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Sometimes it become difficult to express our feeling towards our loved once. That to with words, words are really not enough for us to express the feeling which we kept inside us and to say how important they are in our life and it is impossible to think life without them. This was his thoughts when they had eye lock. Soon it was broken by the gatherings by applause and the spot light shows the centre of the stage where abhi is standing by side hugging the lady whose is in mid 20’s. Abhi says so here is my angel who change my life from dark into light she is everything to me she is PRAGYA my better half Mrs.PRAGYA ABHISHEK MEHRA. I feel it will not be nice to tell my oh no……our story and the path we crossed without her because she is the one stand by me when I need someone by my side. Ya we can continue

REP: Sir tell me when did you take over your dads business?
ABHI: Five years back I completed my studies and return back to India from Germany and I was enjoying my day which I left with my family and my best friend’s purab and Nikhil. One day we had a phone call that time I was not aware that this call will snatch all my happiness a person informed that my parents where met with an accident when returning form our village and they are in critical stage and admitted in hospital hearing this we rushed to hospital but our fate we are able to see them dead only this was the first place where change happens in my life. After 2 months dadi only insist me took all responsibility and for her sack I did it and everything was going smooth for 3months though I didn’t know anything about business but Nikhil helped me as his father is a business man and he helped him in it.

One day suddenly my girlfriend returned from Germany her name Tanu. My dadi knows everything and after her arrival everything changed in my life. I spend more time with her and stop going to company regularly. One day I introduce tanu to my friends everything was going fine for few days. One day I came to know that Nikhil has crush on tanu but I didn’t take it that much as I trust her.

Nikhil slowly started his work and made me to suffer loss in my business and I faced a lot to overcome it whenever I took a step to overcome it I faced failures only and all went in vein. As a result I have to lose all my properties and I feel like someone pulled me down from a peak this is my first fall. Before coming out of it my second fall follows yes it was here tanu also cheated me and left me. Still her words are echoing in my ears,

Good bye Mr.Abhi I loved you and though to live my life in a luxurious manner by the wealth you have but thank god he saved me before our marriage I not ready to live with you a low class life without money and I am also not ready to wait for you till you become rich so I thought that Nikhil will be able to manage my expenses and I know that he had a crush on me. You know what YOU DON’T DESERVE ME and also I think that it will be had for you to reach the position again so forget about me and all the things in between us try to live in dreams of achieving your passion because it is a great question in your life whether it will happen or not. This is our last meet good bye forever. Saying this she left. These were watched by three persons none other than dadi, purab, Aliya. They were the only persons stand by me in my difficult times. Days passed like this and become months it has been six months but nothing changed. One day dadi called me and said that she has fixed my marriage and all arrangements where done it will be a simple marriage in temple or register office and the day will be day after tomorrow. This was a shock to me and me completely taken back but with no other option left for me other than this so I agreed with heavy heartily for what she said for her sack……………..


I know to take long time to give back the update but I to had no other option when it comes to my studies and now my finial project is going on so it is really a heavy duty to manage but somehow I promise you all that I will manage time for updates also please forgive me consider me as your friend and coming to this part I know that it is bore only but after this only abhi pragya marriage and how she changed everything whether abhi answers for tanu or not still on …….. So please drop your comments whether you like it or not truly from your heart all your comments are welcomed either tomatoes or eggs or bundle of flowers. Until that TAKE CARE ALL BYE…… soon will be the next one and other two ff also preparation under construction hope meet you tomorrow…………….. SEE YOU ALL SOON TAKE CARE BYE……….

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