The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Eight

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After the weird interview with Siddharth Khurana, Abhi knew that he had to go home and prepare himself for work the next day, he never knew what to expect from his knew job as his boss was extremely weird and their ways of doing things were extremely different from what he knew, getting on the first taxi he could “life without a car sucks, I do miss my baby, my Ferrari 488spider, oh what I would do to have it again”.

His thoughts about his baby were broken when the driver stopped at the cafe, give the good old taxi driver his money Abhi rushed in the cafe with the happiest face you could ever imagine.

It was a busy day at the cafe today, it looked like since Pragya started working there, the place became more busier than usual, the praise goes to Sid who couldn’t stop talking about the place to business his partners and associates be it national or intentional, people obviously checked out the place he recommended because he is one of the most influential and popular people in their small town, even if Pragya did not like Sid becoming the cafe’s advertising manager as she called him, deep down she knew that he was doing all this only because he really cared.

Sid is a businessman and he knows that his sister’s salary will depend on how much money the cafe earned, that’s why he made it his business to tell whichever person he meets about the place, after all it was not that bad, and the pastries there were to die for.

Pragya was busy taking others and serving she was acting as the waitress because they where just so many people, while Roshni was handling the kitchen and there was some other girl(Resham) handling the counter who was shouting orders to Roshni. Just as Pragya was done taking an order, the bell rung at the door signaling that someone had entered, when she looked to see who had walked in, she saw a very happy Abhi who was rushing towards her, with all the happiness Abhi was feeling about his new job, he completely forgot about his environment and without really caring about whoever was looking at him, he rushed towards Pragya giving her a bear hug, carrying her and spinning her around, like that was not enough he started to plant kisses all over her face like he was some Italian old lady, at the same time Roshni came out of the kitchen bringing the latest orders, while handling the trays to Resham, she looked towards Pragya only to see her in a man’s embrace and being kissed all over the face, after giving placing the trays angrily in Resham’s hands, Roshni walked towards Pragya, pulling her out of Abhi’s embrace and giving a tight slap to Abhi.

“What the- ” was all Abhi could say as he held his cheek.

“You, ” She didn’t even let him finish. “I clearly told you to stay away from my friend, where do you listen from? Because it’s obvious that you don’t use your eyes oh I mean ears, you don’t use them, do you use you buttocks because if you do, I will clearly understand why you just don’t understand simple things, the reason could be because you spend most of the day seated that your behind just can’t listen. ” If it was on any other day or any other place, Pragya would have laughed, everyone stopped what they were doing and begun to watch the drama unfold, Pragya felt so embarrassed she was not used to being the center of attention like her sister and this Roshni was not helping at all because once she started talking, she couldn’t stop and the worst part is that she never really thought of the words before they came out from her mouth.

“Roshni, calm down. ” Pragya said in a whisper.

“See, you didn’t want to believe me when I told you he is no good, just look at him, coming in here kissing you like you have been married for Twenty seven years, what does he think of himself? Who does he think he is? Just because his hot and has this s*xy athlete body, doesn’t mean he can go around kissing innocent girls. Such a pervert. ” Roshni said eyeing him up and down.

“At least you think something good about me. ” well at least she thought he was hot.

“See, if he was a decent man, he would have been angry because I insulted him by calling him a pervert, but look at him taking it as a complement. ”

“Maybe it’s because I don’t have time to argue with a useless, little, foolish lunatic like you. ” she did hit a nerve there.

“Did you just call me a useless, little, foolish lunatic? ”

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“And she is the one who tells me that I use my buttocks to hear, when she can’t even clearly what what I told her when I am standing right in front of her. ” sarcasm very evident in his words.

Pragya was angered these people attracted unnecessary attention. “ENOUGH!!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! You have both spoken enough and we have all heard enough. ”

“bu- ” Abhi tried to explain himself.

“I don’t wanna hear it. ”

“Take that you hyena. ” Now this had Roshno smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

“Would please just shut up Roshni. ”

“But Pragya- ”

“Please stay quiet. ” they only met for one day and they were already behaving like cat and mouse.

“What happened to girl power? ” Roshni said with a cute pout.

“It disappeared ever since girls like you came into existence. ”

“KARAN??? ”

“I am just stating facts. ” Abhi shrugged.

“Both of you go to the kitchen, I will find you there. ”

“What? With her no I can’t. ”

“Why? Big mister Karan is afraid of small little me? ” Roshni said in a taunting way.

“Why should I be afraid of you? I am just scared that I might end up dead or worse killing you and being sentenced to life in prison with hard labour. ”

“Then I am humbly inviting you to kill me so that I can get to watch you suffer while eating some pop corn when I get to heaven. ”

“You foolish girl, who told you that you will find food in heaven? Did ever attend Sunday School? ”

“BOTH OF YOU JUST LEAVE!!! ” Even if both didn’t want to be confined in one room, but seeing Pragya’s angry face they both left to the kitchen, with Roshni in front and Abhi following her behind. Pragya quickly apologized to everyone for what happened, but the funny part is that none of them were upset with what had occurred in fact they seemed to enjoy it.

