Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 25

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Hey all now I am again here to torture u all with the next installment. Hope u all like it fingers crossed now on to the ride..

Abhi turned to Pragya and asked if they can go back home. Pragya nodded and they went to their car. They had taken their seats and PRagya was about to buckle in her baby and herself when Abhi suddenly leaned forward towards his wife and daughter. He gently closed his daughter’s eyes with his right palm, held the nape of Pragya’s neck with his left hand and turning her face towards him he enveloped her lips in his plump ones in a deep kiss. Pragya was too startled to react immediately but slowly her lips parted to let him invade her mouth. Meanwhile ISha was getting restless and used her chubby fingers to pry open the palm which covered her vision. Finally Abhi reluctantly let go of his wife’s lips and removed his palm off his daughter’s eyes. Isha looked up at him curiously and her face broke into a broad toothless smile thinking he was playing a game with her.

She then turned side wards and reached up her tiny hand trying to cover his eyes. He smiled at her indulgently and holding her hand in his, he gently kissed her little fingers. He then leaned down to kiss her plump cheeks. He looked up at his wife, whose cheeks flamed red after having received her first kiss from her husband. He winked at her and whispered ‘Happy Anniversary’. She looked back at him in puzzlement.

“Remember our eventful first meeting in the train last year?” he asked.

Pragya eyes immediately filled with tears as she recollected how he saved her life. She looked at him with gratitude and love. A tear drop fell on the top of ISha’s head and she looked up at her mother wondering why she was crying.

“Come on, darling. Don’t get all emotional about it. We have found each other and we are never letting go of each other. That is what matters.” He said and wiped her eyes with his palms. She nodded her head in agreement and slid the buckle of the seat belt in as Abhi turned the ignition of the car.

By the time they reached home it was 11.30 a.m. Isha was hungry. Bua had prepared her favourite meal, ragi malt. Volunteering to feed her, she asked Pragya and Abhi to have an early lunch since they had fled from their morning breakfast. After his lunch Abhi kissed his wife and daughter good bye and hurriedly left for work, having already lost half the day.

That evening he returned early to take his wife out on a date. Baba and Bua were glad to hear that the young couple will finally get some alone time together and volunteered to take care of Isha. Abhi and Pragya went up to their room to get dressed. As soon as they were in, Abhi held Pragya’s arm and thrust a plastic cover in it. Inside was a beautiful indigo blue chiffon saree with matching blouse. Pragya’s eyes widened in surprise and she thanked him for the gift. She went in to change into her saree while Abhi changed into a plain snow white cotton shirt and blue jeans. When she came out dressed, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. The thin material of her saree enhanced her curves making her look ravishingly beautiful. As she sat in front of the dressing table to comb her hair, Abhi came from behind and snatching the comb from her, he ran it gently through her long tresses. He then got a jewelry box and brought out a delicate diamond necklace set in platinum. Unclasping it from the case he slid it around her neck and clicked it in. He looked at her reflection in the mirror and cocked his brow to enquire whether she liked it. She smiled shyly and silently conveyed her appreciation of the gift.

As they were about to step out of the house ISha spotted them and wanted to go with them. No amount of coaxing and cajoling by her dada and bua dadi could hold her back and she yelled out loudly for her papa and mama. Abhi decided to take her along and swung her in his arms, bringing back the smile on her face. Pragya quickly packed her bag of feeding bottle, baby food, diapers and a couple of extra frocks.

Once they reached the restaurant, he led her to their reserved table in the coziest corner of the restaurant. Abhi plonked his daughter in the centre of the table, holding her around the waist for support. Pragya tied the napkin around her neck and prepared to feed her but Isha was more interested in the things around. She reached for the knife and the fork. Abhi hurriedly removed the meal weapons out of reach of his daughter and instead gave her the spoon. She put it in her mouth and tried biting it with her gums. She soon got tired of it and wanted some new things. She picked up the rose in the nearby vase and plucked the petals, putting a couple of them into her mouth to chew. Pragya pulled the petals out of her mouth and picked her up to wash her mouth in the nearby wash basin.

When she returned Abhi asked her to place the order, passing the menu card to her. Isha leaped and taking the card from her she tried munching the corner of it. Snatching it from her hands, Pragya asked Abhi to place the orders and forced a spoonful of her baby feed into her mouth. After making a fuss for sometime Isha finally finished her food and burped loudly prompting a broad smile from Abhi. When their food arrived, Isha clapped her hands and wanted to taste them all. Her little mind wondered why they had given her the bland baby food when they themselves seemed to have ordered yummy looking dishes for themselves. She kept kicking her feet asking them to share their goodies with her. Although Pragya tried to stop her from having the food, Abhi asked her to let her be. He dipped a spoon into one of the dishes and let her taste it on the tip of her tongue. The pungency of the food made her grimace and she stuck her tongue out in disgust. He smiled and quickly wiped her tongue clean, giving her water to wash away the taste from it. She did not come anywhere close to the dishes after that.

