The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 2

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I could sense he was hesitant to tell why he addressed me as Geeta. I want to ask him why was he looking so tensed and at the same time he was frustrated which was seen by his firm gripping of the steer while driving.

“What’s wrong?” I finally managed to ask him something.

“Who asked you to follow me!!!”, He asked in his loud voice.

She startled hearing his loud voice and stammered saying she didn’t follow.

Stopping the car he was driving he looked at her with an intense look.

“OK I followed you as I wanted to ask you something important. That’s all” She answered.

Abhi “Do you think I believe you?”

I shook my head in denial. Yes I know he doesn’t believe me and that’s why I never spoke to him until now.

Abhi “Listen, Dadi and me were waiting for Geeta who is my fiance decided by my uncle Hari Prakash. And you came at that moment so I had to say yes you are the one as Geeta doesn’t want me!”

“It’s not about whether she wants you or not. It’s about whether you want her. If you don’t want her then why not you tell the truth to Dadi?” I replied.

Abhi “Who said I don’t want her? And who the hell are you to come to a conclusion of what I want and not.”

His tone was now louder and even more furious than before.

I was shocked to realise that he wants Geeta in his life. I thought he was a man with no feelings towards love. How did he want Geeta in his life? Does this mean he loves her?

I guess my silence annoyed him and he yelled “Now you made things worse!”

I jerked and asked in stammer “What do you mean?”

Abhi “I don’t want to tell anything. Just shut up and I will drop you at your house.”

“No need…. I will leave by myself.” I responded in a low tone.

Abhi “I said I will drop you!”

He said in an highly authoritative tone.

That’s it. I can’t tell anything further as I don’t want him to be angry further.

Silence prevailed until I reached near my house. At that moment, I failed to understand how did he know my house address as my mind was totally occupied by his words earlier. I was still thinking does he loves to have Geeta in his life. Most importantly, who is this Geeta? How does she look? Is he just like him and that’s why he wants her in his life?

My mind was bombarded with questions until I felt like I am having a headache.

Abhi “Get down now! We are near your house!”

I looked around and didn’t knew he drive so fast that we had reached near my house.

“I’m sorry for whatever happened. I am still unable to understand how does my visit to temple had make things worse for you.” I told him truthfully because I was still unable to figure out why did he call me as Geeta.

Abhi took a deep breath and gestured me to leave his car.

I don’t know how else to ask him anything so I left his car. I really don’t know why but I was in tears.

Abhi murmured “You started it and I have to end it now.”

A few days later,

Bulbul asks “So you are still worried about him and not planning to work until you are clear of who is this Geeta and why he wants her in his life.”

“Not like that Bulbul. I am actually wondering why he felt my visit to temple had made things worse for him. I know about his anger Bulbul. It is never out of randomness. It always have a reason. A valid reason. But now I can’t figure out what’s the valid reason.”

Bulbul looked at her sister unable believe how well she understands about him.

” What are you looking at Bulbul? ” She asked.

Bulbul” If I ask something will you get angry? “

“Why will I get angry? You just ask what you want to ask.”

Bulbul with hesitance “Are you in love with Abhi?”

“I know you would ask like that. I am a journalist Bulbul. If I am interested in knowing something that doesn’t mean I like to know about it. It’s totally my curiosity to know about the things that interest me.”

Bulbul “Okay….. I am relieved to know this. I really don’t want that angry Abhi as my jiju!”

“First you tell me what kind of Jiju you want and then I will choose someone like that to marry.”

Bulbul excitedly asked “Really??? You will choose someone I like?”

I nod my head as yes to which she hugged me tightly.

She is such a cute sister of mine who always get possessive in what I intend to have in my life.

Still at the back of my mind, I was thinking about Abhi and Geeta. I can only stop thinking until I am clear of his thoughts now.

*At Abhi’s House*

Dadi “I have to thank Hari Prakash for choosing such a pyaari and beautiful looking girl for you. I felt like getting you married to her right at the temple itself.”

She said with a lot of happiness while Abhi was reading the newspaper.

Dadi “I am telling about her and you are reading this newspaper!!!”

She tells by snatching away the newspaper from him.

It infuriates him and he asks loudly “I was reading something important! How can you be so irresponsible in snatching it away???”

Dadi knew this would happen so she casually smiled at him.