Back in the kitchen, Abhi and Roshni stood as far as they possibly could from each other, while Roshni was glaring at Abhi blaming him for whatever had happened, Abhi was busy thinking of ways to apologize to Pragya and wondering why he reacted like that, he only reacts like that to Rachna, even if sometimes his arguments with Rachna would end up with her throwing things at him, like when she once through a cup in his face lucky enough it was not made out of glass but steel, nonetheless it still hurt, he remembered Rachna crying the whole week apologizing to him although he must admit he hated it when Rachna apologized. Like Roshni was reading his thoughts she grabbed some eggs from the tray and throw them at him, Abhi who was I deep thought thinking about his endless arguments with his sister in law only felt three things hit him, two on his head and one on his chest, looking down at himself, he saw some egg York and shells on his shirt, he didn’t have to look around to know who throw eggs at him, he already knew who it was, before he could react an angry Pragya walked into the kitchen.

“What was that all about? You two managed to embarrass me and the cafe in front of the customers, what will people think about us now. ”

“Pragya, he just gets on my nerves. ”

“You just met him, and maybe you should have thought of aunt before blasting at him like that, how will aunt feel when she comes to know about what happened here? ” Now that made Roshni feel guilty.

“I am sorry for the unnecessary argument, I shouldn’t have reacted like I did, maybe if I ignored her, the issue wouldn’t have escalated like it did. ” Abhi apologized, it was not in his nature to argue with people in public, even when he was irritated, he would always keep calm.

“It’s okay. ” Pragya said sighing. “What happened to you? ” She didn’t pay attention to him when she came in, so she only noticed he was covered in eggs.

“Eggs where thrown at me. ”

“Roshni did you just throw eggs at him? ” Pragya knew it was Roshni, but she still asked because it looked like the best thing to do in that moment.

“Well…um. ” Roshni stammered.

“It’s not entirely her fault, I was rude to her and that’s the reason why she threw eggs at me. ” If you ask Abhi why he lied, his answer would be ‘I don’t know. ‘ for some reason it felt like it was the right thing to do.

“Are you sure you qre not lying to me? ” Pragya asked him, still not convinced.

“No I tell you the truth, I started it, and I also want to apologize for hugging you without permission. ”

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“Don’t forget kissing as well. ” Roshni reminded him.

“Yes that too, it’s just that I was overjoyed, you know I got the job, so that’s the way I expressed my joy and gratitude to you. ”

“You don’t have to say thanks. Now let’s get those eggs out of your hair. ”

“Your are going to forgive him so easily? ” Roshni asked in disbelief. “I would have sued him for s*xual harassment. ”

“It’s no big deal, besides he already apologized. ” After getting all cleaned up, Abhi left for his house, Pragya continued with her work and she also noticed that her friend was awfully quiet which was so unusual for a chatterbox like Roshni. Finishing up and locking the place, Roshni, Pragya and Resham left for home, Roshni and Resham didn’t need a ride home because they stayed two blocks away from the cafe, while Pragya was either picked up by Sid or her father’s driver, but today she left with her brother.

She asked Sid about his day who told her about the new assistance he employed for his father, when Sid asked her about her day, she narrated to him about what happened at the cafe but excluded the part that the other person involved was or Karna(Abhi), Sid just laughed imaging how awkward it would have been for his sister, he knew how much she hated the attention.

Arriving at home, Sid went to park the care while Pragya got out of the car excited to meet her family, entering into the house she saw her father, mother and Grandma chatting over a cup of tea.

“Princess you are back. How was work? ” Raj was the first to ask.

“Eventful. ” Pragya replied remembering what occurred.

“Did your boss scold you for no solid reason, tell me, what happened? Is she being abusive? ”

“Not everyone is like you Raj. I have been to the cafe before and I have met Saroj, she is a good woman. ” Simran said, brining more biscuits.

“But why is my baby afraid to tell me of her day, obviously something went wrong. ”

“Ron’t jump into conclusions yet, I mean have you given your princess the chance to answer your questions or do you keep asking one question after the other. Calm down, I don’t want you blood pressure to be up the roof. ” Naina said.

“Dad, there is no need to worry about me, I am fine it’s just that Roshni got involved in a heated argument with a customer and I was standing right in between them watching them argue. ”

“He probably did something, Roshni would not just start arguing with someone for no solid reason. ” Well Roshni had the ability to hid her true self behind that adorable smile and Simran fell for it.

“What did he do? ” Naina asked, curiosity taking over her whole self.

