The unknown feelings – Part 5

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abhi came back after breakfast then they went to office they are well known to all as best friends .
abhi didn’t want pragya to put kumkum so she didn’t put kumkum .and she hide her mangalsutre from
all because if any one saw it then will ask about who is you husband ,where is he, to avoid these
question .their life was going smooth so they didn’t thought about their life

one day abhi and pragya were back to home they were in car
abhi” pragya ,what do you think about rahul ?”
pra”rahul , he is nice why do you ask ?
abhi” I think rahul is perfect for praya.what do you think?”
pra” hmmm ” she look at him and went to thought “first we should ask it to her if they are only
friends then one more sin will happen” she continued
“yes” abhi reply .

after some time, pragya was thinking something abhi noticed it and called her by asking “are you
thinking about purab? ” pragya replay by shaking her head as yes .it is not a shock to pragya
that abhi sometimes say her mind words .

abhi” about his marriage . don’t get worry we will look a good girl ”
pragya suddenly ” he will not accept ” abhi” why? ……… any other girl ?
pra” abhi ..we will take about it later ,please ” from her request abhi find some problem between
two sibling .
abhi stop the car pragya looked at him as enquiring why car is stopped

abhi” pragya you should answer I always see you as something is worrying you when we talk
about purab what’s the problem ?
pra” nothing like that” abhi” oh really then why your eye filled with tear ”

pragya suddenly wiped her tear .abhi took her hand ” pragya if we share our pain we will get some
relief ” pra” I will tell you but not now but soon ” abhi” OK I m not forcing you ”

abhi, her mood is bad I should do something to divert her mind
abhi” aavuu ….” abhi hold his eye
pra” what happened stop stop the car and what happened to you?”
abhi stopped the car with one eye is closed and ” I think something fell on my eye ”
pra” show you eye ” then pragya blew air on his eye and ask ” OK? ”

abhi checked his eye and replyed ” ok ”
pra” then let’s go ” abhi” I think no . you should drive this car ”
pra” OK ” then pragya drive the car .pragya love to drive she sometimes told to abhi that
if she is worried she will drive the car and then she will get some relief

one day
abhi” pragya , fast. we should go now ,fast fast ”
pragya was coming down by wearing her earring and asked ” what the speciality in today you
dressed early and you ironed right ?

abhi” so….sometimes we should iron our dress ” pra” oooo I got it ”
” what?” asked by abhi
pra” today new staffs are coming ”
abhi” really I didn’t know that ” pra” oh I should believed ?”
abhi smiled .

they went to office
pragya was sitting her chair and working that time her friend sherina come there with a girl
and called her ” pragya, this is alia and alia ,this is pragya ”

pragya looked at alia and became stuck . alia also became stuck
pra” h…hello ” alia” hello”

at evening when abhi and pragya were in car
abhi” pragya ,today I meet a girl ,alia .she is nice ”
pra” yes ,she is .” abhi” do you know her ”
pra” she is the one purab loved long before ,she is the one who suspect me and purab as lovers ,
she is the one who told purab to break all the relation with me ,and I’m the one responsible for
their breakup ”

abhi” what? she is the one ”
this is the problem which make pragya sad . she told this to abhi yesterday night

pra” but she is not wrong someone among her friend make her belive that me and purab are in love ……………

sorry for late update and thank you all who commented my previous part and I want to say sorry
to all in advance because my net will finish on Monday . I don’t know if net will charge or not
if not I can’t update .sorry

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