi.

“well then,” said pragya as she stood up and abhi dragged her to the dance floor.

Phir wahi hai din yeh
Phir wahi hai shaame
Tu ho jaaye jo shaamil to
Badlenge rang saare (x2)

O o..

Hum dono aur ye saari raat
Sharaabi ho jaaye to
Band ho kamre mein hum do
Aur chaabi kahin kho jaaye to

Toh baat ban jaye…

Dhal gaya hai din
Hone wali hai raat
Jaane do jaane do
Mujhe jaana hai kahin
Aisi waisi inn baaton mein teri aaj
Sarfira sa dil mera aa jaaye na kahin

Dhal gaya hai din
Hone wali hai raat
Jaane do jaane do
Mujhe jaana hai kahin
Na chahiye mujhe raahon pe tera saath
Roko na roko na mujhe rukna nahin

O raahein ye teri saari aaj
Mujhse hi mil jaaye toh
Subah tak yunhi mere paas
Tu aaj ruk jaaye to

Toh baat ban jaye…

after the dance a slow beat played as both of them danced to it. that’s when abhi’s phone ringed. it was tanu.

“i gotta take this,” he said as he moved outside leaving pragya inside.

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