Tale of love story – Episode 1 (past connection..)

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here is the 1st episode..

Yuvraj and his brother rudraksh were sitting in police station..

Yuvraj: rudraksh..go to college soon. Don’t bunk today’s classes.

Rudraksh makes a face..

Rudraksh: inspector..your in duty where you can’t bunk your duty because if you bunk then criminal’s will escape but if I bunk classes nobody is going to escape so there is no loss for me..

Yuvraj makes a face and puts his hands on his shoulders and..

Yuvraj: rudraksh..but if I dint catch the criminals then I won’t face any trouble but if you cut classes then you will face lot of troubles when you study later..

Rudraksh makes a puppy face and..

Rudraksh: bro.. nowadays you have become lecturer. Already Iam fed up with professor’s lectures and now you too started.

Yuvi: I told only for your betterment.
Suddenly a girl’s voice is heared..

Girl: hii…my lovely yuvi.

Rudraksh smiles and comes near yuvi and murmers in his ears..

Rudraksh: I think your girlfriend have come. So I will leave and you can enjoy with her now..

Yuvi stares rudraksh angrily and..

Yuvi: shut up..I don’t have any girlfriends. This girl is mad.. always disturbing me with her one sided love.

Rudraksh: one day you are going to be her boyfriend..

Yuvi pinches rudraksh and murmers..

Yuvi: that will never happen. Iam going to arrest her one day for disturbing with her one sided love.

Rudraksh silently laughs and..

Rudraksh: you can’t arrest her as she dint do any crime and also there is no rule for arresting a girl who disturbs inspector with true love.

Yuvi: but according to me..she did crime by disturbing me always.and also I don’t care if there is no rules..but I will arrest her.

Rudraksh sees the girl coming near entrance and whispers..

Rudraksh: I think I should attend the college as you said..and you attend your girlfriend.

Yuvi stares rudraksh angrily while rudraksh tries to go but yuvi pulls his hands and holds tightly…

Yuvi: see..I told you to attend college but now iam saying not to attend because now you can only save me from this stupid girl..

Rudraksh thinks..

Rudraksh: fine..I will help you to get rid of this girl.

Yuvi smiles while rudraksh goes in the middle of the police station and shouts..

Rudraksh: excuse me dear constables..now your sir wants some privacy so kindly everyone leave from here at once.

Yuvi gets shocked and stares rudraksh..

Yuvi in mind: what is this idiot upto? Why is he chasing every constables out instead of chasing that idiot girl??

Yuvi shockingly: rudraksh..what are you doing? I dint tell that I want privacy..

Rudraksh: you just told to help you right? Then just see what iam doing..

Rudraksh winks at every constables indicating the girl and everyone understands and they all murmers..

Constables murmers: yes..I think our sir needs privacy..so let us leave.

Constables start to leave from the station and yuvi gets shocked..

Yuvi shockingly: hey you all..where are you going? I dint ask you to leave..

Constables giggles seeing that girl and..

Constables: sir..you dint ask us to leave but we should leave as your madam came.

Yuvi: what nonsense? She is not my madam..she is just mad.

Everyone leaves from there including rudraksh and rudraksh turns and winks at yuvi and yuvi stares angrily..

Yuvi in mind: so.. Rudraksh is trapping me with this idiot girl. I won’t spare rudraksh once I reach home..

Rudraksh passes twinkle..

Twinkle: excuse me mister..

Rudraksh looks her..

Twinkle: thank you for providing privacy..

Rudraksh smiles and goes while twinkle goes in and locks the door which shocks yuvi..

Yuvi shockingly: hey you mad girl.. what are you doing? Why are you locking the door?

Twinkle makes a cute face and..

Twinkle: sir..when girl and boy talks then there should be privacy. Already your brother helped me and now iam doing the remaining work.

Yuvi: are you out of senses? This is police station and not your bedroom..

Twinkle: I know it. If you had come to my bedroom then I would have not done this.

Yuvi bites his teeth in anger..

Yuvi: you are not my girlfriend to meet you in bedroom.

Twinkle makes a puppy face..

Twinkle: but you are my boyfriend..

