Superstar Hritik Roshan mobbed by fans at theater

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Hritik Roshan as Krrish

Hritik Roshan was recently attacked by fans at a local single screen theater where he went to see Krrish 3. He could not fly from there to save himself though!

Bollywood actors and actresses often visit selected theaters in city to personally see the reactions of their fans when their big movie is released. This is a trend set my many superstars who secretly mingle into the crowd and watch the movie with their fans without their knowledge.


But what happens when someone identifies them? Even a single person who identifies a superstar can shout and scream to tell the entire cinema hall that the celebrity is here! (And if the fan is a girl, then she can tell entire shopping mall!)


Hritik Roshan recently found himself in similar situation when he went to a single screen theater to watch his latest released movie Krrish3. His plans of secrecy failed when some fans identified him and created noise about his presence there.


Very soon Hritik found himself surrounded by his fans who vigorously approached him and tried to touch him and take his autographs.


Some very enthusiastic fans however went beyond the limit and tried to grope Hritik. They in fact groped and pinched him To his utter surprise the superstar Krrish found himself in trouble and tried to escape. (However he could not fly as he did not wear his flying suit!) Somehow he could escape from the scene.


Indeed the incident was a bittersweet for Hritik who later said that he is ‘OK‘ with the love of his fans. He also said that he will take this incident as a compliment as such things always happen in life.


That’s the spirit of a superhero!

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