Getting frustrated, he walked away making Dadi wonder when will he control his anger.

Abhi “Don’t just smile Dadi. It’s not something to smile about”. He said loudly while walking towards his room.

Dadi “With smile you can reach miles Abhi. With your anger it can only end up in danger Abhi”

Abhi never listen to her. He knows she always have something to say in response to his words.

While this happened, Bulbul seeing the newspaper called her sister loudly.

She came near her as she was unable to stand her loud voice.

” What’s the matter Bulbul? Why do you have to scream like this when I am reading a book.” She said.

Bulbul “Look at this! I bet you won’t read your boring book after reading this!”

Frowning at her, she took the newspaper from Bulbul and starts to read.

She shrieked ” What is this Bulbul?? I never send any article and photos to this news company. Then how did they publish this article with my name. That too about him!”

Bulbul” You didn’t? I thought you did and that’s why it had came. And at the end they even mention of an interview going to be held with Abhi.”

“Oh no! Now this is gone worse Bulbul. He will be definitely angry at me for this. What will I do now?”

Bulbul convinced her that nothing will happen as this is not her fault. She said we will talk to Abhi and make him understand that it was not your fault.

Just then a loud knocking sound of the door was heard by both.

” Who is that knocking like this?” She asked quite scared of the sound.

Bulbul “Uffo! Scary cat! Wait let me check for you!”

“I am not scared. I am just finding it sudden of someone knocking the door this loudly.”She says as she followed Bulbul who was going to open the door.

Bulbul opened the door and both were shocked to see Abhi.

” You!?? Here??” She asked in shock.

” I need to talk to you!” He said firmly.

Bulbul” If it’s about the news article then you talk to me first. There is no fault in her.”

Abhi” I am talking to your sister. Not you Ms Bulbul.”

Bulbul” You know my name? “

Scaring whether he will get violent, she says” Bulbul, you stay here. I will go and talk to him.”

Bulbul says no while Abhi smirks and signals her to come out.

She convinces Bulbul not to worry about her. She assured her that she will call if anything went wrong.

Before Bulbul could stop her she rushed out of the room and closed the door.

Abhi who was seeing all this said “We can talk here itself. Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.”

“Really? You are okay to talk here itself?” She asked in surprise hearing his calm tone.

Abhi “I came here to tell you that don’t worry about the news article as someone against me used your name to publish the article. It was to malign my anger towards injustice and atrocities that happens in the society.”

She was unable to believe he didn’t came here to scold her!

She widened her eyes and gasped.

Abhi” That’s all and I am leaving now.”

He says and walks ahead to his car. He then turns back and says” But I am still angry at you for making it worse by coming to temple that day!”

“Why? Or can you tell me why are you angry? Because I am unable to think what’s my fault when I am not aware of the fact that Geeta will be coming in that moment.”

He never says anything except for giving a cold expression that made her startled.

Abhi “I am not here for that today. I will settle that scores when the right time arrives.”

She looks puzzled at his words. Before she could tell anything he leaves from there in his car.

Bulbul who was hearing all this opened the door and asks “Not bad…. He wasn’t as bad as I thought. Never really raised his voice na….”

“Haan…. But he made me confused now. Why isn’t he saying why am I the reason for making it worse. It’s so easy to tell his Dadi that I am not Geeta.” She said.

Bulbul “Maybe there could be a reason for him to hide this from her.”

“I hope so…. If not…..” She responded worrying about something.

Bulbul “If not what?”

“Nothing Bulbul. Let’s have lunch now. Already it’s late.”She says to change the topic.

Trying not to bother her further, Bulbul smiles and follows her to have lunch.

Abhi’s POV:
We do something not because others like. We do it because we personally like it. Why can’t she understand this simple thing and do what she likes? Why does she have hesitancy in doing what she likes and now she does it not to her full capability?

It makes me angry to think that she is not fully into what she likes to do! Just because she is scared of the consequences it doesn’t mean she can’t do it right?

End of Abhi’s POV

What will happen next? What is the thing that Abhi referring to that she likes?

To know it u all have to wait for a week. Yes I have planned to update this on weekends as I am busy in weekdays.

I hope it was worth a read and thank you for the positive response for the first part. It was overwhelming and unexpected of many to show your support. Thank you so much.

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