The best day… {KKB} OS

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Hey guys… it’s me Ani. No need to scroll down! I know you people are hell angry… but all I can say is that lets meet at end. Also, this is a very big OS… don’t get fed up! See u all at end. Happy reading.
The best day….
Birth Day to Best Day…

The whole place was buzzing with excitement, amused by the magic that they had witnessed just then. But the commotion settled gently as it arose, and a silence spread as they saw him getting up his chair. He started stepping out of the studio room with a smile playing in his lips. Removing the headset, he adjusted his hair while a dozen people received him.
“So divine Abhi. This will again be another tremendous hit. Good luck” one of them told and his smile widened. Wishes followed and finally he was given some rest.

Abhishek Mehra, the man he is, is a renowned musician. The world knows him better as a Rockstar, sporty and more as a candid human! Expecting his 24th birthday the next day, for a change he planned a surprise album launch for his fans. The last song, a love song, came out to be too good that he himself couldn’t resist but praise him. He was dedicating it to someone special—that is for later. If it had come out so well and he was praising his own self, appreciation is not something to be surprised of.

Just after the group of men moved away, a dashing young man ran to him and hugged him tight. “You moved my heart man. That was such a lovely song. No words. Well done” he said shaking Abhi’s hands vigorously and giving him another tight hug. “Control Purab, girls may think you gay!” Abhi laughed whilst Purab’s frown. “You don’t deserve those hugs duffer” Purab made a face. But he didn’t fail to notice Abhi. His eyes were searching only one person. Soon, a girl came running to him. A smile bloomed. Purab knew he had to get out of the place. “Ah! Your secretary! She would be having your schedule and you never listen to me after that” Purab told and moved away, disappearing into infinity.
The girl ran to Abhi and handed him his mobile. “Sir, a voice message for you” she told while he grabbed the mobile and turned in another direction, towards his car.

“HAPPIIEEE BIRTHDAY ROCKSTAR” someone screeched and Abhi’s smile widened.
The message continued… “I know today is not your birthday, but I always want to be the first person to wish you” and these made Abhi smile from ear to ear. “I couldn’t call you this morning. I am sorry. Was working late yesterday… couldn’t wake up early. Sorry, sorry, sorry… I know you will forgive me. Then, I hope you’ll receive your gift by tomorrow. That was all I could do to you for your birthday. Hope I didn’t mess it so much. Also, I messaged you to tell something. I know we didn’t meet any time for past two weeks. So this weekend I am coming to India. I could have kept it a surprise, but I cannot afford to stay without you, if you are busy that time. Cancel all your appointments, concerts, shoots or whatever. I know you would, but still I should tell you. So that’s all, my boy. Bye. Take care. See you soon” the phone beeped marking the end of message.

It took him a minute or so to come out of the trance of her sweet voice. A hearty smile found its place in his lips while he started his car.

Abhi looked out of the window into the lonely highway and smiled. He had driven out of the studio park lot some time ago. And all he could remember now is the time then was around 4.30. Now it is 6.10. He shook his head giving himself a pat and messaged his driver of his location telling him to pick him up. He was not in a mood to drive, not anymore. All he was ready to do is to dream of his love. Their story flashed through his mind and it pleased him more than anything to float in dreams.

‘Pragya’ his mind echoed and his lips curved up. She was Pragya… his Pragya… his heart and soul! There was once a time when they were the worst fighters, their college days. But it has now become a rule rather than an exception, that love starts from such silly fights and it happened the same for them. Now, they are the worst romancers! Hiding their love wasn’t a difficult thing for them. Their work made it easier. Pragya works in an MNC in the New York City, while Abhi is the only Rockstar of the country. Being poles apart, it is easy to manage people but difficult to manage themselves. Abhi and Pragya tried hard to meet at weekends and month ends, but still were not satisfied… and tomorrow being his BD, and Pragya being in NY seemed a big trouble for him.

Letting all his thoughts drift, Abhi sat in his car, reading a magazine. His driver had arrived and was ready to drop him at his destination.

Abhi was still reading the magazine and was so engrossed in it when the car stopped. He got down and walked out. It was very normal of him to walk into his house without even caring to look front… he had been habituated! He tried twisting the door knob without taking his eyes off the magazine, but he found it strange that he couldn’t feel the knob. Abhi looked up and was startled to find his home missing!

“Houses shift?” Abhi was stunned. For a few moments he stared at the empty space in front of him. “Or is this what people call as shifting house?” Abhi asked turning around. That’s when he noticed that it was not his neighbourhood at all. “Neighbourhoods also shift, Haan?” Abhi looked around to find far stretching green fields in front of him.