Yuvi: I think it’s your dream that iam your boyfriend but for real I won’t even be your servant..just get lost orelse I will arrest for troubling me.

Twinkle smiles and comes romantically to him which shocks him..

Yuvi: hey you stupid girl.. what are you doing? Just maintain a distance.. don’t come near me.

Twinkle comes near him and tells romantically..

Twinkle: my love..you can arrest me in your life forever. Iam ready to get surrendered in your life.

Yuvi gets irritated and hits his head with his hand..

Yuvi: you are disgusting..even in serials I have never seen such a seductive girl like you.

Twinkle smiles and comes more closer to him and holds his shirt in romantic way..

Twinkle: sir..iam not seducing. This is some of the way to make you fall for me..

Yuvi pushes twinkle away and..

Yuvi: I swear that I may even fall in love with dogs but not you.. and how dare you come close to me?

Twinkle: sir..iam your future girlfriend..so I can come closer to you and even I can kiss you.

She goes and kisses his cheeks which makes yuvi more angry..

Yuvi angrily: chee.. what are you doing? You are going more cheap nowadays.

Twinkle giggles..

Twinkle: for you..I can even go more cheaper than today.

Yuvi fumes..

Yuvi: iam going to lock you in prison next time..

Twinkle smiles and..

Twinkle: iam pleasure to come in your prison as it will be easier for me to stare you for whole day.

Yuvi again bites his teeth in anger which is noticed by twinkle..

Twinkle: sir.. don’t break your teeth with anger because I can’t marry a man who is teethless like grandfather.

Yuvi shouts: you..

Twinkle: bye sir..I will meet you at evening.

Twinkle runs away smiling while yuvi goes angrily towards washroom and washes his face and looks himself in mirror..

Yuvi in mind: this stupid have crossed the limits today..I will end this matter soon.

While twinkle runs out of police station and meets Avika who is waiting for her..

Avika: today..you are so happy..did he accept you?

Twinkle: no..still he haven’t fallen for me but don’t worry I will make him fall for me soon..

Avika: you became so crazy..I never saw such a crazy girl like you.

Twinkle laughs and..

Twinkle: you know what..today I kissed him forcefully..

Avika gets shocked and opens her mouth shockingly..

Avika: ohh myyy goddd..you are really became love sick.

Twinkle: shut up..ok come lets go to college soon before it gets late.

Avika: okay..


In a college rudraksh is seen walking in a corridor..

Rudraksh in mind: I think my bro would have got angry more on me..hope he doesn’t beat me. But I made him locked with a girl so iam sure he would have enjoyed with her..

Rudraksh giggles and suddenly he hits a girl and the girl was about to fall but he holds her…

Both looks each other..

Slowly he makes her stand up and..

Rudraksh: iam sorry..

Preesha: it’s okay.

Rudraksh: are you new student?

Preesha: yeah..how did you find out?

Rudraksh: actually I never saw you before and that’s why I guessed.

Preesha: you are nice in guessing. But how can you know this whole college students ?

Rudraksh: actually i don’t know many of them but I found you was searching for your class some time before and that’s why I guessed.

Preesha: ohh..that’s nice. Can you help me to go to 1st mba?

Rudraksh: yeah..

Rudraksh takes her to 1st mba and leaves..

Preesha: thanks..

Rudraksh: it’s okay.

They separate ways and rudraksh feels something..

Rudraksh in mind: when I saw her eyes first..I thought I met my buddy preesha. But it is just my infatuation as preesha can never come here as she is dead three years back and also this is not her face.


Rudraksh and preesha were neighbours since years and they were friends too and one day..

Rudraksh: preesha..you became boring friend nowadays..

Preesha makes a puppy face..

Preesha: you donkey..you would have got your girlfriend and that’s why you are feeling that iam boring.

Rudraksh laughs..

Rudraksh: if I had girlfriend then why I should roam with you??

Preesha stares him angrily..

Preesha: what do you mean ..you buffer? Should I break our friendship so that you can find your girlfriend??

Rudraksh: calm down preesha..I just made fun out of you.

Preesha relaxes her breathe..

