The Halloween Treat… {KKB} OS

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The girl walked forward catching her white gown that was growingly dirtied by the marsh sands. She threw away those vampire teeth that were protruding out of her small mouth causing so much irritation and pain. She then took off the horns in her head. Looking into the dirty water below, she now, at least felt humane! ‘I should have better dressed ALIEN! That is, after all, the truth for now’ she thought. Reality hit her when she felt her stomach make all those whale sounds. With a frown in her face, she searched in the dark night—which was dark no more, due to the lights. She looked for some way back to the party amidst the marshy swamps. Thinking of getting back, to what she called the cursed ground, made her stop abruptly.

It was a gathering to mark the Allhallows Eve. Every single soul, she knew on earth, was sitting there, right at the party hall. Being born among a completely foreign group she felt lost of her originality. Her father was a typical Indian while, her mom—step mom— was an American. She always had to abide her rules whilst having a hate for them. The most irritating thing was dating boys. How much she hated all these stuffs! How much she misses following her favourite, her Indian culture! There were times she was maddened but she would understand the truth within moments. Her mom wasn’t rude… she wasn’t one of those deviously cruel step moms as history preaches… she was only ‘caring’. The problem was, Elena, as she calls her, cared for her more like her own daughter. She wanted her to be just ‘her’ daughter and grew her up, as she would grow any girl born to her. But being against those socially-living norms, the little soul hated such things. And again, she was there to that Halloween gathering with her step sister.

Thinking of Elena and her sister brought back her cute smile. Her little sis would be looking for her and so she had to hurry. Walking faster, she felt the bright lights of the hall gleam but faintly at her.
Suddenly a small boy ran to her. It was Edmund. She took a few chocolates from her fancy burlap bag. This is the third time he is gonna shout out ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ to her.
The boy pulled her arms instead.

“Secret?” she asked as he lunged up, to her ears. “Ask me trick or treat” he said, and she blinked for a moment. She then complied and in return got an answer ‘Treat’, followed by a peck on her cheek. Edmund ran away towards the houses that lined up behind her. Her lips curved into a smile. Seeing him run away, her smile widened and she moved forward, with a new spirit.

After she had walked a little further, she found a bouquet of tulips. A tag attached to it read…‘To someone who deserves it’. She wondered who the person deserving this would be. Looking around she was pretty sure that the only living soul she could find there was she, herself. The flowers were fresh enough… she could make out it was kept just then there. ‘Lucky me’ she told herself and took the flowers, smiling.

Again a few moments later, she found Jane running to her smiling. What is that three year girl gonna do? She wondered. Jane stood in front of her looking everywhere but her. The little kid in her gibber told something which she evidently didn’t get. Not knowing to tell something else the girl looked at her expectantly. ‘Trick or Treat’ she asked to which the girl’s face lightened. Poor girl, she must have forgotten all of it! Jane screamed ‘Treaaaa’ and took out the bag that she had hidden behind with her small hands. Handing it, Jane toddled back towards her brother, who was standing at a distance.

Opening the bag, she found few slices of wrapped sandwich and some—that wasn’t some, it was actually so many— dark chocolates. She looked lusciously into the bag and for a moment thought she was dreaming. Confirming it isn’t by giving herself a pinch, she thought of ways to relish it. Having dark chocolates with sandwich didn’t seem to be making good, but at the moment, anything is a feast!
“Should I share it with bubble? Unnecessary question! She loves chocolates…we will eat one and the rest goes to her” she said gently rubbing her tummy invitingly… inviting it to the night fiesta!

Biting the plastic wrap off, she munched one of the sandwiches “Delicious”. Within a moment every piece of bread was inside… her stomach.
“Chocolates shouldn’t be made to wait”… no more chocolates were left!
Having bothered a little for her sister, she ignored disclosing the matter of her chocolate treat.

Walking further, she was very sure that this Halloween was going to be something freaking awesome!
‘What about a ghost-hunt? Will I be lucky enough to visit the spooky backyard of Laves?’ thoughts raced in her mind ‘Why think, something so Halloween? What if I am granted my wish of living in a tree house? What if dad lets me visit India? How about a Chocó fountain gift? How about a month of holidays? How about date with…’ her thoughts stopped.
Date…? She hates dating! But not with him… that would be a dream come true.

