The one who is meant for me – Chapter2

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Arey yaar!!How much distance we have to climb? I asked Purab while standing at 900 metres above the sea level. Purab” Just 100 meters to go yaar”

What 100 metres? I cannot yaar!I need rest I said sitting down and opening my water bottle. Purab” What is this yaar? You are feeling tired for this?”

Hey hello! You have completed mountaineering course!! But What about me? I am a newbie to this section yaar! this is my first climb to a mountain!! I have climbed 900 meters without a stop!! Think how great I am! I said gulping the 1 litre of water.

Purab”Hmm. Yes yes! You are so great! Thats why you took rest at every 10 metres right?” said Purab by having a Sarcastic smile in the face.

“What?Me at the every 10 metres? Why do you have to lie to the mountain size Purab?” I acted very perfectly making him look at me in shock.

Purab”Oh! Acha! When you lie to the universe size,Why shouldn’t I lie to the Mountain size?”

(Omg! he got the biggest thing to compare!!What would I say now? )I murmured to myself When my smartness overtook my thoughts.

Then..You accept that you lie right? I said looking Proudly at him.

(He really looked Shocked!! Haha!! Who would be smarter than the great Abhishek Prem Mehra?)

Purab” Acha. I accept that you win.” saying this he sighed in defeat. Purab thought of something and had a naughty smirk in his face.

Purab”Yes bro!!You are right!! You win in everything right? So les keep a competition.”

Sure sure! I said in a proud tone unaware of the fact that I am going to be trapped by him.

Purab smiled naughtily and said”The competition is for 10 minutes you have to look down from here in your standing positon. You should not close your eyes or look but Look only down. OK?”

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(What!! Omg!! I am trapped. If I say no,he would really kid me.He very well knows that I am afraid of heights. Even I stopped at every 10 meters to drive away my fear. Oh god? What to do?” )
While this thoughts were running in my mind I said”Bro!!See it is already late! Come we have to cross 10 meters.” and I started to climb the mountain.
Purab”Don’t say that you are afraid of heights.” Said Purab teasingly.

I swallowed even if I wasn’t chewing anything and looked at Purab with a frown.

Purab are you interested in wasting time or you are going to climb with me?I asked trying to be sincere.

Purab gave a I-am-impressed look as he heard saying me not to waste time.

(Damn man! I didn’t even stop anywhere afraid that I would be teased by him if I stop again.huh! Thank to the almighty we reached the top.)

Purab sat down on his knees breathing heavily.I was hell tires but hid it and started admiring the natural beauty resting beside Purab.

It is awesome! I complimented while Purab agreed to my fact smiling at me.

Purab”Aren’t you tired bro?”

No really. Why are you tired? I asked looking at Purab who was now smiling evilly.

Purab”Oh! I see! If you weren’t tired, I think we can start climbing further.

What!!! I screamed making Purab to shut his ears in annoyance.

Purab” ok Bro. We will get down after sometime.”

Sometime? Nah! Bro! I have decided to stay here for a day.

Purab” For a day!” Asked Purab with a petrified look.

Why not? I asked wondering why he gave this shocked look.

Purab” If you need you can stay yaar. But I cannot. I need to go to my room by today.

Why bro? I asked him totally confused.

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Purab” It is because that I have to meet Bulbul tomorrow. If not she would become a mad bull.

I grinned to the fact that Purab was fearing for his girlfriend. Purab like seriously when did you start fearing for her? I asked Purab teasingly.

Purab” You would understand only when you fall in love yaar.”
I just smiled in return.

Purab” bro. I have a big doubt. Will you clear it for me?”

Abhi” Sure yaar! Anything for my bro!”

Purab” You look handsome, you are rich and you have all the qualities that a girl needs from a boy. Then why are you still single.”

That’s because I have’nt found The one who is meant for me I said looking at the sky and sighed.

Purab” I hope my bro gets his better half very soon” said Purab hopefully patting my back.

After three hours of hard work we again got down and drove to the hotel where we were staying. Purab slept early and I just laid beside him.He looked really innocent.

Purab was that innocent that a girl almost played with his life. It happened just few months ago. She was very sweet and nice towards him.They both proposed each other and started to date. I don’t know why but I didn’t like the girl at all.

I started to search information about her and found that she was only back after Purab for only money. I said to Purab but Purab could’nt understand it. He didn’t believe me. So one day, I dragged him to her house secretly and made him to know about her motives.

She was intimate with a guy.Purab was broken into pieces.He become more weak and sad. So we took him to a psychiatrist. It was none other than Bulbul. Don’t k onkw what happened to him.He started to become normal.He was okay within a week.

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The next week he said to me that he loved Bulbul. I was shocked. He said” I understood very well bro.I did not love her. It was just attraction. just attraction. But this is love.So pure and So true.She is a beautiful and innocent soul I have ever seen bro. Her eyes. Her eyes bro says everything to me. She understands me very well. She values only me.She even don’t know my real identity. She is the one bro.She is the one.”

He confessed from the bottom of his heart to me.Even my heart accepted it.I don’t know why I felt that Bulbul is the right partner for him. The next day he confessed his feelings for her in the most romantic way and I was standing hiding behind a pillar witnessing the whole scene.

After his confession Bulbul stood numb. She had tears in her eyes. I thought she would reject him.Even Purab thought the same. He stood up and turned back and said” Its ok Bulbul if you don’t wish I won’t trouble you” he had tears in his eyes. I could sense his fear and pain. Fear and pain of rejection.

Th next move Bulbul took Made Purab to freeze at his place. His eyes were wide open in shock. She just ran and hugged him from the backside. Purab trned to her side and hugged her.

I just smiled and left the place. I know that Purab’s life would be beautiful from now on.

Then I sat in a bench thinking about my life.Like Purab had got Bulbul, whom would I get in my life? I hope god gives me the best. God has given everything I had asked for. But a life partner? I hope I get her soon.

Thinking of the flashback I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

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