The Unpredictable Love – Episode 4- The confrontation

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Hi guys! So glad you liked the last episode! Here’s episode 4!

RECAP: Kairav goes to the vegetable market. Raavi bumps into him. Aarohi comes and starts a fight.

– at the vegetable market –

Raavi: Wow Kairav. How can you still talk to her.

Kairav: Raavi, that situation was 5 months ago. Let it go!

Raavi: Even if that was 5 months ago, Aarohi and I have had a bad relationship long before that!

Kairav: Ok i know!

Raavi: She hates me just because I won a competition that we both took part in! Immature ladki.


– at the clothes competition –

Aarohi: Raavi, do you like the clothes I made?

Raavi: Haan woh bohot acchi dress hai! Tu kaise karti hain yeh sab!?

Aarohi: Pata nahin! Aapki clothes bhi acchi hai. Liken do you think you can win with a traditional lengha?

Raavi: Haan, kyu nahi? It’s great to bring culture to these types of competitions

Host: Ok now time to see Aarohi’s creation!

Raavi: Good luck!

Aarohi: Thanks

Judges: Speech please.

Aarohi: This dress can be worn on special occasions to shine! The gems and lace for sleeves make it look professionally made.

Judges: Ok thank you.

Host: Thank you Aarohi! Now last but not least Raavi!

Aarohi: Good luck.

Raavi: Thank you, you did great!

Judges: Aapki speech.

Raavi: I have made a lengha. It’s good to have some tradition and culture in these competitions. This can be worn on very special occasions, but you can wear it to parties and obviously festivals too.

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Judges: Thanks you

Host: Now that the clothes have been seen, the contestants will have to wear the clothes and come out to see the winner!

Aarohi: Tum bohot confident ti.

Raavi: Nahi, actually main bohot nervous thi.

Host: Ok contestants, come on out! Time for the judges to announce the winners.

Judges: In third place is Tina! CLAPS   Second place is Aarohi! CLAPS

Aarohi: -thinks- KYA? SECOND?! I DESERVE FIRST!

Judges: And first place is… RAAVI!

Raavi: Kya? Main first place hoon? Wow! Thank you so much! Lengha banane mein bohot time laga!

– in the changing rooms –

Aarohi: RAAVI!

Raavi: Kya hua? Tum second thi! Second bohot acchi hai!


Raavi: Kya? Ruko. Calm down!

Aarohi: Theeke, main shaant hoon. Abi suno. Tum abi ki abi judges ke paas jaoge aur kehdungi ki main first place deserve karti hoon, tum nahi.

Raavi: Kya? Main yeh nahi kar sakti! Abi announcement ho gaya. Koi changes nahi ho sakti!

Aarohi: Ho sakti hai! Batao nah!

Raavi: Nahi karsaki hai!!!

Aarohi: Wow Raavi. Mujhe lagi ti ki tu mere best friend thi, liken aaj main pata chal gaya ki main ghalat thi.

– runs away –

Raavi: Aarohi! Main sach mein nahi change kar sakti hoon! Aarohi…

– walks out –


Raavi: Aur us din ki baad, woh galat rumours spread kardiya!

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Kairav: Haan, liken i can’t exactly avoid her anymore!

-Shiva comes back from Pandya Store and sees Raavi. He goes to her –

Raavi: Kyu, nahi avoid kar sakta hoo-

Shiva: Chipkalli, tum kyu chilla rahe ho?

Kairav: Shiva? -thinks- This is the perfect time to confront them!

Shiva: Kairav, mere yaar!

Kairav: BAS. ABI. KE. ABI. BAS.

Shiva: Kya hua bhai?

Kairav: Main tum dono ki baat karne chaate hoon. Liken yahan nahi. Chalo mere saath.

Raavi: Kya?

Kairav: No questions. Just come.

– in a side road –

Raavi: Ab tum bataoge? Kya hua, kyu hume lekar gaye yahan tak?

Shiva: Haan yaar.

Kairav: Shaadi. Main shaadi ki baat karna chate hoon.

Raavi: Kya? Kairav-

Shiva: Kairav? Tum Raavi ki phir se propose karna chaate hoon?

Raavi: Shiva, chalo.

Kairav: Tum kahin nahi jaoge.

Raavi: Kyu?

Kairav: Kyuki main tumhari shaadi ki baat kar raha hoon

Shiva: Kya? Humaree shaadi kab hua?

Raavi: Kairav, tum kya baat kar rahe hoon? Hamaree shaadi?

Kairav: Tum choot bol rahe ho! Tumhara shaadi kal ho chuki hoon! Main waha ta. Main dekh chuki hoon!

Raavi: Tum sab kuch dekh chuki hoon? Oh no…

– Shiva and Raavi look at each other in shock –

PRECAP: Kairav says how he didn’t see the whole thing and just wanted them to tell him that it was true. They fight.

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