The shock of my life from her…(KKB) 2 shots! part 2

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Back to the second shot:
What if she is there when I open the door? How am I even going to handle her? Abhi! You are a Rockstar and shouldn’t be scared of her! Just go and open the door!
He went and opened the door. To his shock there was nobody there!
I heard someone knocking the door but now nobody is here! How is that possible?
He looked around to find no sign of people around but still there was music being played in the living room with a lot of sounds of laughter from his family and friends.
I seriously don’t understand one thing….Is this even my birthday celebration? Why do people enjoy everything without me? As he was thinking in that way he noticed a box on the floor.

What is this box? Bomb? Birthday Bomb? Oh no! How do I even alert others? Wait! There’s something written on it…..
He took the box and looked at what was written on it.

To my sweet sir…. This is her! Again she have started this! Let me open and see what is in this now! Again there will be a shock from her. I am very sure about that!
He opened the box to see a letter in it.
For this letter she wasted a box! How can she be so irresponsible! Now let me see what is written in this…

Dear sweet sir…..
I am sorry for my proposal just now… and I would like to apologise to you again….Please come to the terrace and I will be waiting for u sir…
You know who I am 😉

Abhi reading that letter could only give a smirk and thought this girl is cute!

Shall I go? What if she propose me again? This Purab also is not even helping me! Why does he have to say this is your life and u have to decide how to handle her? Actually he is right! I should be the one handling my problems….I won’t say she is my problem but how can she propose me suddenly?
I saw her in my concert and she supported me as a fan when I suddenly went blank….Only after her support all my other fans started to support me….they encouraged me to continue the concert. Why I went blank? I was tired due to my hectic schedule and nobody knew that but she realized it and supported me in front of thousands of my fans. From that day onwards, she was close to me as a friend…..I even allowed her to come and see my family. She too introduced her family to me. That’s how we became close to each other. Even my Dadi like being with her. Nowadays, Dadi is spending more time with her rather than me….That much she have charmed my family….not only my family but also me!
He walked up the stairs to the terrace while reflecting about the way he met her and how close she had become to her now…..
What is this? I thought she was asking for apology!!! Why is the place is like as if arranged for candlelight dinner?
He heard her voice calling him Sir! He looked at her decked up in a black saree….It looked as if she was trying to match his white shirt he was wearing. He was dumbstruck with the black beauty in front of him.

With hesitation she said, Sorry…I never wanted to do it….it’s Dadi who forced me to propose u in front of everyone so that u can’t deny….
Abhi was still looking at her with his mouth widely opened in shock.
Sir! Are u listening? In response Abhi nodded his head up and down.
Sir! Why are u not telling anything? Are u still angry towards me?
Abhi took a deep breath and said “First u turn behind!”
She wondered why is he asking her to do that and asked Why sir?
Abhi “Just do as I say!” She said ok in response and turned behind.

Abhi, What have I done? I thought of not seeing her face for a while as I am getting lost in her looks but now her back is exposed to this extent that makes me exposed to her beauty!
Sir…what do u want?
Abhi “First u stop calling me sir…how many times I have said don’t call me sir!”
Sorry sir…I mean sorry….
Abhi chuckled for a while looking at the situation that he is now stuck in.
She wondered why is he not even facing him and now he is chuckling.
Abhi “Now u turn back!” She turned back and looked at her puzzled face.
Abhi “Are u wondering why is your sweet sir like this?” She nodded her head in response.

Abhi “Don’t talk anything…let me finish what I have to tell….I like u but u have given me a shock today and that too on my birthday….That I don’t like!”
Sir but I said sorry for that na….please forgive me…..She asked in a pleasing tone and look which made Abhi to smile again.
Abhi “Why should I forgive u?” She looked back in a worried look and was about to say something but she couldn’t. She couldn’t utter a word in response and looked down in shock of his actions. Abhi was seductively running his hands through her waist. Abhi in seductive tone said “Tell me why should I forgive u when u have given the sweetest shock of my life….”

Abhi hugging her said “You don’t have to tell me anything as your sweet sir wants u in his life to make it the sweetest!”
She too hugged him tightly in response and asked what took u so long to tell this?
Abhi in a childish tone asked “What to do when my sweetheart is always behind my Dadi? Then how can I even tell u that I want u in my life!”
She giggled hearing that. Abhi looked at her and asked “Where is my birthday sweet?”
She asked Birthday sweet? What’s that?
Abhi pointed his finger at his lips and signalled for a kiss. She turned crimson red and shook her head from left to right in response as No!
Abhi “Ok then I will have to give my sweet to u!” She tried to moved behind but he pulled her even more closer in his grip. Abhi was about to kiss her when he was taken aback by clapping sounds.
Abhi “Why is there clapping sounds now?”

She gave a pout and remained silent. Abhi “Don’t say my family is here all this while….” She winked at him and said yes they are here!
His family came clapping and looked at them. Abhi broke from their hugging position and felt embarrassed.

Abhi “All are giving me only shocks! But it’s ok I am ready to get sweet shocks like this all my life!” He pulled her towards him and said “Now get ready for my shock!” He carried her in his arms and everyone looked shocked at him. Dadi “Where are u carrying her to?” Abhi “To give shock to her!” Dadi “Where?” Abhi winked and said “Don’t worry Dadi! We will be back soon!”

Abhi looking at her said “Come on! If u all can give me shock then I am also good at it! Don’t need to be looking at me with your mouth widely opened!”
She gave a sweet smile that he loved and brought her to a place that she was shocked. Abhi “How is my shock?” She looked around and was in tears of happiness to know that he too wanted to propose her today…..

Abhi “You just shocked me that u too had the same feelings that I had for u!”
Abhi made her stand and he kneeled and asked “Will u accept this shock all your life?” She hugged him in response and gave him the birthday sweet he wanted.
Abhi now looking at the box and letter could only smile in pleasure waiting to be married in few hours.
She always give me shocks but all is sweet shocks and I am also going to give her another shock right after the marriage! Do u all want to know what is that? It’s called…….Secret shock! The shock is a secret so I can’t tell u all!


Sorry for making this late…I had no mood to upload this as I felt it was not at all nice…but since Princess Madhu asked me again for this…then I just felt uploading this even though I don’t want to upload this….Then for my ff I don’t think I can upload it today….or maybe it will be uploaded later than the usual timing! Sorry for that! And for this from my side no comments haha Sorry for wasting all your time! Bye!

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