Preesha: you fool..you scared me within seconds.

Rudraksh: I will do it even during your first night with your husband.

Rudraksh laughs while preesha chases him..

Preesha: I won’t spare you today..

Rudraksh runs..

Rudraksh: preesha.. don’t beat me. I can’t live without making fun with you..

Preesha: it’s okay.. Even I can’t live without replying to your useless fun’s..

Preesha chases rudraksh and finally she succeeds in catching him and she beats him with hands…

Rudraksh: ouchhhhh… please stop Jhansi ki Rani.

Preesha: shut up donkey..

Preesha beat him more and suddenly he slips and he tries to hold preesha for saving himself but he loses balance and falls and preesha too falls along with him due to his hold and preesha falls on rudraksh’s chest…

Both looks each other…

Rudraksh’s parents Manish suwarna and preesha’s biological parents sheetal raj watched them happily..

Manish: raj..I think our children loves eaach other.

Raj: yeah..I think their good bond  needs one more step forward.

Manish: yes..I think they should get married so that they can enjoy their life forever.

Raj: yes..even we will also get into relation.

Manish smiles and..

Manish: yes..

Manish and raj hugs each other..
Raj: why don’t we go for shopping now?

Manish: so soon?

Raj: no.. actually we we planning to go out so we are asking your family to join us so that our children’s also enjoy.

Manish: sure..

While preesha punches his chest lying above him..

Rudraksh: ouch…please stop. Now why are you beating me? You have only fallen above me then what’s my mistake miss.jhansi ki rani?

Preesha stares him angrily..

Preesha: ohh..after making me fall down..you are asking what’s your mistake huh? I will beat you more..

She starts beating him and both their parents comes there..

Raj: ohh…so rudraksh is spending romantic time with preesha..am I right Manish?

Rudraksh and preesha gets shocked seeing their parents and gets embarassed and gets up..

Rudraksh murmers: you duffer..now they would have misunderstood because of you.

Preesha: shut up..it’s all because of you.

Both stands up while..

Raj: ok we all are going out..so you both go and get ready and come soon.

Preesha: why suddenly dad?

Raj: just go and get ready without asking questions..

Preesha: ok..

Both goes and gets ready and they all go out..they go to beach and take selfies..

Then they go for shopping..

Preesha: mom..you go for shopping and I will go with rudraksh for ice cream shop.

Sheetal smiles..

Sheetal: yeah go..

Rudraksh and preesha goes while  sheetal and suwarna shares their happiness..

Sheetal: iam happy because our children need to spend more time before their marriage also..

Suwarna: yes..

Both rudraksh’s and preesha’s parents goes for shopping while rudraksh and preesha enjoy eating ice cream is ice cream shop…

Preesha: wow..yummy!!!

Rudraksh in mind: I’ll make fun with her now..

Rudraksh: chee..this ice cream is ugly like you.

Preesha stares him..

Preesha: you proved that you are really donkey.. because which humans will compliment ice creams?

Rudraksh becomes embarassed..

Rudraksh murmers: fine..you escaped this time.

Preesha: what are you murmering?

Rudraksh smiles and..

Rudraksh: n..nothing.

Preesha eats ice creams like mad while rudraksh looks her and he sees her cheeks filled with ice creams..

Rudraksh: preesha..why is your cheeks eating ice creams?

Preesha gets embarassed and tries to erase but she doesn’t clean it properly so rudraksh comes near her and cleans it with tissue..

Preesha looks him as he is close to her and they share their eyelock..

Suddenly a voice is heared which breaks their eyelock..

Voice: preesha..come and help me to take the belongings to car..

Preesha sees her parents holding many items..

Preesha: I think our parents finished their shopping.

Rudraksh: yeah..go and help your parents .

Preesha: ok..but where is your parents?
Rudraksh: I’ll call them and you take your parents to the car.

Preesha: ok..

Preesha goes and helps her parents holding their things and they cross their road while rudraksh speaks in phone..

Raj: sheetal..be careful while crossing.
Sheetal: yeah..

Raj: preesha and sheetal..come and hold my hands.

