Sweet Surprise (kkb – one shot)

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Hiii my dear sisieees & lovely frnds..this is nivethaa again.. with an one shot.. dedicated to the sis who is celebrating her birthday today..(march 15th ): happiee happiee happieee birthday sreemathiiii!!! I wish u all success in ur life.. & have a prosperous & blessed year ahead..!! love u..keep smiling..
Note: (u can imagine bulbul in sree’s place.. !!& sree .. u can imagine urself !!).. it’s not tat worth I think.. but, I can think this much only ma.. ! if it disappointed u.. sry in advance.. let’s get into the story..!!

Mumbai to kolkatta ph call:

Sree’s mobile is ringing.. she smiled by seeing her caller id& attended the call..
Sree: diii… how r u?. Wats up?.. is everything fine there..?. Hw is ma & daadi..? Ready to give ur so called lectures??.. am asking u.. but u didn’t replied me yet..
Pragya: madam tak some breath.. hw can i answer u .. wen u r asking these many questions in single breath.. ?
Sree: now tell me na..
Pragya: ya sree.. all fine.. hw r u?. Today wat u r upto?..
Sree: dii today , me & bhaiyya going to shoot a cover story about child marriage..
Pragya: mmm..! Tak care na.. ! Tell him to tak care of himself.. both don’t stress too much .. okay..
Sree: okay dii.. i’ll..
Pragya: u know na..! Hw much i’m worrying for u.. journal is ur passion.. tat’s y I allowed u there.. our gud tym.. u get abhi to work with.. without him i don’t know wat u hav suffered..
Sree: enough of praising him dii.. always praising him.. tat much love na dii?..
Pragya: uff! Bye.. i gotta go..
Call ended…
Sree: this dii na..! Always escaping from this question..
In office:
Sree: hiii bhaii.. u r earlier than me .?.
Abhi: u r late..
Sree: tat is wat am saying u r early..
Abhi: stubborn gal.. don’t admit tat u r late..
Sree: bhai.. diii called me..
Abhi smiled : wat she said..
Sree: not bad bhai.. she has an impression on u also.. see.. u forgot the topic of punctuality.. i can easily divert u by using her name.. (winking at him)
Abhi:shut up sree(with a shy)
Sree: don’t blush too much bhai..
Abhi: am not blushing okay.. tell me .. wat she said..
Sree: as usual she was praising u.. i don’t know wat is going on between u two..
Abhi smiled at her : nothing.. she is thanking me as am taking care of u.. & she knows how difficult is to handle u.. tat’s y she is thanking me..
Sree: u r teasing me.. r not u???.
Abhi: no.. no.. am telling the fact.. & the fact is tru…
Sree: (smirk) : i ‘l hav my own tym to tease u bhai..
Abhi: then better luck next tym.. giv me 10 mins.. i’l be back..& we will move..
Sree: okay bhai..

Abhi’s POV:
wat this gal is doing to me.. in this 3 months i have spoken to her only 3 tyms wen she was speaking with sree.. the convo b/n me & her was just a formal one.. like
Flashback.. in call
Pragya: halo abhi .. thank u so much.. i was very worried for her.. tak care..
Abhi: don’t worry pragya.. i’l tak care of her..
Pragya: tat i know.. I said tak care of urself..
Abhi smiled inwardly.. this gal has trust in me without seeing me or knowing about me..
Pragya: r u there?.
Abhi: ya.. ! Thanx..
Pragya: y?. Thanx..
Abhi: other than dadi.. u r telling me to tak care of myself.. tat’s y..
Pragya didn’t xpect this kind of answer from him.. & she don’t know how to react further..
Pragya: mm.. err.. okay… is sree is there.. ?.
Abhi: ya i will give the mobile to her..
Flash back end..

