Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli will marry soon – thanks to Bigg Boss show!

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Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee will get married soon

Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee formed a lovable pair on TV reality show Bigg Boss. If everything goes well they are expected to tie the knot soon.

It will be arguable point to say what Bigg Boss has achieved over past few years by bringing mere violence and controversies to household audience. However this season, the Bigg Boss show has been successful in bringing as many as four hearts together. We have seen formation of first romantic couple of Gauhar Khan and Khushal Tandon on the show where they proposed each other and expressed the desire to get married on national television.


Unsurprisingly there is one more couple inside the house whose love and romance was hatching all throughout past three months. They are Aramaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee. The relatively mature duo was often seen getting intimate, romantic and discussing everything right from love and family to sex and fun.


It is no more a secrete now that the reel love between these two may culminate into marriage in coming times. Tanisha often sounded pretty serious about her love for Armaan and expressed her desire to getting married with him. Armaan also backed her saying that if the love between the two was not true they could not have come together so far in the show. Armaan also said during their conversation that audience may be thinking that the show of love between them is fake and only for the sake of TRP and winning the show or at least reaching till final stage. However that is not true and they are seriously thinking of spending life together.


Anyways, credit of bringing these two awesome bachelor individuals together on the same platform goes to Bigg Boss. Armaan and Tanisha are really spicing up the show with their love and romance. They never miss any occasion to come close to each other. They got too closer at times and have been warned by host superstar Salman Khan for the same reason.


Armaan and Tanisha were found getting intimate, kissing hugging and romancing in smoking zone. They were heard discussing desire for sex and getting intimate under one blanket and lots more. Salman warned them to behave properly as number of cameras are installed everywhere in the house which capture each and every activity of participants every moment. All this footage is viewed by public all over the world and they were mildly warned to behave with dignity.


When Armaan was out of the house for a day in relation with the case filed against him by Sofia Hayat, Tanisha missed him a lot When Armaan returned, he hugged her, kissed and gave her regards of his family.


It is evident that families of both the lovers are happy with this new relationship and wedding bells seem to be few days away only for them!

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