“I am not dreaming am I?” he pinched himself. “OUCHH” he screamed in pain. Looking at his watch, he made a frown. The glass was broken and it showed 4.24! “My watch is still at 4. It must be midnight by now” he said searching for his mobile. But it wasn’t there.
“Shit, I left it in the car man!” Abhi rushed to get back to his car but his car wasn’t there! He looked around but no sight of even a bee!
A fear engulfed him. “You are lost Abhi!” he said like a child burying his face in his hands and I bet no girl could help but pinch his dimpling cheeks.

“Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to my RS…
Happy birthday to you…”
She carried the cake on her hands with candles lightened on it.

Abhi’s fear faded while a wide smile and pleasure took its place. “It’s her. She came to India! She had taken permission to visit me! She is here to attend my birthday!” Abhi screamed. He wished he wasn’t dreaming and he knew he wasn’t. His love was there for him. He was moved beyond an extent and simply stood gazing her.

His princess was simple but elegant in her blue ball gown. Even in that dark space her face glowed, just like the full moon. The candles brought light to her face, making it even more beautiful. Those big round eyes, that small pug nose, those pink fluffy cheeks, that fair forehead, those small ears and that lovely smile… Abhi saw the goddess, he never believed, in her. Her black locks where neatly curled and they danced on her shoulders while happiness danced in her face.

She gently placed the cake on the table. Handing the knife to him she signalled… ‘Go on, cut it’.
Abhi slowly cut the cake and took a piece to feed her. “Mm- hmm…” Pragya shook her head negatively and took the piece from his hands. She fed him, all the while singing happy birthday. Now Abhi fed her.

Pragya in a low tone said, “SURPRISE” and suddenly the lights glowed.

Pragya had decorated the whole place in blue…it was his favourite! She gently led him to the centre where a table for two was set within the blue curtains. Abhi heard light music playing in the background.
Abhi started in a low tone “You did all this yourself?” this wasn’t the question… “For me?” here it is. The reply was only a smile. They had always celebrated his birthday together but this is the first time she planned everything for him and did things herself whilst having lots of work. Did she come yesterday? Maybe, that’s why she slept late. Abhi was thinking too much. But his thoughts stopped when she called for him.

“So, I tried something I know. Just taste, ok?” Pragya said tying a white cloth around his neck. She served Abhi all that she had cooked ‘for him’, and insisted him to eat. He dragged Pragya onto his lap and she chuckled. She gently fed him while he kept on looking intently at her.

“How is it?” Pragya asked him. “Lovely”
Of course! The food was delicious. Anything cooked out of love must be divine, and Abhi enjoyed every bit of it. He had had a sumptuous meal and he couldn’t let her starve. The immediate thought was feeding her. The thought was so overwhelming that Abhi couldn’t help but grab the spoon from her and feed her back. The couple cherished their meal time.
Having had a hearty dine together, the couple rose to their feet. It was Pragya who spoke first.

“How about a dance…?” she asked him, forwarding her hand.
Abhi, a hundredth time in the day felt he was hallucinating. It was his pleasure to always beg her, even for a kiss. He found joy seeing her becoming tomato in front of him… her pink cheeks turning red within moments… awww… but this was something new! But again, Abhi couldn’t refuse.

He gently held her hand and they swayed to the rhythm of the music in the dim blue lights! How long they had been swinging around in each other’s arms… only time knows.

“Bhai… After your schedule is met come home straight. It’s high time you have been skipping your Birthday parties. Even last time you did that. This time, don’t!” Abhi remembered Aaliya’s scowl. All he did is ‘ignore’. A romantic date with Pragya is definitely better than his gilded birthday party.

His attention turned back to Pragya as she looped her arms around his neck and he tightened his hold on her petty waist. She leant her head in Abhi’s chest, closing her eyes. He snuggled her more close and inhaled the deep fragrance of her hair. He gently caressed them while Pragya slowly slid her arms up. Time froze a moment and he treasured the feel.

After a few moments Abhi spoke. “This is the loveliest Birthday I have ever had. Thank you” he said with tears brimming in his eyes threatening to roll down any time. “From when did you get this habit of thanking me?” she said gently breaking his hug. “I love you” Abhi told and hugged her once again. Pragya smiled a ‘love you too’ and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Pragya was sitting in the couch while Abhi was lying on her lap. She was gently caressing his hairs. “Abhi” “Hmm…” “You gotta go home” “Why…? I can stay” Abhi said in a childish tone. His cute puppy face melted her heart… but she was stubborn enough to send him back.
“You are already late Abhi. They would be waiting” Pragya said not before lifting him up. “Oh, yeah… I have to attend my BD party!” Abhi said surprised, as if he realised it just then. Pragya smiled… half hearted.