I had noticed tat.. pragya is soo lively & ec going gal .. sree used to put speaker in her mobile wenever she is in work.. so tat she can manage both.. if i’m there means i used to hear the convo b/n the two sweet sisters..not exactly hearing their personal things.. mostly they were talk some random things.. & i had even noticed the voice modulation of pragya.. ya .. we hav talked 3 tyms.. but i have heard her talks more times.. wenever she talked to me i felt she is nervous & an unknown feel is tingling in corner of my heart.. i didn’t seen her yet.. i like her.. i want to see her.. but, not in sree’s mobile photos.. i want to meet her as a person.. i don’t care.. hw ever she is.. i would like to love her.. because there is only one person in my life.. tat’s my dadi.. apart from her, i can feel tat unconditional luv from pragya towards me.. i want to meet u pragya.. !! But i don’t know.. wen & where..
**end of abhi’s POV**

As for abhi.. he consider sree as his little sister.. except dadi there is no one in his life.. his other colleague will call him as abhi or sir..but sree called him as bhai & share almost everything to him.. they bonded well.. & they used to tease their head also..he likes her childish activities, the relation she gave to him , the concern she showed him & all.. he likes her talks as it consists of “bhai” in every sentences..
Days passed & pragya is now in kolkatta.. that she have 1 month off from lectures & all..
Sree: diii.. u came.. am sooo happiee.. 1 month u will be with me na..!! Jolliee jolliee jolliee..
She hugged her & pragya also hugged her..
Pragya: sree.. don’t shout this much.. all r looking at us like aliens..
Pragya smiled..
Sree: come dii.. we will go to restaurant first.. then will go to our flat..
Pragya: okay okay.. come..
In restaurant:
Sree: i hav a surprise for u dii..
Pragya: wat is tat?..
Sree: turn around & look who is there?.
Pragya turned around & her eyes popped out because of seeing abhi..
Abhi was grinning at her first.. after seeing her face his face turned to show his anger towards her..
Pragya: aaap.. u..
Abhi: u ! U r her sister.. ?.. am not xpected tat u will be her sister..
Pragya: i also don’t know u r the “abhi”..
Abhi: if i know earlier tat u r the “pragya” then i would not came here.. uff.. even i won’t talked to her if i know tat she is ur sister..
Sree: wats going on ?.. y r u fighting?.. Dii u saw him na.. ! I hav send u his foto na..
Pragya : ya but i can’t realise tat abhi is him..
Sree: bhai.. wat u said?.if am her sister u won’t talk to me na.. (started to cry)
Seeing tat abhi realized wat he had said was wrong..
Abhi: i don’t mean it sree.. ur sister makes me to talk like tat.. am soo sry sry.. plz forgive me na..
Sree: then say me.. wats b/n u both..
Pragya: tat i will tell u.. come..(tears filled in her eyes)
Sree: no .. i want u both here.. tell me.. i’m sure there is some misunderstandings..
Abhi: u know wat sree.. because of ur dii i failed in my university xams..
Pragya: because of me?..
Abhi: ya.. wen i asked the answer she didn’t showed it to me..It was my final sem last paper.. u know.. till now i didn’t cleared tat paper because of her..
Sree: so u belong to same college & same class..
Abhi: thank god.. she is not in my class I even don’t know her name….. & we were in same college but different departments.. the last paper was common for all.. & i didn’t studied because of some reasons..in that xam she was in my desk.. i tried to get her attention.. but she the queen of writings didn’t bother to look at me once.. atlast she saw me & i managed to ask her some questions.. & last 15 mins r there she was writing without showing her paper to me..
Pragya: because i too not finished my questions.. i was really tried hard to show him my answer.. by tat way i lost my 1 hr.. so i can’t complete my xams also..
Abhi: hey u.. shut up.. i’m telling her na.. if she showed me atleast 2 three marks questions i would hav passed in tat xams..
Pragya: shree.. u know wat.. in tat exam i myself got low marks.. just pass.. i showed him watever i wrote .. but tat last 15 mins flying squad also came to my hall.. & i was really afraid of their invigilation..
Abhi: atlast, i lost my patience & called her by making some signals.. & tat squad caught me then he started to give lectures.. all were saw me as they were seeing some unnamed creature.. all tat caused because of her..
Pragya: by tat incident.. i also frightened to the core…. i was waiting to say him sry.. but he came to me & said tat am his only enemy forever & then gone..
Sree: for this u both r fighting like this..Bhai.. i thought she dumped u for some other guy.. tat much anger i saw in ur face.. u both r saying tat i’m small gal.. but in reality u two r behaving like small kids..
Abhi: sree.. wat ever u tell .. i won’t forgive her.. till now tat paper is haunting me.. & i could not clear it, i didn’t got my degree also..
Sree: then how could u manage to get a job…
Abhi: in this field our work speaks than our degree madam..
Sree: okay bhai.. leav tat.. shake hands.. & become frnds..
Abhi: i don’t want to be frndly with my enemy..
Pragya: leav him sree.. he is in same anger.. i know he will hate me if i saw him.. tat’s y i thought not to meet him.. but, u gave me this surprise.. & i do know tat this abhi is tat abhi by glancing tat photo.. tat’s y i was afraid of talking to him.. & i know he will tak care of u .. he won’t bother tat u r my sister.. now for him.. u r his sister also.. he truly consider tat.. & am happiee for it..
Abhi: don’t show ur fake concern.. go from here..
Pragya with a sad face went away from there..
Sree: bhai think like a man.. not like a kid..
Abhi: sree.. !!
Sree: wat bhai.. if u think of tat 6 marks then y don’t u think of other 45 marks u got because of her.. she is not at fault.. though she had waited for u to say sry.. wat u did for her.. she helped u.. & u r hating her.. first of all this is not a matter.. & second u r talking as if its ur life.. & after 2 yrs u r taking out ur anger in her.. silly bhai..
She said & went from there..

