The unknown feelings – Part 10

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abhi”……. what do you think about this idea?”

pragya looked at him and said” its good ”

abhi” then let’s pack the bag tomorrow we are leaving ”
pragya ” OK”

abhi went from there .pragya packed her bag and the next day they went to each others house .abhi was badly missing pragya he want to call her ,message her but he should wait for that time,when there last day of their plan .

one day night,
a man who is wearing black colour mask his face is not shown he wore black dress just seem like a thief .he went to abhigyas house and start his work, stealing .suddenly abhi came there to resist him but in between the fight between them that man stable knife on abhi’s stomach abhi fall down he was murmuring pragya …..

pragya suddenly opened her eyes and shout abhi .it was her dream .she was feeling something fishy .she thought to call abhi then thought no at last she fixed to call abhi for her peace .she dialed the number and waited for abhi to get the call .it taking time .pragya became restless at last he picked the call

pra” abhi ….”
abhi” p….rag….ya ”
pra” abhi ,what happen ? say where are you?”
abhi” at…….o..ur ….home …”
pra” wait I’m coming ”

she suddenly took her car key and went from her room and knocked purab’s room .purab opend the door and asked” what happened?”
pra” abhi …… he was at our home I’m leaving. something had happened ” by saying this pragya went from there

purab” hey pragya wait I’m also coming ” but she went so purab go behind her in his car
pragya go to his room he is not there so she go to her room abhi was lying on flood and his stomach full of blood. pragya called him at last he opened his eye and asked water pragya gave him .purab also came there and pick him and said pragya to start the car .pragya start the car and began to drive purab and abhi was on back seat.

they are at hospital ,
purab went to call the doctor pragya was near abhi she is crying .
abhi” pra..gya…..I… …”
pragya became shocked she can’t believed her ear .what he said ?

abhi continued “. do…. you ……love…”
pragya. dont know what to replay .she look into his eyes .she can see the hope of her yes. she didn’t even fixed is she loving him or not but now she should tell yes so pragya shake her head as yes .but in her mind she was really confused .

purab came with doctor and took abhi to the operation theater .purab informed abhi’s condition to prabha.and they all came there .pragya was sitting on chair she don’t know what to do she was thinking as as is her replay correct ?……….

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