The unknown feelings – Part 13

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alia went from there.

abhi: we have to tell her the truth.

pra: yes ,come let’s go.

they went to alia’s room.

abhi : alia

alia startled and turn back .

alia: huuu. you scared me………what happen seriouness in face.

pra: we want to say an important thing to you.

alia after a though : I got it .pragya ……no problem ….I I was just kidding on……

abhi: not that alia

alia: then?

pra: we are married.

alia: whattt???………no I am not going to forgive you .its big thing and you two didn’t informed me and didn’t you two thought that I m important for you.ya ….how I became important for you I m just a free paying guest after all…

pra: no alia its not like you think . we are married one and half year ago.

alia: what ? then why you loved to me that you are friends.

abhi and pragya blankly look at each other .

pragya thought if they tell all the truth to alia then it will go to purab’s ear .and he will feel hurt .

abhi: it was all circumstances made us to like like that.

alia: what circumstance ??

abhi: when we are married we are just friends and nothing more. but our family thought we like each other and they fixed our marriage.and marriage was in hurry so we were helpless on that after marriage we decided to continue our friendship.and now we love each other……..

alia: is that true pragya?

pragya with a positive nod : yes

alia: ok I will forgive you .

abhi: one more thing alia don’t say this to purab .

alia: ok.

pragya and abhi left from alia’s room

pra: why you said the truth.?

abhi: do you want one more misunderstanding between you and alia?

pra: but abhi ,alia will tell this to purab .I’m sure .and he will hurt.

abhi: to avoid that we have to admit our truth to purab before alia.then problem solved and about his hurt ,now no problems are here and he took a right diecision by making as couple .

pragya smiled .

pra: thanks abhi .

abhi: for what?

pra: understanding about my brother.( she said with a smile)

abhi: oye …I only did this for my sister’s husband’s brother .ok .

pragya shake her head : ok .

another day,

abhi: pragya where are we going ?

pra: shopping.

abhi shocked he remember his last shopping with her .

abhi thought , shopping oh god .how I will escape from her. I I didn’t escaped today will be another big day.

pra: what are you thinking ?

abhi: nothing.

pragya with a smile : don’t worry it will be not like the last one .it will end soon.

they entered into the shop and select dresses .

pra: abhi go ,go and try this it will be perfect for you.

abhi with laziness : are you sure ? I want to try this.

pra: abhi don’t became lazy go go and try.

abhi: it was my 5 th dress to the trial section.

pra with a sacrifice tone: its all for good match baby.

abhi went to trial room.

pragya was checking other dress suddenly some one from behind hugged her pragya shocked and look back.

someone : you look super in this dress.

pragya pushed him back and faced him and ask: who are you?

man: what are you asking? . I’m arjun .

pra: which arjun .

arjun check her forehead : are you OK?

pragya pushed his hand .abhi came there.

abhi: what happen?

pragya: abhi I don’t know who is this and he hugged me .claiming he is arjun .I don’t know any arjun.

arjun : who is this?

abhi: I’m her husband .what do you want ?

arjun: husband ? what this ,dear ? why are you playing . say true who he is?

abhi: what’s your problem .she is saying she don’t know you then what the dear and all that ?

arjun: hey leave my shirt .ok I m going.but remember dear you only said to come here.

he left .pragya became confused , who he is I don’t remember any one named arjun and he call me dear , mad

after shopping ,

abhi: what’s the matter you took dress for you siblings ?

pra: there is a matter.

abhi: what’s that?

pra: I will not tell you .you have to find it .

abhi: find it?

pra: abhi tomarrow in my house a small get together so we have to leave there today evening ok.and we should get alia also.

abhi: ok .but get together for what?

pra: I will not tell.

abhi: hmmmmm….and one more thing we should tell the truth tomorrow .

pra: o. ya …I forget about it .

abhi, what will be the matter ………?????…….any special day ?????……..oh no tomorrow is their birthday. I want to give a special gift .

sorry guys I’m late .and thanks for all who read and commented my previous part and thanks for all the votes .and do like and comment if you like this part .

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