Nothing’s wrong. He may be two years elder, but it doesn’t matter, does it?

Her thoughts again flew, now to the first time she saw him.
“Pragya” she heard her name being called for. She gasped at the sight as she turned. IT WAS HIM… ABHI! A-B-H-I!!!!

‘The high school aquatics player! The prefect of Block C! Definitely an all-rounder! Possessor of the HOTTEST BOY tag! Indian brown! Extremely crazing looks…’ her friends had told her. ‘Stop it guys. You are exaggerating’ she had told. Maybe, they weren’t exaggerating!

Whilst studying in the same school for all her life, she never got a chance of seeing him. ‘Boys are not out of ordinary, are they?’ was her only question every time she sees a friend of hers ogling a guy. Coming to Abhi… many a times, she had heard his name but never paid any attention to it. Now, it seemed a fault to her!
Trying to return to the present, she saw him. He was standing, dripping wet in his blue jersey matched by khaki shorts.

Oh my, what a sight!

He forced his damp hair, which now lay covering his forehead, back, revealing his hazel-brown eyes. He gulped and it made her heart skip a beat to notice his apple move up and down.

What a deep voice? How well it was to have my name called by him.

Walking towards her, he gave her a water bottle—apparently, she had dropped hers! He then walked ahead not giving her a second look. She turned, but couldn’t walk off…

How did he know my name?

She turned back. He was gone.
A smile formed in her lips ‘Boys can be out of ordinary’ she thought, looking him disappear in the crowd.

Pragya was dragged to the present when she found her little sister calling her name. “Yeah Bulbul” she said walking towards her. Bulbul was fast enough… she came running. “I am going home… I told mom. You have to stay here” she said in her cute—demanding— voice. “I will also come” Pragya said stuffing the bag Jane had given her, into her own burlap one. Bulbul eyed the bag in suspicion… that isn’t hers—she knew! But the little girl ignored it coz, for the moment, she wanted to be home.
“I told mom that you are enjoying, leaving me alone, so that I can get home. You are not coming, she will find my lie” Bulbul said only to increase Pragya’s madness. “Liar” she said but Bulbul didn’t bother to even look back. She was gone!

Cursing her fate for a thousandth time in the day, she walked to one corner of the room, which was at least free from flickering lights. Her charm didn’t work anymore. She had walked back to the hall, mumbling curses which were dedicated to, literally, none! Entering the hall made her wince. She shrunk her brows looking at the gloomy space. Her friends asked her about her costume change but she gently refused further talk with a smile and got to the corner. Little did she know that she had underestimated her charm!

The corner was itself a deadly place for her. There were those cheesy guys flirting one another. Yuck!
But, amidst the group, a steady figure sat upright in the table.

A lonely guy!

He sat with a glass of red wine, apparently half empty. So the guy must have been here since a long time. She went forward and looked for some vacant place in the chairs arranged. Nothing but one was destined for her—the one opposite to his.
Sitting there, she felt a similar smell.

Is it him?

She looked up.

Oh my…it is him!

She felt the earth under her feet slip away. Within moments her world spun violently taking down everything with it… including her own self! Everything twirled and twirled… there were a few wrapped sandwich pieces, some dark chocolates and 2 tulips in one corner of his table. But Pragya failed to notice it in her confusion.

Then, She knew she fell, but the very next moment she knew she didn’t.
There he was looking at her, eye to eye… his hot breath gushing against her pink cheeks.
She had landed perfectly in his strong arms.

That moment she knew she had received her treat of the day…
Hey guys… something silly that I came up with! Scribbled what I could in this short holiday. Never mind… my mind has gone so silly. Ha! I have again started scribbling something randomly as I got some free time! Sorry guys!
Anyways, Thanks for reading. Forgive for mistakes…
If you feel like telling me something, or if there’s something you feel my brain should understand. Do add it up in the comments!
Bye guys.

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