Abhi’s POV:
ooh.abhi.. wat u had done.. u behaved like a kid.. ! Wats this man.. hw could u blast on her.. is this the way of showing ur love to her.. wat she will be thinking of me.. she knew tat am her sister’s bhai.. & avoided to meet me only because of tat xam incident.. yes.. she helped me.. but, wat i did..!! God..!! Tat’s y wenever she had spoken with me.. she was nervous.. abhi.. u r such a stupid.. behaved like a child.. i’l ask her to forgive me..
End of abhi’s POV..
Next day.. in office..sree is arranging files in racks..
Abhi: hey sree..
Sree: don’t talk with me bhai.. am in no mood to fight with u..
Abhi: atleast hear me na..
Abhi took sree’s mobile & noted pragya’s no.. while sree is not facing him..
Sree : i won’t.. u hurt my dii.. & xpecting me to talk with u.. hmm..
Abhi: okay then don’t talk
by saying this he went to his cabin..
Abhi texted pragya.. at the same tym pragya texted abhi..
Abhi: hii pragya..
Pragya: hii abhii..
Same timing..
They saw the msg & smiled..
Abhi: wait.. i will call u now..
Pragya: ya..!
In call..
Abhi: pragya.. (with a smile)
Pragya: hmm..(with a smile)
Abhi: praggggggggyyyyaaaaa (streesing her name..)
Pragya: mmm (stresing mmm..)
Abhi: sry for wat happened in the restaurant..
Pragya: hey don’t worry.. its okay..
Abhi: mmm… i behaved like a child na..
Pragya: not really.. but yes..
Abhi: sry..
Pragya: usually i easily forgive those who r close to my heart.. & i forgave u long back..!!
Abhi: (smiled) : means???..
Pragya: means.. wat u have understood.. tat is the meaning..
Abhi: then am i close to ur heart.. ?Ryt?
Both were nervous at the same tym feeling some restlessness.. their heart beats r high..
Pragya (with a shy smile): s!! U r.. close to my heart..
Abhi smiled & jumped in joy..
Abhi: from wen?. Tat mobile convo..
Pragya: no .. from tat xam incident.. u tried to call me na.. !! Ur childish antics make me to look at u.. & tat day u said na.. i’m ur first & forever enemy.. tat thing.. i didn’t crossed in my life tym.. because all were saying tat am sweet , cute , polite , frndly, humble & all.. u r different from others..!! & tat’s y I started to like u..silly ryt.. then really i have no tym to think about u.. because of my career & all.. then wen sree told about u .. i want to see who is tat.. & asked her for ur picture.. & she send it to me.. tat’s it.. i tried hard not to show my nervousness wen i spoke to u.. but, i failed in tat na..! I myself can feel tat.. not only nervousness.. but also..
Abhi: but also..?..
Pragya: i can’t tell u tat.
Abhi: but also shy na?.. u can’t hide it from me babeee..
Pragya: babee??..
Abhi: ya babeee..then,… errr… mmm..i don’t know.. from wen i started to like u.. sree told me about u many things.. wen i was spoken to u , i had a strange feeling .. tat i never felt with anyone.. u cared for me without knowing me.. & without my knowledge i started to fell in love with u.. & now …i reallyyyyy love uuuu.. will u be with me??..