Abhi glanced at his watch and it was 1.20. Pragya looked at him while he had that million dollar smile on his face which automatically brought a smile in her face. He slowly rotated the watch knob and it showed 12.15. Abhi smiled and hugged her back. Pragya beamed.
‘I am all yours. Time is never an impediment. No matter what, the clock can never outlast our love… it will always be outlasted’ Abhi’s cute smiled conveyed all these hidden messages. His every act is an evidence for his love and Pragya never fails to understand it.

After all, a thousand words can build up an essay of thoughts, but a single gesture is enough to convey your heart. And they live in the word of love… does it require a language to be vocalised or can it be?

Tossing her thoughts off, she took a quick look at Abhi who was staring her. She knows he would be as he never likes her floating in dreams… He always wanted her to live in the dream come true world…

He dragged her to the fields and held her arms.
“What did you understand now?” he questioned.
“What you meant…” Pragya simply smiled.
Abhi caressed her cheek and Pragya went red. He simply pulled her hands and ran into the fields to get lost in their own world…

After almost 15 minutes, Pragya finally convinced him to go back—there was something else in store for him. She wanted him to go back and also to stay. She very well knew only one is possible and that, is this.

She took out a small box. “HAPPIEE BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN” she said handing it to him. “You already made so much for me. Why all these?” he said getting that box. “Ok, now go. Don’t start your romance again” Pragya went behind him and pushed him front.
“CHOO CHOO…. CHIKKA-CHIKKA CHOO-CHOO” she said as if driving the train. Abhi smiled at her playfulness and made the same sound. Both laughed their heart out.
Abhi saw his car waiting for him. “My car…! From where did it come so suddenly?” he asked turning back to her.
Pragya stuck her tongue out and smiled ear to ear.
Abhi too smiled, at her naughty grin. “Acha teek hai… Love you…TC” he said and placed a kiss.
He got into the car, lukewarm and waved her a bye. Pragya gently kissed her palms and blew it to him. He caught it and placed it in his mouth. Pragya smiled while he gave her a flying kiss this time. She held it close to her heart.
Abhi’s car started moving off and finally disappeared from her sight while Pragya smiled and went back.

She silently sat in the chair thinking of how she made this day memorable for him.
Pragya always was a shy deer in front him. She wondered how she got that much courage to ask him for a dance and kiss him that many times.

“You can do anything to make me happy, my Jaan” two strong arms wrapped her shoulders from behind. She smiled… Of course it’s him…!
He gently placed his chin on her shoulder, “You can do anything for me… just the way I can” he said. “That’s true. But I cannot do one thing… leaving my BD party behind and romancing you” she smiled back. “Well, there’s something else too, you can’t leave me alone…” Abhi emphasised raising his brows.
“That will not happen… not in my dreams too” she said getting up, hugging him. “Don’t you think you are getting too romantic nowadays, Fuggi?”
“Side effect of staying with a diehard romantic king…!”

Abhi smiled at her compliment while she messed his hair gently.
He loves all these small things that make his day big. He loves the way, every time she tries to make him smile. Though they stay together only for a day or two in a month, those two days… he can remember all his life, coz all those small things mean his life for him. Also, every time a small happiness clings to him. She will stay with him all his life and for sure, he will remember every moment of them, even after he dies…

Shrugging off his thoughts, “Hey don’t mess with my hair. You do whatever you want with me… dare not to touch my hair” Abhi said setting his hair right, showing a fake anger that hid his playful naughtiness. “Why not…?” Pragya ruffled his hairs again.
She started running around. “EIH…!” Abhi set his hair again and started chasing her. Pragya was running all around while Abhi was chasing her. Finally he caught her. Messing her hair with both his hands he saw how cute she looked when she laughed uncontrollably. He stole amorous glances at her and his heart warmed up to see his love giggling. After he felt enough, he took his hands off and looked around as if nothing happened.
“You’re still a child” she said setting her hair right.

Abhi helped her. He gently slid his index through the front hairs and pushed them back. They both felt the kiddie atmosphere turn intense. He caressed her hairs slowly, causing all those sensuous feelings in her. He then came down to her face and caught her cheeks. They stood a moment looking into each other’s eyes reaching their souls. Abhi withdrew gently, thinking she would balk.
But Pragya knew where all this was leading too and she was ready to give in. All she wanted was to give him a memorable day as his birthday gift and if it all lies there she was happy to lose. She stood where she was. Abhi saw her and she smiled assuringly. He smiled back and knelt forward. When the moment was about to come someone patted Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi turned back and it shocked him to see his entire sister-brother gang there!

