The unknown feelings – Part 8

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The next day ,

pragya went straight to rohan and said” rohan, I want to talk to you ”

rohan by pointing a table with two chair ” we can sit there”

pragya” yesterday alia told me that you love me .before it became worse I want to clear it .
I want to tell a matter ”

rohan” what?’

pragya took a deep breath and said ” I’m married”
rohan shockly” what?” then with a little anger ” why are you lieing? I asked about you to alia .so say the real
reason .it should be better ”

pra” it is the reason .I’m married .but it was in hurry due to some reason and it is unknown to alia”

rohan ” OK I’m believing you .who is your husband?”

pragya” abhi. he is my husband .when our marriage was happened we are just good friends .till the last day
we didn’t know about it and after marriage we decoded to continue our friend ship .so we didn’t tell this
to anyone ”

rohan ” haaa he is your friend ,then what’s the problem ?”

pra” yes he is my friend but he is my husband too how can I cheat him”

rohan” in this there is no betrayal.if you don’t like ,I mean you two want to continue as friends ,why are you
wasting your life ? you can give divorce and end this false relation”

pragya” its not easy as you tell ”
rohan” why?”
pragya” its not necessary for you to know ” by saying this she left from there .her eyes was filled
with tear she went to wash her face and came back to do her work .abhi didn’t asked about it because
yesterday she said that she will tell him

after two days It was an holiday so pragya and abhi went to her home .due to bulbul wish abhi took bulbul
and went to his house .now 4p’s are together .they were sitting on there living room.that time pragya made
a call and went to upstair and came back after finishing her call then

pragya” hey guys, I was thinking ,its been a long time that our relatives
are in one home ”
purab” so”
pragya” so….if a get together is happened its good ”
prabha” but what will say to them , a reason for together?”
praya” yes”
pragya” I have an idea.if purab marriage is fixed we can call”
all became shocked ,because they all thought purab’s love

pragya” I know why you all became shocked .now from my known there is no
relation between alia and purab ” she looked towards purab and continued ”
and purab you should move on .how long you will think of about your past

purab” its sound like you had already fixed a bride for me ”
pragya ” yes you are right ”
purab” who? ”
pragya” what is the necessary to know it .you already promised us you
will marry of our choice ”
purab” but?”
pragya” no buts OK .one minute you have any other relation ,
unknown to us?”

praya” yes its seem to be he has ”
purab” yes I have .’I’m in love with alia”
prabha ” purab ….its past you should forget this and now she don’t
like you ”
purab ” no she like me ”
all in one tune ” what?”
pragya ” you should have told this before . I said OK to them.and
now there is no way ”

purab” it can’t happened you should ask me first ”
pragya stared him ” then what about my marriage?”
purab” that……”

they heard a calling bell
pragya” its must be she ….

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