Hearing tat pragya is smiling & her eyes filled with tears .. & nodded her head in response..
Abhi: say something pragya.. do.. u.. do u love me?..
Pragya: i nodded my head na.. can’t u see..
Abhi: hey.. we r in phone talk.. & u r nodding ur head.. & saying tat i can’t see tat.. uff.. u r not less than sree.. !!
Hearing tat pragya smiled & patted her forehead slightly..
Abhi: okay okay don’t blush.. tell me now..
Pragya: luv u…. abhiii..
Abhi: tat’s like my gal.. love u tooo…
Pragya: hmm.. i want to tell u one thing…
Abhi: ya.. say..
Pragya: I’l help u to clear tat paper..
Abhi:I thought u r going to speak something romantic..
Pragya:naughty boy!!& one more thing..Tomorrow is sree’s bday..
Abhi: so we r going to surprise her?..
Pragya: exactly..
Abhi: then together we .. show her our surpriseee… we will show tat we r no more in fight rather we r in love..
Pragya: really she will be surprisedd…
Abhi: then..
After tat they were talking about some thing romantic.. (there we r not allowed..!! 😉 )
Next morning..
Pragya: sree .. today am going to home .. as i can’t stay here..
Sree: but y dii.. u stay here for ur sister na.. !
Pragya: no.. as i can’t sree.. u know na.. i ‘m thinking of him.. & it upsets me..
Sree with no choice: okay dii.. u go.. i’l come with u till railway station..
Sree thought “this dii na..!! For him she is hurting herself but, she forgot my bday.. her sweet sisy’s bday..wat the hell it is..i hate u both”awwww…
Pragya: i can manage.. u go to ur work..
sree: atleast hear me in this.. i will come to railway station..
Pragya: okay.. then will go to restaurant &then station okay..
Sree: okay..
They went to a restaurant..

It was decorated with blue with white balloons.. abhi is waiting for them..
Sree:( looking at the surprise…) bhaiii.. u… ???..
Abhi nodded his head..
Abhi & pragya : happieee birthday sreeeeeee… & gave gifts to her!! ..
Then they were chatting ..
Sree: i thought u both forgot my bday..
It’s really a big surprise.. u two r at one place … tat too for me.. !!
Abhi: from now… we will be like this only..
Abhi held pragya’s hand ..
Sree (shocked) : really.. ??.
She is toooo happiee so tat her words didn’t came from her mouth..
Abhi : yes..
Sree: bhai.. diii am soo happiee.. am i dreaming or is it real.. some one pinch me..
Abhi pinched her..
Sree : oochh.. its paining so.. its real..
Pragya nodded her head in response..
Then abhi & pragya told her wat happened yesterday , how they mingled & all..
Sree: my thinking is ryt.. u both can be the best pair.. perfect couple ..& made for each other..
They smiled & the story ended in a happieee wayyy!!
Thanq for reading this.. once again happiee birthday sreemathii..  .. looking forward to ur comments my dear sisiees & frnds… keeping smiling.. tak care.. love u all..  forgive me for my mistakes..!!

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