Swedish- Greek actress Eli Avram will debut on stage with Belly Dancing

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Beautiful Elli Aavram looking cute

Beautiful Elli Aavram is a new find of Indian cinema. This gorgeous actress has won hearts of Indian fans.

Popular TV reality show Bigg Boss has provided a platform for few budding actors and actresses. Indo-Canadian porn Sunny Leone who made her entry in Bollywood is a recent example of this act. In the seventh season of this controversial TV show we saw Swedish-Greek actress Eli Avram to make an entry on television.


Elli Avram looks like Katrina

Many people say that Elli Avram looks like Katrina Kaif when she was in her early days in Bolllywood. Interestingly Elli has also become favourite of Superstar Salman Khan

During her stay in the house Eli has impressed the audience with her charming beauty and excellent dancing skills. She was often quoted as a favourite contestant of anchor and superstar Salman Khan. Very soon Eli will be seen displaying her dancing skills in a live performance on stage. The actress will be performing at BIG Star Entertainment Awards on songs like ‘Mashallah‘ from Ek Tha Tiger and ‘Aga Bai‘ from Aiyyaa.


Elli Avram in yellow hot saree and blouse

Elli is proficient in many Indian classical dance forms. It seems that she is well prepared to settle in Hindi film industry. In this picture she is looking damn hot in below navel yellow saree and sleeveless blouse.

We know that Elli is not only good at belly dancing but she is also proficient in other forms of classical dancing. It is so prominent in her other performances. Sources close to her were quoted saying that everyone is excited about her upcoming performance. The makers and organizers of the event are all at work to make it successful. They are not leaving any stone unturned in their efforts.


Elli Avram looking beautiful and innocent

With her innocent looks and simple behaviour Elli was a most sinless candidate in Bigg Boss’s house

Her dance performance and skit has been conceptualized and a thematic entry sequence has been arranged. Since beautiful Elli is a Swedish –Greek, her entry will be like emerging from a shell just like Greek Goddess Aphrodite who is a goddess of beauty and love in Roman culture.

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