“Well I helped him with something and as a way to show his gratitude he gave me a hug, and Roshni saw that and just started to yell at him. ” leaving out the kissing part, knowing very well that her brother will and her father will probably have a heart attack.

“Roshni was right, who does he think he is to hug my daughter? ” For Raj Khurana, ni man could be good enough for his daughters. “Looks like now u can be at peace because I know someone will be looking out for you when I am not there. ”

“Dad, I am old enough to take care of myself. ”

“No matter how old you are you will always be my baby girl. ”

“Me too, you will always be our baby girl. ” Sid said smiling as he took a biscuit from the plate.

“Okay I am sorry for breaking this beautiful moment, but where is your sister Sid. ” Simran asked about Tanu, she would always tell Sid about her whereabouts so she expected him to know.

“She is right here, seated next to me. ” Sid said, smiling at Pragya.

“You have two sisters you fool. ” Pragya poked her brother in the head.

“She is not back yet. ” From charming smile to concern. “Mom she left last night, I thought she would be back by morning. ”

“That girl will be the reason for my death. ” Raj said placing his cup on the table.

“Raj, don’t talk like that, she is your daughter don’t curse her like that. ” Naina scolded.

“What do you want me to say mother? She just causes trouble wherever she goes, why can’t she just be like Pragya. ” Pragya flinched at her father’s words, she hated it when he compared Tanu to her, she knew that both of them were different, whatever the case she didn’t feel that her father had the right to compare her older sister to her, as she was still thinking of a way to discuss this comparison topic with her father, the door bell rang, being the youngest she quickly got out of her seat to go and check who was at the door, knowing very well that she will receive a scolding from her big brother because he has always warned her about that saying that some psycho might want to kidnap her.

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Opening the door what she saw in front of her shocked her, she knew that if her mother was seeing what she was right now she would have probably had a heart attack.

“Hey little girl, are you going to stand there looking at me like some freak or are you going to help me out here? ” The strange looking man asked. Pragya snapped our of her thoughts and helped the man out.

Everyone was shocked to see Pragya coming in with a strange man but what shocked them the most, was a drunk Tanu who was being dragged by the strange man with the help of Pragya.

“Tanu, Tanu, what happened to you? ” Simran asked her daughter who was half conscious. “What have you done to yourself? And who are you? ” She asked the strange man.

“Way of saying thank you. ” He replied sarcastically. “The namz Rajiv. Your daughter is pretty wasted, and don’t look at me like that, you need to give me money for my services. ”

“But what happened to her? ”

“Listen here lady, maybe you don’t know how alcohol works, but if you drink more than you can handle, that happens and that’s what happened, now give me my money. ” Sid got all the spare change he had in his wallet giving it to Rajiv and asking him to get out.

“Tanu, why did you drink so much, now look you are a mess. ” Simran said, tears pouring from her eyes.

“Mommy I love you, I love you mommy, I love daddy as well but he only loves Pragya.” she slurred. Seeing that Tanu was getting out of control Pragya tried to help Tanu up only to be pushed by her sister, Tanu pushed Pragya so hard that she ended up falling at the other side of the room.

“Tanu that was uncalled for. ” Raj yelled clearly angry as Sid helped Pragya up.

“I hate her she took everything from me, I hate her so much, I hate you Pragya and don’t pretend you care when you don’t. ”

“Tanu come, I will take you to bed. ” Sid said trying to sound gentle even if he was boiling on the inside.

“No, you also don’t love me, you just love her, everyone loves her but me, why don’t you love me. ” At this point she was crying hysterically, not in the mood to bear his daughters tantrums Raj went to bed, he knew that Tanu has always been selfish since she was a kid, she was never happy of having a little sister, she has always been the jealous child since Pragya was born, he thought she will soon understand and grow out of it but what shocked him was that even at the age of 26 she still was very insecure and jealous of her sister.

“Tanu I seriously have no time for all this nonsense right now, go to bed before I lose my patience and you won’t like what I do to you after that. ” Sid said, he was slowly losing his patience and he didn’t know how he will react when he ran out of the little he had left. Seeing the anger in Sid’s eyes Pragya tried to calm him down, telling him that she was drunk and was not aware of what she was doing, while Simran sat on another chair crying for her daughter as Naina was trying to console hear, Tanu kept on ranting about how everyone hatef her but loved Pragya instead, unable to hear it anyway Sid released his hand from Pragya’s grip and carried Tanu forcefully, even though Tanu tried to protest she failed terribly at this because his g m hold on her was just to tight, getting her to an empty room in the house, Sid pushed her inside and locked the door so that she couldn’t get out, he quickly rushed down the stairs to his mother, giving her a hug saying she was the best mom a person could ever had.

Pragya knew that Sid was hurt by Tanu’s words, she knew that those words bothered Sid and somehow he believed them, but she knew better Sid was the best brother one could find and she thanked God for than.





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