Tears of Pain – Episode 2 – First Meet

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Hello Friends, mistake again! Akshu was not assumed dead at birth.. she was assumed dead at age 4 at an accident.

Recap: Akshu is scared to start the camp alone. Lucky for her, families are allowed in week 1. Naira feels guilty for not saving her princess.

Episode Starts

Medical Camp

Samar and Sona’s room.

Sona: Bhai ghoom ne jaye?

Samar: Chalo!

Samar and Sona are walking, when a student bumps into Sona.

Student: Hi jaan.. (looking at Sona and holds her hand)

Samar gets angry and holds the student by his collar

Samar: Naman.. how dare you touch her!

Sona: Bhai what are you doing leave him!

Naman: I know her.. so I did

Samar: Say sorry warna-

Naman: No I won’t.. what will you do..

Samar: (He ignores Naman) Chalo Sona..  we are going to complain against him..

At the reception:

Samar is talking to receptionist, while Abhimanyu Birla comes.

Abhimanyu talks to Sona

Abhimanyu: Hi.. I’m Abhimanyu Birla.. you can call me Abhi.. Are you new here?

Sona: Hi.. I’m Sonakshi Kapadia.. you can call me Sona.. yes I am new here..

Abhi: Don’t mind me asking.. but are you with him?

Sona: Y-yes.. he is my older brother.. he has always been my shield..

Abhi: Shield?

Sona: Yes.. he and my sister.. they are twins.. they always protected me from bullies an- you know what I mean na?

Abhi: Yes.. Do you want to go for lunch?

Sona: I have to ask bhaiya first.. now he will be an over protective bhai after what that student Naman did..

Samar comes

Samar: Hi.. I am Samar.. Sona’s brother…

Sona: Bhai.. can I go for lunch with Abhi?

Abhi: If you allow only sir…

Samar: Ok (looks suspicious of Abhi)

Sona: Thank you bhai..

Samar: Be careful Sona.


Sona and Abhi are seated..

Abhi: So.. tell me more about you?

Sona: My papa is the owner of Kapadia Empire.. Anuj Kapadia..

Abhi gets Reem’s call

Reem: Bro.. where are you?

Abhi to Sona: Just a second.. it is my sister..

Sona: Ok!!

Abhi moves away and speaks to Reem

Abhi: Haan bol ab… chudail kahiki

Reem: Bro..  ladki ke saath ho?

Abhi: Haan.. it’s love at first sight again Reem.. but…

Reem: Abhi.. bro not every girl is like that.. Tara was just your luck.. it is not your fault she betrayed you

Abhi: Ok ok swami devi.. shant raho..

Reem: Well.. who is it?

Abhi: Sona.. I mean Sonakshi Kapadia..

Reem: Anuj Kapadia ki beti?

Abhi: Haan..

Reem: Okk.. I won’t disturb your date.. but sir is calling you..

Abhi: Can’t he wait?

Manjari: No.. he said if you don’t wait then-

Abhi: Give the phone to him

Harsh: Bol.. kya hai..

Abhi: I am being nice.. if you hurt my sister and my maa who are my life then I won’t spare you sir..

Sona hears him say that, and she find a pen and book and write a letter:

Dear Abhi,

I’m sorry, but I overheard your talk with your family. I want to help you against your father. Let me know if I can. Even my maa and bhai are my life.. and.. I know this is a weird way to say, but my bhai is a shield.. so I only found this.. I wanted to propose to you.. and I love you Abhi..

Tumhari, Sona

Sona leaves.

On the phone:

Abhi: Sir

Harsh cuts the call.

Birla House

Anand: Harsh bhai.. why?

Harsh: He went for medical camp.. not to-

Manjari: Ji.. Tara ne dhoka diya.. Abhi ki galti nahi hai!!

Shefali and Parth come

Parth: Chacha ji.. chachi ji sahi ke rahi hai..



Abhi: Sona? Oh this letter…

Dear Abhi,

I’m sorry, but I overheard your talk with your family. I want to help you against your father. Let me know if I can. Even my maa and bhai are my life.. and.. I know this is a weird way to say, but my bhai is a shield.. so I only found this.. I wanted to propose to you.. and I love you Abhi..

