The shock of my life from her…(KKB) 2 shots!

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Hi everyone! This came up in my mind suddenly so hope u all like it!

This is my worst day ever! I am not even able to digest the fact that something like this would happen in my life! Why me?

I know I met her at my concert and liked her support towards me but for that how can she propose me? That too in front of my Dadi and family!!! How dare she does that?? Instead of stopping her they even encouraged her!! The worst thing all this happen on my birthday!!

The only good thing was that I never called the media to my birthday party as I wanted it to be a private affair….

After her proposal, I was just dumbstruck and I am now inside my room still not able to decide about my decision! The worse thing is the party is still going on without me!!! I can’t understand whether is this my birthday party or her proposal party!!

Even Purab is not coming to my room to ask about my reaction towards her proposal!! How do I face her?? How do I even tell her that I am not sure of this!!!

She is just irritating me now! She could have told me before that she is proposing me! I could have been mentally prepared myself for the shock of my life! Oh ya! How would she tell about proposal? Proposal is meant to be a surprise na…..What am I blabbering to myself?? I am really not sure of her and her proposal……

Just then someone knocked the door making Abhi scared and he was hoping that it was not her……

To be continued…..

I thought of making it as one shot but i don’t have much time so pls wait for this if it’s nice

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