The unknown feelings – Part 4

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pra: who is my groom?
purab look on .he then smile and said: its surprise
and he went from there
pra: surprise? is it a plaything to surprise? its I understood why abhi was irritated and anger
when his dad said him about getting married.

that time abhi called her pra, who the one I thought is calling me? then she took his phone
abhi: pragya ,can you came to home?
pra: what happened?
abhi: marriage preparation and do you know my marriage is at tomarrow
pra: what?
abhi: yes pragya I don’t know what will I do?
that time only pragya remembered about her marriage

pra: abhi I’m also in your state
abhi: what are you saying ?are you OK?
pra: my marriage is fixed and it is tommarow I am come to know about it on now
abhi: what? ha ha ha its really funny
pra: funny? do you know how I’m ? I don’t know what to do?
abhi: I’m sorry .who is the groom?
pra: its surprise for me
abhi: surprise? tomorrow is your marriage and you don’t know to whom you are getting married to .
pra became silent
abhi: but is it possible to happen .I mean it is possible in filim and serial but in real life ? its thrilling right
pragya became angry here she is sad there he is enquiring about thrill.that time pragya remember about his girl
pra: abhi ,who is your girl?
abhi became stuck

abhi: oh god I forget to ask about it
pra: ha,, ha,, ha,, what ? you forget ? your girl is so poor
abhi: why?
pra: she is going to marrying an irresponsible idiot
abhi: then OK pragya I’m want to go, ask bye
pra: abhi inform me who is she ,OK
abhi: OK bye

pragya put the phone on her table and abhi went to enquire about his girl
abhi: bulbul..
bul: what bhai ?
abhi: vo hmm that. who is my bride ( in hurry)?
bulbul smiled and say : can’t you wait ,
abhi: bulbul who is she? I want to know
bulbul : you want to know , for that you should wait till tomorrow

then bulbul was about to leave abhi hold her hand
abhi: bulbul ,don’t play with me .say who is the girl ( in little bit anger tone)
bul: pragya di
abhi: what? but …
that time one of the relative called bulbul so she went there .abhi took his phone and went to his room .

abhi, what will I do ? dadi….. , pragya , I want to inform her.if not it will becheating abhi took his phone and called her
but she is not picking that time neelcalled him so he kept his phone at his room and went down .when abhi was calling
pragya was bathing then she took her phone .she saw 2 misscall of abhi she tried but abhi was on hall and that day
went on hurry at night when he came back to room he remember about pragya so he called her and she also picked

pra: now ,do you know who is your bride?( in teasing manner)
abhi: hmmm
pra: what happened? do you know her? do you have any relation with her?
abh: yes I know her and I have a relation with her . she is my best friend ,only friend,we didn’t have other thought.
just pure friendship
pra: who ..that? till now you only told that I’m your best friend.
abhi: yes …you are my bride ( with heavy tone)

pra: what? ( a tear came from her eye) you are kidding right?( she wiped her tear and asked)
abhi: no pragya I’m not
pragya really broken down
pra: abhi, now what will we do its really late? now time 1 am .can’t you tell it early?
abhi: I tried your phone but you didn’t picked it .pragya,can you do something
pra: me? what will I do? but you can try
abhi: but dadi ?
pra: we are really stuck .now we should face the reality
abhi: reality what are you saying?

pra: then what will I say to lope from house?
abhi: no but our dreams?

that time
sarala: now also you are on phone ?
pragya suddenly wiped her tear and looked
sarala continued : go go and sleep tommarow is your marriage
pra: OK ma ( pragya cut the call)

Sara : what happened? ( she sensed her’ma’ .all the time she use to call mom now ma)
pra: nothing ma ” without eye contact she replied .sarala hold his head towards her face and said ” you cried?”
pra: that…mom I’m leaving this house tomorrow so( she lied)
sarala hugged her and talk with her about marriage ,husband ……
Now they are on mandap .
they finished their vows and all the ritual get finished and now night

pragya is sitting on abhi’s bed her eye is wet .abhi came there.pragya stand up .abhicome nearer her and
guested to sit and said: I had a solution for our situation?
pragya looked him

abhi: can we be friends for ever?
pragya didn’t replayed
abhi,hold her face towards him and said: say something why are you quiet?
pragya: OK
abhi: and one more thing we can act in frond of family members as husband and wife. and in between as we
are good friend,OK!
pra: OK
abhi: then smile

pragya gave a smile
abhi: and one more thing
pra: now what?
abhi: be like this . not be a typical wife .I want my best friend all time
pra: OK friend

After almost one year
Abhi and pragya got promotion now they are at new office .it is so far from their house so they buy a house
near,not much but near .and there only abhi and pragya are staying so they dont want to act as husband and wife .

in morning
pra:( holding brush in her mouth and knock door and in a sleepy manner) abhi.. abhi… get up. time is 7:30
.do you know about today? …abhi…
after some time abhi opened the door and asked: what?
pra: what…. today is your day .you had to make breakfast
abhi: me? I cooked previous day
pra: previous day? it was previous week Monday .today is Tuesday
abhi: so?
pra: you should make breakfast
abhi: I will not

pra: then be ready for starve .
abhi: ok
after sometime abhi get ready for office he come down to .there pragya was stating chappathi .
abhi took a plate forms kitchen and with wile smile he came to dinning table and opened the
plate where food are keeping .there is no trace of food his smile vanished .he then look into
curry that time pragya put the last part of curry into her plate .it was pragya’s last piece
of food when she is about to put it on mouth abhi hold her hand and tried to catch .but pragya
protested and at last it end by falling the last piece on ground .

abh: you are the reason for falling the food
pra: me .excuse me I was eating and you are fight with me
abhi: I want food
pra: food? you said you are ready to be hungry
abhi: but I thought you will make food for me
pra: really?

abhi:( with crying face and holding stomach) I want food …..I’m hungry
pragya show she is helpless .abhi began to make loud voice of crying
pragya by placing her hand on ear : ohooo stop …stop… is kept on kitchen go
abhi with a wide smile go to kitchen

pragya murmered ” dramabas”

firstly sorry for late update .I was too tired and I had so much work .so I can’t write.
and thank you all who read my ff and wrote comment .

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