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The saying says that there is a day after every nights. Which means definitely there is a source of light in every dark. For this day only I was waiting for a long that when my dark changes into light from where I will get that source finally that day comes. Next morning she got up early and got fresh and went to kitchen to make coffee I saw her when she leaves the room and turned to sleep again after an hour she came to room with a coffee cup and woke up me the moment I saw her I feel fresh and got some energy I took coffee and take a sip she told me to fresh and come down for breakfast I to obeyed as a good boy after half hour I want down to my surprise all were there because that day I saw some charm filled in dining area then we all had our breakfast while had it I said to dadi that I want to speak about the next step she said to be quiet than after breakfast we will discuss about it now let us enjoy this food as after a long time I am feeling happy as everyone is their then we finished our breakfast with some chitchats and after half an hour we all gather in living room pragya came there with tea and joined us. Asusal I started that I want to move from the place where we are lagging and I have no idea how to start then pragya asked me whether I have interest in doing business or some another to the first time I opened my mouth saying my interest on my music then she says ok I have an idea but I need everyone to cooperate with it so we can start our life as new all nodded our head as yes then she said that until I reach my position I should not reveal anything about my family and personals only thing others know about me is only my name I said ok but how to start she said that she have a friend named rohit he is one of the music director she knows him from her college days and she called him and he ask us to meet him in his studio.

At the same day evening we went to his studio she introduce me as her close one and share a bond as relation but she never revealed me as her husband and says that I have interest in music and waiting for a good opportunity to show my talent and ask him to give me a chance. He said that he is searching for a new person to do a new album and ask me to sing few lines and I did after hearing he said that’s perfect I need someone like you and smiled to his comment and he offer pragya to work me as she said that she is me close one so that I won’t feel any discomfort while doing the album and also he need both male and female leads as a new one she think first then said ok he ask us to wait for two days after that we will start our shoot and recording we nodded yes and returned to home and informed everyone and everyone also happy with it. After two days as he said we started the work and release the album soon and it results well and response from viewers also good it fetch him good profit. From that money as a principle we started business in that purab, bulbul and aliya also helped we put all our hard work and built it well with gain and slowly we also reached a good position in business to and after that album from many directors I got chance and I made myself to give my hard work both in my passion music and in business also.

After a year we came to know about that purab and bulbul loved each other and we all arranged their marriage and invited everyone and purab invited Nikhil and tanu also it that period of time Nikhil suffered loss in his business. During the reception party we all were busy in preparation and arrangements and all guest started arrived for all they know that pragya is bulbul sister apart from it they does not about us soon Nikhil and tanu came their tanu excused herself from Nikhil and came to me and asked how are you abhi? Hmm… Great and fine I said then she started her drama as asking sorry for her behaviour. I just nodded and stand their just then pragya came their and hold my hands I smiled and ask her yes my dear what you want she says that purab wants to talk to me I asked her why? She give me a look how do I know that time tanu who noted this says abhi I know that you are same as before so I thing I will break my relation with and will you accept me? I was hell angry on her and she was waiting for my answer at that time pragya dragged me from their and we left from there. She followed us were every we are going at last we went to have dinner there to she came and she asked who is she? I asked her who? She pointed to pragya and ask her. I said she is pragya purab wife bulbul’s sister. Oh then what is the need for her to revolve around you always without leaving you a second she again yelled I said it is her wish. Tanu turned to pragya and ask to leave her as she need to talk with me. I said you can talk with me now also what the need for her to leave.

Tanu says because I am to be your wife I need to talk with me in personal. We both became shock and I yelled her what are you talking tanu says she is speaking the truth only has this marriage happened four years back but due to me it didn’t and I know that you still love me it made me shocked and turn to see pragya how she is reacting but she was not there within a moment bulbul came running I asked her what happened she says di there and started crying I will confused and asked what happened tell me clearly then purab came there and says that pragya fell unconscious I run from there and see her laying down and took her head in my lap and patted her cheeks and ask her to open her eyes there was no response and I lifted her and took her to room and asked purab to call doctor. All guest were confused and started leaving expect few and Nikhil and tanu was also there. After an half an hour doctor came and checked her and came out seeing her I rushed to her asking what happened to her and how is now. Doctor looked me and said that don’t worry that she is fine and this dizziness well be common for her at this stage atleast for four months so take care of her.

Again a puzzle I what why it is common what happened to her is she is fine Na. doctor said yes she is fine and yeah this is common to her as she is pregnant now didn’t she say you anything morning when she came to clinic I told her and ask her not to do any work and need some rest. Here is some medicines give this to her and take care saying this doctor left and was totally freeze for a moment and came to my senses and smiled and everyone in my family came and hugged and blessed me. At that time tanu came there and asked why everyone is blessing me for her pregnancy has if he is father of her child. Everyone started laughing and said we are blessing the baby’s father only. She asked how it happened everyone at same time said that because they are husband and wife tanu went from there.
I went inside the room and saw her sleeping and sit beside her and kissed her forehead. Slowly she got up and smiled at me I asked her why you didn’t inform me before itself when you know that. She simply smiled and said I was trying to say that only for that only I took you with me from there to a separate place but that tanu spoiled everything. I asked her why you went for dining area when she said that to be my wife. She bowed her head and said I didn’t take her words that much while standing with you my eyes falls on the pickle which is place at the table Conner so I went there took one piece and while coming back only I felt dizziness and fell down. Hearing this I stated laughing and hugged her and thanked her for giving me such wonder full gift……

To be continued……………..

I know this part is little bit long sorry for it and I don’t know how it is if it is bored I really sorry plz drop your comments I will be waiting for it and if possible the last part also I will upload today itself. And I want to thank all for your valuable comments which is my strength and thanks everyone who is reading this and last thanks for my silent readers also. Don’t forget to drop your comments.
The last part of this will be abhi’s answer for tanu which he didn’t give her when she left him and abhi’s proposal to pragya and promises for her in front of everyone to show how he loves her and to show it to the whole world………

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