Tumhari, Sona

Abhi: Sona.. I love you too!

Abhi leaves to find his Sona

Different Area At Medical Camp

Sona gets Samar’s call.

Samar: Sona where are you?

Sona: Bhai.. Im near the coconut tree..

Samar: Ok.. Sona we are going home now ok?

Sona: OK bhaiya.. coming now..

Samar: Jaldi anaa..

Sona cuts the call.

Abhi sees her walking and runs to her

Sona slips and Abhi catches her, and they share eyelock..

Abhi: Are you ok?

Abhi in mind: How do I tell you I love you..

Sona: Yeah.. I am okay thanks..

Abhi: Bye Sona..

Sona: Bye Abhi..! (she wonders if Abhi read the letter or not)

Samar and Sona reach Kapadia Villa.. and they are told to wait outside.

Anupama, Anuj and Sara come out.

Till they came out, Samar blindfolded Sona

After sometime

They all are in the living room.

Sara/Samar/Anupamaa/Anuj: Happy Birthday Sona!

Sona: Thank y-you!!

Samar: Lekin…

Sona: Haan.. haan.. you won’t come and stay there

Anupamaa: Pagal chokra! Behen ko aise tang karte hai kya?

Sona: Mumma.. thank you!

Sona gets a call from Abhi.

Abhi on phone (Kapadia’s cant hear)

Abhi: Sona.. I need to talk to you

Sona signals that she has an important call to Kapadia’s and goes to her room

Sona: Haan bolo..

Abhi: Sona.. I read your letter

Sona: You did?!?!?!?!?

Abhi: Haan… I love you..

Sona: Yo-you do?

Abhi: Haan..

Sona: I love you too

Samar comes and snatches the phone

Samar: Be to hai kon? Meri behen ko pyaar kyu hua tujhse? Why are you after her?

Abhi: I-I’m Abhimanyu Birla..

Samar: So you are the one who went to lunch with my behen?

Abhi: Haan..

Samar: You can only be friends with her. understood?

Sona: BHAI!

Samar: Tu chup ray

Sona: No! I love him..

Samar: No..

Sara: Samar.. my shaadi is tomorrow.. then you both will get married on same date

Samar: Huh? Kya?

Sara: Yaar… we know about Abhimanyu..  . and then what about you Samar?

Samar: Woh.. ek ladki hai..

Sara: Kinjal?

Samar: H-how d- do you know! Chudail… teri to..

Sara starts to run in Sona’s room to escape from Samar and she bumps into Adhik near door.

Sara: Adhik?

Sona: Di.. we are going you both c-continue..

Samar: Haan di.. continue..

Samar-Sona leave

Adhik: If you are busy with Sonakshi’s birthday.. then I will leave

Sara: No its- its fine..

Anupama comes

Anupama: So- Arrey Adhik.. when did you come?

Adhik: Hi aunty.. I just came..

Anupama: Khidki se aye?

Adhik: H-haan.. sorry aunty

Anupamaa: Kya aunty.. tum aur Sara ki shaadi hai kal.. ab se Maa..

Adhik: Maa…

Anupamaa caresses Adhik and Sara’s head.

Anupamaa: I am going now..

Anupamaa leaves

Adhik: Maa kitni acchi hai na? Mom se to kayi zyada..

Sara: Adhik.. thanks for compliment for maa.. but Mom bhi buri nahi hai..

Adhik: Anyway.. what happened to Sona?

Sara: Nothing.. usne med camp start kiya aur first day pe-

Adhik: Ladke se pyaar ho gaya?

Sara: Yep… name I don’t know.. but I think Samar disliked him, that is why he got angry.. and I am too..

Adhik: Maybe because of that girl who accused him of usurping her money? And jaan.. why are you angry?

Sara: Because Sona is only 24 (sorry friends, Sona/Akshu is actually 24  and Abhi is 26 sorry again!) Yeah.. so he is overprotective of me and Sona, especially Sona.. so it will take time for him to like that boy..

Adhik is about to speak, but Sona’s phone rings. It is Abhi.

Scene Freezes.

Sara and Samar learn about Abhi’s truth. Will they accept Abhi and Sona’s relation? (Anuj and Anupama don’t know about it)

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