Super Spoilers Alert — 30th January 2017 (With new additions)

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May I Come In Madam:

Sanju has become a spiritual Baba to get Sanjana’s attention. Kashmira insults Sanju in good language. She tries to anger Sanju. Sanju understands Kashmira is provoking him and acts cool. Kashmira says Sanju is really great man. She asks Chedi and her mum to watch a miracle tonight, where Sanju will walk on hot burning coal. Sanju gets shocked and gets trapped in Kashmira’s plan.

Chandra Nandni:

Nandini’s twin Roopa played such tricks that Chandra angrily tells Nandini that she does not leave deserve his hatred. Nandini cries being the innocent victim of someone’s trap. Roopa has sent the letter to Malayketu from Nandini’s side. She created havoc in Nandini’s life as she hates Nandini.

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Chandra Nandini




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Kumkum Bhagya



Naagin 2


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