Strangers!! – Teaser

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Hi all it has been a long time right well to fill the gap if my absence for few more days coz of my impending exams and my non availability of gng home I am giving u all a teaser so that u can have a slight idea of what’s gng to hpn next??!! Not much comments even my regular readers didn’t comment if my late updates is the reason I am so sorry guys but if u guys give ur comments I will have enthusiasm to type next coz u all know my situation well .so not boring u all with my bak bars let’s get into the teaser…..

Abhi” I choose no one Mr. Neev Shergill.. let pragya and my…. sorry ur daughter stay with u… because love is not about staying with ur loved ones and spend your life with them…it’s about letting them to live their life happily and having their memories for the rest of our life…. my beautiful memories with my pragya and isha is enough to spend my rest of the life… thank u for letting them to stay with me for this past year”

Neev” this much intelligence Mr.mehra… wah I am impressed. But do remember u r dealing with Neev Shergill don’t u dare to repeat this mistake of urs by coming near my wife and MY daughter..get out of our sight and let us to live our life happily”

Pragya” how dare you men who r u to decide my life? I have done enough mistakes in my life because of my dependency on others now I won’t repeat myself.. listen u gave a choice right Mr. Shergill let me tell u my choice I choose none of u. . I will live my life independently with my daughter by my side.. good bye”

In another scene,

Abhi is sleeping by crying to himself. He suddenly wakes up by shouting “Ishaaaaaaa”.

Pragya is seen running in a hospital corridor crying and praying sincerely.

Neev is holding Isha in his arms who is seen sleeping in his shoulders with tear strains in her cheeks…

So how is it guys. I know it’s a bit confusing but I will clear it soon sorry if I get time don’t scold me guys.. I am so sorry in advance for my delay. .. so what do u all think about this teaser.. what do u all think of the future scenes do u all want abhigya’s small separation increasing their love or to be United by making neev sacrificing pls tell me ur views. . It’s just the comments which makes us updates the more no of comments the more Speed the update is so love u all stay blessed be smiling as always.. sayanora

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