The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life – by Ani (3)

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‘May I talk to Abhi?’

I stood numb!

At the site of him, bhaiya made a disgusting look and left the place. I can clearly read Abhi’s mind. He was really shocked to see such hatred. I waved to bhaiya, and turned back to him. This tym he forgot bhaiya and asked me again—‘May I talk to Abhi?’

‘He…um… (gathering courage) look Mr. I don’t see why there is a need for u to talk to him. Just stay in ur limits’ I barked and left.

I didn’t know what happened after that. Even in the cultural event—he was there to attend it guys—I never looked at him.
After the event ended, I was standing alone in the dark, waiting for a cab. I felt a strong arm holding me by my shoulders. When I turned, to my terror, it was him.

He held me tightly by my hands.

‘Who the hell are you to teach me my limits?? Being considerate, I just asked. Only coz u were crying, understand??? There is no wrong that Abhi left you, whatever might be the reason. No man will ever look at you. And a free advice…not every man will behave like me. So don’t show all your attitude to some other’ he bawled at me.

I was left to weep the whole night sitting there.

Then things moved faster. He had learnt from Purab that I am a divorcee and my husband had actually forgotten me—oh my kind Purab, I am glad that he stopped with that—and asked sry for being rude that day. I was shocked that he said me SORRY!!!!! That’s all. I and he were poles apart again. Days rolled by. Everything was back to normal.

But again another day, Purab had invited me to attend his success party. I was so late. I entered when all other guests had dispersed. Purab was hell angry on me.
‘You might have better stayed home di…’ he said in a cold tone.
‘Arey, Purab…I am sry. I had a works left in the clg, that’s why—’
(cutting off) ‘Works more important. Brother less important. Correct? *in a matter of fact tone* ’ it wasn’t a question rather a statement .

But that’s when I saw him and another girl coming towards us. The girl was none other than Sira. I had been speaking with her for a while and only then I realised that Sira had all Bulbulic features. May be thats why Purab had gone close to her so easily!

During the talk I noticed that he was ogling me!!! Finally he came to me after Sira had gone to the kitchen.
‘Can you work as my personal secretary?’
‘can I know what made you ask this’
‘just like how I asked of talking with Abhi that day’

I laughed a bit and witnessed his heart fill with content.

‘But, I am a professor. How can I become a secretary?’ I asked with a smile.
‘Common anyone can do anything’.
‘What if I say no?’
‘What if I ask again?’

I laughed a bit again. Then we started chatting all random things. Purab had decided not to disturb us. But still he was enjoying with her in the kitchen—it seems. It was almost 1 am when Abhi’s phone beeped. A msg. from Aaliya, asking him to return soon as dadi was waiting.

He ran out shouting ‘I gotta go. See you tmrw in my office’.

I didn’t know how he was sure that I will go…but I did go. Sth in me made me go.

He was standing in his cabin, half sitting and half standing on his work desk. As I entered, he gave me a I-am-always-right look. He smiled at me, for which I could die.

‘So, u knew I would come?’
‘Of course’

Thats how I joined his work. I was working only in his office. Thank god he didn’t take me to the stupid Mehra mansion. Else I would have gone nuts just by looking at its front door!!!!

Being a worker for him, I decided not to interfere in his personal matters. But he was so frank with me. I still don’t know what made him be that. We became friends and the employee-employer relationship was far behind. I learnt from him that he and tanu were in relationship. Yuck, what a disgusting creature she was.
But then I realised. Abhi had just forgotten the 3-years-ago part of his life. What a selective ML?? He couldn’t remember me, but Tanu was with him even before he saw me!! That makes complete sense. But one thing I am glad for is, I didn’t meet tanu and Aaliya till now.

Leaving everything beside, we celebrated our Christmas so grandly.

Then came the NEW YEAR!!! Thats why I am here. For a NEW YEAR PARTY, Abhi was supposed to attend it with his partner—I feel u can understand—but he chose me!!!

Tanu was begging him for it, but he refused saying he would be busy. Being angry with Abhi, Tanu signed an urgent contract and went abroad for a shoot—so that she doesn’t see him for a month—idiotic girl. Even I knew he had refused. But to my horror, he asked me to give him company to that same party. When being inquired of refusing tanu, he replied that he didn’t feel like gng with her. He wanted to go with me!!!!
To my dismay, he straight forward told me.

‘I don’t think you are my friend. Sth more than that. I don’t know what it is. But as of now, I want to attend it with you and you are attending it. ITC?’

He left a shocked me standing in his cabin.

End of Pragya’s POV; Start of author’s POV.

Oh, this is how Pragya is here it seems. After this, is the real game of destiny. So lets see what Pragya is gonna do, and how it turns out.

Thanks for cmntng guys. It means a lot. Keep supporting. thanks Akshaya dear, lopez dear, Asmithaa cutie pie, priyanka akka( sctually ur elder, i found just recently!!!), Varsha dear, Suhani sweeto, Princesskrisha, Lokha darlu, di, Vanshu dear, Minu dear, Reshma sis and Sethidisha dear. ur cmnts mean a lot.

and the silent readers thanq so much. keep reading.
Love you all…

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