Sunny Leone met with an accident on the set of ‘Tina And Lolo’

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Sunny Leone in Tina and Lolo

Sunny Leone is looking dashing and hot in this still from her upcoming action flick. It seems that she is turning to some serious roles in Bollywood.

When shooting for an action film comes, accidents become inevitable. There are numerous examples of staff and crew or stuntmen getting injured while performing a dangerous stunt on sets. However what happens if the leading star of the film gets injured while doing the action scene without a body double?


Same happened with porn star turned actress Sunny Leone on the set of upcoming movie ‘Tina And Lolo’ when she fell in agony clutching her sides.


How it happened?

Tina And Lolo is an action flick with two female leads. These hot girls are played by Karishma Tanna and Sunny Leone. The scene required both the female actresses to indulge in some heavy duty dangerous stunts. On Thursday morning shooting one such stunt went wrong. The stunt required both girls to jump over the top of the car and hit the bunch of baddies shooting fiercely on them and take them down. The girls were elevated with the help of harness and thrown onto the firing bad guys.


Unfortunately while Karishma managed to perform it perfectly, Sunny fall down helplessly with her ribs feeling the full force of the action extras knee. In no time Sunny was left writhing on the ground crunching in pain.


She was quickly carried to the vanity car and doctor was called in on the set. Fortunately Sunny escaped with minor bruises on her ribs. Doctor advised her not to do any further shooting for next few days and take full rest. However it was learnt that Sunny has continued to shoot despite this advice from doctor.


Sunny’s reaction to the incident

According to Sunny she is a thorough professional who tests herself against harsh conditions. She tweeted on her twitter account – “I am my biggest competitor and am always challenging myself. Sometimes I get hurt but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. Ill be more careful next time. Have a bruised rib and thankfully I will be just fine.


Director of the film Devang Dholakia was little upset with the incident. He said that adequate safety measures and precautions were taken for the safety of two girls. But the unfortunate incident still happened. Fortunately Sunny was not hurt badly. Both girls insist on doing their own stunts and so we take extra precautions with them.


Similar incident has happened with Vivek Oberoi while he was shooting for Zilla Ghaziabad.

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