“See, never refuse things to kids. Let them sample them. They themselves will stay away after that. The more you forbid them from doing things, the more they will feel tempted to do them,” he gave Pragya tips on child psychology.

He asked Pragya to have her meal while he kept Isha entertained. As she was getting restless, he took her out to the lawns of the hotel and showed her the colorful lights which kept her distracted. Soon Pragya finished her meal and called Abhi on his cell asking him to come in to have his food. While her papa was having his food, Isha watched him with great admiration, her mouth opening and closing in tune with his.

Pragya couldn’t resist chuckling at her daughter’s antics. Once he finished his meal and washed up, Isha wanted to sit on her papa’s lap and stretched her arms towards him. While he was trying to take her across the table, her plump feet knocked the water glass and the water flowed towards Pragya and before she could clear from its path, it had dripped on to her saree, drenching it. Pragya jumped up in dismay, prompting both father and daughter to laugh at her plight. She gave them an angry stare but Isha’s peel of laughter only made her laugh back. Abhi settled the bill and walked his family towards the parking lot.

Holding Isha in his arms, Abhi remarked that their date was literally a damp squib, pointing to her wet saree. Pragya laughed out loud and Abhi joined in. Although Isha did not understand the joke she too giggled and clapped her hands. Abhi soon stopped laughing as his attention turned to her feminine curves which, in the moon light, were accentuated by the wet thin saree as it clung to her body. He looked at her with desire. Pragya noticed the change in his expression and went red. She quickly ducked into the car to escape his searing gaze. On the ride back both of them did not say much as the physical tension between increased. Isha was lulled to sleep by the motion of the car.

Once they reached home, they tucked Isha in her cradle. Abhi went to change his clothes but Pragya kept standing by the window in her wet saree, looking out at the night sky and immersed in deep thought. Abhi was surprised to see that she had still not changed. He smiled to himself as he saw the saree fluttering in the gentle night breeze, exposing her flat fair stomach. He came from behind and pushing her hair aside, he unclasped her necklace and bent to kiss the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

He slid his hands across her exposed midriff and linked them forward on her stomach, burying his face in her neck. She closed her eyes as tears streamed from her eyes down to her cheeks. He lifted his face from her neck and with his eyes closed he moved his lips up her cheek when he tasted the salty tears. He opened his eyes in alarm and saw that his wife was silently crying. Not understanding what provoked them he turned her around and wiping her tears dry he asked her what was wrong. She did not answer immediately but kept weeping. By now the silent tears turned to whimpering. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight, trying to calm her down with his gentle reassurings. After several prompts she finally revealed the reason for her tears.

“Abhi, I am not worthy of you. I cannot give you the most precious gift a woman can give her husband on her first night with him, her virginity. I am tarnished in comparison to your purity…..”

Abhi closed her mouth before she could continue further.

“How can you say such a thing darling? Remember that you are my love. By calling yourself tarnished you are tarnishing my love. I can’t bear that honey, I can’t bear that you feel so small about yourself. Don’t you know how precious you are to me? I fell in love with your soul before I fell for your body. And to me your soul is still untarnished and pure, as pure as a lilly. I am not interested in your past. That is over and done with. I want to share your present and your future. All I want is your pure unadulterated love. Will you give it to me darling? Will you?”

She nodded her head in silence. He whispered in her ear. “Can we take this relationship to its culmination tonight darling or do you need more time? I can wait if you want me to.”

She said that she was ready to become his wife in every sense of the word. He removed the pin that held back the pleats on her shoulder to let the saree slide down. He then proceeded to uncover her. When he was done he gently lifted her and stretched her on the bed, lying next to her. She kept her eyes closed as she was too shy to see him. His eyes caressed every part of her feminine form from head to toe. When his eyes fell on her thighs he gasped in shock to see thin long burn scars across her thighs.

Running his fingers over them, he asked her how she got them. She hesitated for a while and said that her step mother had whipped her with a burning iron rod as part of her punishment for being her father’s favorite child. His eyes clouded with tears imagining the pain she underwent throughout her life. Bending down he kissed the scars gently and said that he wished he had been there to protect her from that dragon woman. He promised to always keep her from all harm. He then returned to her face and tenderly kissed her forehead, he eyes, her nose, her ears, her cheeks and her chin. He finally captured her lips in a prolonged kiss. She responded with equal passion and that night they became man and wife in all sense with love as their witness.

Later as they lay in bed, holding each other close, he kissed the top of her head and whispered to her “My darling wife, we are no longer strangers to each other!”
She smiled at him and nodded her acquiescence. Soon they drifted into sleep, dreaming sweet dreams about their life with their darling little angel, Isha.

Hey peeps, so here it is. The story of strangers. I know this part is something I am not happy enough I thought of so many things but nothing came while I am typing so an advance sorry for it. And I just wanted to ask if u all want to know what happened next in this strangers life if yes stay tuned if not bye thank u for reading all this time. Do tell me how this episode was and how the anticipated abhigya’s union was waiting for ur comments. Thank u so much for waiting patiently for this not so good story love ya.. stay blessed.. see u soon in next chappy…

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