Strangers- Part 7

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As promised Abhi was home by 5 o’clock to take his wife to the doctor. Pragya was ready waiting for him. Before joining him, she gave Baba his BP medicine and later bent down to receive his blessings as she normally did in every visit to the doctor. Baba blessed her with his whole heart and asked Abhi to drive carefully. Abhi nodded his head and escorted his wife to the car.

At the doctor’s clinic they waited for a few minutes before they were called in.

“Good evening, Mrs. Mehra. How are you feeling?” Dr.Medha asked Pragya genially.
“Quite well, doctor,” replied Pragya.
Dr.Medha examined Pragya’s file. “So you are eighteen weeks pregnant now. Do you still have morning sickness?”
“No, doctor. I am free from it for the past two weeks.”
“That’s good. Have you had two liters of water?”
“Yes, doctor.”
“Good. Are you excited to catch the first glimpse of your baby?” Dr.Medha’s gaze swept both of them.

They nodded their heads in unison. Abhi felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension as he turned his head to catch the enthusiasm in his wife’s face. While he could understand her feelings as the mother of the child, he did not understand his own. Why did he feel so strongly for this unknown, unborn baby? Before he could think further, Dr.Medha asked Pragya to loosen her clothes and she lifted her kurta. Seeing Abhi turn his head away from the protruding stomach of his wife, Dr.Medha teased him. “Really, Mr.Mehra. You don’t need to act prudish around your own wife! You have surely seen her in far less.” Abhi gave her a sheepish grin and felt compelled to look at Pragya’s stomach only to avoid any suspicions the doctor may have regarding their relationship. He gulped at the sight of the gently rising mound of her fair and smooth stomach with the slightly enlarged navel at the centre of it. The doctor rubbed some gel on Pragya’s stomach and ran the instrument across it, gently prodding to get the signals.

“There you are! Can you see that?” asked Dr.Medha, pointing to the monitor. Abhi was relieved to be able to turn his attention away from Pragya’s stomach.

Initially he could not make head or tail of what was on the screen. The doctor patiently explained the picture to them.

“See that large oval shaped figure? That is the baby’s head. See those elongated thin shapes facing up? They are the hands and the legs of your baby. There now, can you see the baby twitching its toes?”

Abhi was excited to see the movement of the baby and went up to the screen, tracing the baby’s form on it.
“Wow, that is amazing!” he exclaimed, his eyes widening in wonderment and he looked down at Pragya’s face which mirrored his expressions. He impulsively held her hand and squeezed it, inviting her smile.

After a few minutes, Dr.Medha assured them that everything is normal with the baby. She informed them that although she can make out the gender of the baby, she is forbidden by law from revealing it to them. They reassured her that they themselves preferred to wait till the birth of the baby to know whether it is a boy or a girl. The doctor gave them the pictures and a CD of the sonography. Thanking her, they left the clinic.

After they got into the car, Abhi turned the car in the direction opposite to that of their home, much to Pragya’s surprise.
“Are we not going back home?” she asked him.
“No,” he responded but refused to divulge anything further till they reached their destination. He parked the car in front of a mandir and opened the door for her. Taking the hand of a confused Pragya, he led her to the entrance of the temple. By way of answering her questioning look he said that he felt like offering prayers there. Although she was surprised by his sudden piety she nodded her head and walked into the temple with him. After a few minutes of silent prayer they returned to their car.
“Pragya, have you visited this city before?” he asked her.
“No.” she replied.
“Well, you have lived here in Pune for nearly three months now and have not seen any place of interest, have you?”
She shook her head in the negative.
“I am sorry I did not take you anywhere. I’ll try and make up for it today.”
He then drove down to the Empress Garden, a large botanical garden in Pune.

Inside the garden was a large lotus pond with the statue of Queen Victoria at the centre. They circled the pond and strolled up the sprawling lawns and finally sat on one of the benches on the side of the path way. Pragya closed her eyes and threw back her head, enjoying the gentle evening breeze which caressed her skin. Taking this opportunity, Abhi studied her face more closely in the fading evening light. While he was always aware of her beauty he did not pay much attention to it before. That day though, sitting amidst tranquil natural surroundings, he felt a magnetic pull towards her and realized just how breathtakingly beautiful she was. His eyes scanned the angelic oval face, the broad forehead, the sharp nose, the neatly arched brows, the large lids which covered beautiful, lustrous almond doe shaped eyes and which were rimmed by long curly lashes, the soft pink lips, the blemish free chubby cheeks and the delicate chin. He suddenly had an urge to caress the smooth silky skin of her face. As if to answer his wish a tree ant fell on her face just then. He immediately flitted it away and in the process his fingers grazed her soft cheek. Startled by his sudden touch, she opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise. He explained that he had just got rid of an ant on her face. She smiled a thank you, revealing deep dimples which made his heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly looked away, wondering about the new sensations she seemed to be evoking in him.

As it was getting dark, he led her back to the car and called home to inform Baba that they will be eating out that day. Pragya looked at him in amazement, wondering what had come over her husband, why was he so extra caring that day. If he was aware of her wonderment, he did not show it. He took her next to a garment shop and asked her to select some loose fitting clothes as she was growing big for her dresses. As she could not make up her mind about what to buy, he himself chose a dozen dresses for her. He asked her if she needed anything more. She nodded and looked towards the lingerie counter, turning red with embarrassment. Understanding her wish to be left in private, he asked her to buy whatever she wants and told her that he will wait for her at the billing counter.

After a few minutes they headed towards the most posh restaurant in the city. He asked her to place her order and was pleased to note her healthy appetite. Over dinner, Abhi haltingly broached the subject of her mysterious past. “Pragya, where are you from?” he asked.
This question made PRagya to startle. She was shocked by his sudden interest in her past. She remained silent for a couple of minutes. If she was to answer his questions there may be chances of him leaving her and she can never do that as she know how important Abhi holds in her life.

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