Tears of Pain – Episode 1 – Accident’s guilt

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hi friends!!! this is episode 1 of tears of pain.. I hope you all love it!! Also, Abhimanyu is a doctor but Kartik has his own company of jewelry and design . Sorry for mix up!

Ahmedabad –

Kapadia Villa

In this scene, we see a girl lying on her bed writing in her diary, when her mom calls her. Yes, the girl is Akshara, but after a sad tragedy, she is now known as Sonakshi..

Anupama: Sona!! Medical Camp keliye late ho rahi ho tum.. it is your first day na!

Sona: Kya mumma.. fine.. I will wake up!!

Sonakshi wakes up and gets ready and Samar soon leaves to drop her.

In the car

Samar: Sona.. which type of person will you make friends with?

Sona: The one who is like you bhaiya!

Samar: Like me? 

Sona: Haan! Kind.. chatty..

Samar: Hold hold! Me? CHATTY? Talk about yourself..

Sona: Bhaiya!!

Samar: Yeh le. . tera camp agaya..

Sona: Than- (she starts to cry)

Samar: Ab kya hua?

Sona: You have always been my shield bhaiya.. now h-how w-will

Samar: I can’t stay always with you na Sona.. if anything happens you have your phone na..

Sona, still scared, hugs Samar

Sona: Bhaiya.. when will you come to collect me…

Samar: Sona.. at 4:00.. that is when Medical Camp finishes na

Sona: I don’t want to go bhaiya…

Samar: Sona.. ok fine.. I will stay with you as a guest but kal se you have to go alone ok? Happy?

Sona: Thank you bhaiya..

Sona and Samar go inside.

At the reception:

Receptionist: Hi sir, hi Ma’am. How can I help you?

Samar: I am Samar Kapadia.. she is Sonakshi Kapadia.. she has an admission..

Receptionist: Yes.. also sir, on first whole week we allow families to join, so if you like to join, you need to fill this form.

Samar looks at Sona, who has pleading expression.

Samar: Ok.. can I have a pen please?

Samar fills out the form, and they get seated in the reception area.


Goenka Villa – UDAIPUR

Kairav: Mumma.. who is this for?

Naira: Akshu.. it is her birthday na tomorrow..

Kairav: Mumma.. Akshu is not with us..

Kartik: Naira.. I have a meeting fixed with a family in Ahmedabad.. they liked thee design I sent them!

Kairav: Congratulations papa..

Kartik: Thank you beta.. Naira? Naira?
Naira thinks of that accident which separated her 4 year old princess from her, an accident which happened 13 years ago..


Goenka’s are travelling home after  temple visit. Bus breaks down.

Akshu slips and falls down.

Naira: AKSHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kartik.. my beti.. I am going down there..

Kartik stops Naira from going..

However, lucky for Akshu, Anupamaa, Anuj and 5 year olds Samar and Sara spot Akshu and save her. They are unable to locate her family, so they adopt her. Samar and Sara have always been a shield for Akshu, and saving her from bullies,  especially Samar, whom Akshu is more close to.


Present (Kaira room)

Naira: Kartik.. I couldn’t save my beti…

Kartik: Don’t cry Naira.. it is not your fault..

Kartik signs Kairav to go to his room and sleep.

Kairav goes. Naira cries, but after sometime falls asleep on Kartik, not breaking their hug.

Kartik lies Naira down on the bed and holds her hand..

Kartik: I know you have guilt.. but it is not your fault

Scene Freezes

Precap: AbhiRa’s first meet. Samar dislikes Abhimanyu. Naira to recover from guilt?

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