This Is Not A Love Story – Epilogue

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The whole ground buzzed with the cheering of the crowd.
The commentators spoke
“We welcome you back to the match and it is the last over,”said purab.
“Well I am really excited, this whole match was an amazing idea,” spoke Bulbul.
“Thanks to abhi and Pragya, plus we two are together “ said Purab in a husky tone.
“Purab!! We are on mike, save it for later, coming back to the match the drink session is over and team girls have decided who will bowl the final over.” Said Bulbul with delight.
“Control Bulbul, I am sure the boys will win,” said Purab
“The girls will take it away,” said bulbul
Both of them stopped as they saw Abhi and Pragya giving them the stare.
The then focused back to the match.
“Well team girls have chose abhigya to bowl the final over after a lot of discussion,” said Purab.
“On strike is shabir and on the other end it’s arnav,” spoke Bulbul

Abhigya after the match in the past had married and now had twins,shabir and abhigya, whom both loved sports, especially cricket.
Purbul on the other hand too got married and now had two children arnav and shanaya.
Abhi has organised a match between boys and girls after na argument that had happened

Fb shown
“Mama no one is allowing them to come and play,”said Abhigya.
“Arrey don’t worry,” said Pragya.
“Mummy but everyone allowed the boys to come out and play, even after hey broke the window but they are not allowing the girls,” said abhigya sadly.
“Oh really, no one is there to pay with my Abhi, come with me,” said Abhi as he came back home after a tiresome day.
He was only able to convince a few girls and they decided to play with the boys.
During their gali cricket.
“Girls can’t play,” said one of the boys.
“They will always lose,” said another.
“Girls stay home and work,”said the other.
“Girls can do anything,”said abhigya in anger.
Abhi Who was again watching this came in to stop the argument.

“WAIT!!” He shouted.
“I am on neither side but you can prove yourselves, how about a match, boys vs girls?” He suggested
“But no one allow the girls to come out,”said abhigya.
“Leave That to me,” he said
FB end
Now it was the last bowl. 4 runs required. Shabir on strike while abhigya bowling the over. She had already taken 5 wickets. Everyone was impressed with her performance.
There was complete silence in the ground. Both abhigya were tensed as they had coached them both and the both were their own blood.
Abhigya bowled the last bowl and shabir was unable to hit leading to the victory of team girls.
Abhigya went and hugged shanaya and then her brother.
At the ceremony
Abhi after giving the trophy to both the teams stood on the stage.
“Well, I planned this match after an incident which happened during a street cricket match and a reality of our society.” Said Abhi
“Well firstly, the other day my daughter was crying as none of her friends were coming out to play cricket as their parents were not allowing, well I know that women are to stay at home, cook, take care of their kids but they too have a life, these girls are our future, we need to have equality, both girls and boys have the right to do what they want. For instance a boy will return at night, you allow him but if it’s a girl no way even if there is a valid reason. I know all the men out there will be furious on me for taking the side for women but this is a flaw of our society and to become a better and progressive society we need to come out of the regressive views, and this line of equality for all to become reality and not a speech line,congratulations to the girls and thank you all for joining us,” he said and went down.
There was a thunderous roar of applause throughout the stadium. Tears in a few eyes. Abhi went to his family and hugged them while his children kissed him on the cheeks simultaneously.

At night
“And they loved happily ever after,”said Abhi as he noticed that both of them had slept.
“Goodnight my cutie bears,” he said and kissed them both on the forehead.
“ that was quite a speech today,” said Pragya as she walked out of the closet.
“ you liked it,” said Abhi
“I loved it,” said Pragya as Abhi pulled her on his lap.
“What happened,” he asked finding her lost in thought.
“I was thinking about our past,” said Pragya
“Which part of it?” He asked with a wink.
“Har waqt romance,” she said
“A hopeless romantic you are,” said Abhi
“This started between us was not a love story, but it turned into a memorable one,” said Pragya
“Well this is not a love story but a story of love,” said Abhi
“Lame joke,” said Pragya
“Whatever but you know what they say every story is not a love story but a journey between two hearts to bond and love their lives,” said Abhi
“You made that up,” said Pragya
“The author did ! now let have some we time,” said Abhi
“We-time?” Asked Pragya
“Should I Call this your innocence or stupidness?” Said Abhi and whispered something to which Pragya blushed.
He then lifted her and left to the other room and before closing The door he winked at the audience

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