The Rise Of A Lover-Character Sketch And Plot

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Hello guys!! This is the character sketch and plot of my FF The Rise Of A Lover.Anu and Anuj’s maika are both part of this however are not listed as the list will go on forever. Hope you like it!
Character Sketch

Main character- Anuj Kapadia

Lover-Anupama Joshi

Adoptive Sister-Malvika Kapadia

Adoptive Mother-Anjali Kapadia

Adoptive Father-Armaan Kapadia


Best Friend (Anuj)- Samir

Best Friend (Anu)- Devika


Anuj Kapadia is a 18 year old college student with the dreams of finding his queen who will help give his family business a big name. After the tragic death of his parents on his birthday, Anuj only had GK and Mukku left and somehow had to balance his family and the business. He meets Anu, his dream girl, with all the qualities a man could ask for.  Anu is off to marry another man whom she’s never met before. Anuj announces to both both families that he loves Anu and Anu reveals that she had always loved Anuj but was too shy to say it.  They get married. Anupama has ideas for the Kapadia Empire

25 Years Later

They have 2 kids Samar(23) and Pahki(16) Kapadia. The Kapadia Empire is one of the fastest rising businesses in India. Pahki has a secret lover Paritosh Shah.

Follow the episodes to find out more!!

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