It was Purab who patted his shoulder. Next to him was his sweet sister Aaliya and further to her right was Bulbul! Abhi withdrew suddenly leaving the gang to giggle. He saw Pragya standing, smiling amidst them. That was the shock of his life. It was Dadi who came back from behind. Abhi was paralysed. But he bent down automatically… “Kush raho beta” she blessed him. Following Dadi Purab, Bulbul and Aaliya wished him giving his gifts.
‘I know this isn’t a question to ask… but how did you come here?’ Abhi asked perplexed. ‘Pragya called us here’ Dadi answered giving Pragya a side hug and Abhi a shock! ‘Do not act too puzzled bhai… Bhabhi informed us everything about you both and she was the one who called us here. She wanted to let it be another surprise… whilst all these. She wanted to give you some best gift…your marriage’ Aaliya said smiling.

Abhi was again moved beyond extent. ‘That is why she was sending him back so that he could be surprised to know his gift later?’ Abhi thought.
Pragya walked to him. There was a momentary silence. After blushing a lot Pragya spoke up. “Abhi, will you marry this balloon?” she asked in her cutest voice. Abhi couldn’t believe that Pragya was proposing him for marriage. He pulled her into a bone crushing hug shouting “I will”. Purab, Aaliya, Bulbul, Dadi and everyone rejoiced the union of the couple.

After a few moments, they broke their hug.

“I thought to give you all a surprise, but you all gave it to me. This is my best birthday. Thanks guys” Abhi said smiling wide. Everyone shared a group hug and the screen freezed in their happy faces.

And that is how his birthday turned the best day of his life…
Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Finally the story comes to an end! Ha, I know this will be your reaction!!!

Anyways, first things first… So, hi guys. How are you all? Hope you all are fine and I did not ruin it! So, I know it’s been a long, a really very long time since, you know, I penned something. All credits to my school, which has very recently changed all its system and got integrated with new coaching institute and all stuffs. It took us so much time to settle down and, thank god, now, finally, after two months we have settled. Between my eye problems too intensified! So wasn’t able to use phone and laptop much 🙁

All in all, reasons got added up and finally the result is that, I didn’t show up for two months! Went unnoticed without notice! A very big sorry for that, thousand times sorry… But, you know, guys? I was terribly missing TU and you all… missing all our chats, my good times reading and commenting in posts, my happy times when I relaxed myself and wrote (ok, scribbled) my stories here…. that was a terrible time without you all… ok let’s comeback… I was asking my sorry right? Forgive me!!! I can do sit ups if you wish. Happy? So be good and forgive your poor lil soul!!! ;P ;P

The next thing in line is this story. I know this wasn’t a surprise to Abhi…also to you all! I wish it remains a surprise instead of, you know, becoming a shock. I got leave this Sunday after writing my exam…a really relieving thing guys…and on getting some free time, I decided to write something. I got this plot as today is Shabbir’s birthday! It’s like a birthday wish here. I know it’s late, but still… “HAPPIEEE BIRTHDAY SHABBIR AHLUWALIA…!!! LET YOU ENJOY MORE AND MORE BIRTHDAYS WITH MORE AND MORE LOVE, CARE AND DEFINTELY FUN. MAY YOU BE THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON ON EARTH. LIVE LONG AND STAY BLESSED”.

So somehow I completed my story in free time and posted it! Happy me!
but I know this wasn’t something up to the mark… my brain stopped working guys! Still, hope this wasn’t a waste of time to you all… and sorry if it was. I am really sorry if it ruined all your day. Forgive for mistakes too.

Then, my other doodles…. I have no idea how on earth I am gonna complete them. Will definitely try to…

Oh, Did I miss something? Hmmm… Yup! I really wanted to talk about the ff stories here. I was hovering my cursor in the TU KKB forum before posting this and couldn’t find most of my favourite ones. Guys, try writing at least at free time (me not worthy to tell this, but still…) coz, there are many people who read it regularly (save me… sorry!) and that’s it guys. Try posting when you can. Also, then I am very sorry for not commenting in the posts. Coz, on the first take, I was never able to read them.

So, I think it’s time to, you know, bid the last adieus. Will comeback someday for sure… I don’t know when. Until then I will be taking a leave from here.

Hey, please stop scolding me yaar. It’s not a complete quit, ok? I cannot leave so soon without torturing you all… I have things to complete… I know I am supposed to put full stop to those that I started. I can also come up with an OS time to time. So, yeah, goodbye guys… Wish me luck for my twelfth. Will be back soon… until then stay safe, fit and fine. All wishes to everyone here. Stay blessed…

Important thing…Remember me guys.

With love,

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