Sheetal and preesha holds his hands and they cross their road and suddenly sheetal slips in middle which shocks raj and preesha..

Preesha shouts: maa..please get up soon.
Sheetal feels leg sprain..

Sheetal: I can’t get up..please you both go from here before any vehicle hits us..

Raj: no..we won’t ge leaving you here..
Suddenly a truck comes towards them and preesha sees it and gets tensed..

Preesha: maa..please try to get up fast..see a truck is coming towards us..

Sheetal cries and..

Sheetal: I can’t preesha..I think god have decided my death. But you both go from here please..

Preesha and raj cries and truck comes more closer and preesha shouts..

Preesha shouts: rudrakshhhhhhh…please save us.

Rudraksh gets shocked hearing the voice and he turns and sees a truck approaching towars preesha and her family..

Rudraksh shouts: preeeshaaaaa..

He runs to save them but before that truck hits preesha’s family first and rudraksh drops his phone seeing his friend’s family  getting accident…preesha shouts before getting hitted..

Preesha: rudrakshhhhhhh..

Preesha too gets hitted..

Rudraksh: preeeeshaaaaaa….


Rudraksh gets teary..

Rudraksh in mind: I lost my bestie preesha that day..I don’t know why god snatched her from me. No one can be more best than her…if she was alive I would have been named as the most happiest person in the world but that can never happen..

Rudraksh’s friend Ahaan comes there..

Ahaan: hey Rudy..

Rudraksh: hey..

Ahaan: why are you standing here simply?

Rudraksh: n.. nothing..I was just waiting for you.

Ahaan: ohh really?

Rudraksh: yes..

Ahaan: iam not a mad to believe your lies. I found that you are worried about something as your eyes are filled with tears..

Rudraksh gets sad and..

Rudraksh: some sorrows can’t be revealed to friends too..

Ahaan puts his hands on his shoulders and..

Ahaan: it’s okay..I understand. But come to class now as it’s time up.

Rudraksh: yeah..

Both goes to their class.

Shaad and jannat are romancing on the park..

Shaad: In my childhood I wish to see the beautiful moon even in day but my mom used to tell that is impossible but now it became possible…

Jannat makes a face and..

Jannat: how?

Jannat caresses her face and..

Shaad: because you are the moon for me..

Jannat smiles and blushes..

Shaad: when you blush..even the real moon will get disappeared as you are more beautiful than that..

Jannat smiles and shaad looks her and gets close to kiss…

Jannat gets shy and runs from there..

Jannat: if you want to kiss then catch me..

Jannat runs while shaad chases her and after some time varun catches her…

Shaad: how long can you escape?now I have won so I will kiss you..

He comes close to kiss while jannat closes her eyes due to shy..

Suddenly Varun gets up shockingly..

Varun in mind: what is this dream? Why am I getting this dream again and again? Who is this jannat and why my name is called as shaad?? Why this same dream is always coming in my dream?? Why am I romancing some girl??..

Suddenly his mom Ishita comes there..

Ishita: hey varun..why are you sitting tensed?

Varun: nothing mom..I just got strange dream.

Ishita: ohh..ok. beta I want to ask you a favour..can you do it?

Varun goes and hugs Ishita..

Varun: what’s this mom? Why will I deny your wish?tell me what’s it..

Ishita: leave your military job and join in some company here atself..I can’t stay away from you hereafter.

Varun makes a face..

Varun: mom..be practical. My wish is to serve and protect our country so iam doing this job but you are telling to leave this work.

Ishita gets worried..

Ishita: I heared that some indian militaries were dead near pakistan due to some quarrel so Iam scared for you also..

Varun hugs Ishita to calm her..

Varun: don’t worry mom.. nothing wil happen to me. When we serve and protect our people then god will protect us so I believe that God is there with me always.

Ishita’s eyes gets teary and she caresses his face..

Ishita: your positive words melts my heart always..so be safe always khanna.

Varun: sure mom..

Both hugs each other emotionally…

PRECAP: Aditya saves aliya in a pub.

Varun gets shocked.

A guy named manav flirts with twinkle.

Rudraksh and preesha feels some connection..

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