Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 23

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Hii all first of all I am so so sorry for my delay I have been telling it like a broken record for my delay so sorry for that and I have decided to not giv any separation and decided to end it with 30 episodes we r at 23 so 7 more to go. May be it will take more episodes to go as the epilogue will be more. Without borin g u all with my bak baks staright to the story the anticipated abhigya’s union

He turned to Neev “ I choose none if them. Let Isha and PRagya be with you itself MR. SHergill. Sorry for disturbing you”

Neev smirked “ I know Mr. Mehra, u will sya like this. I just wanted this out from ur mouth. I know u don’t love PRagya nor isha, u just used them, their innocence. That’s why I gave u this deal and viola I won it and u lost MR. Mehra”

Abhi with the hurting eyes and eyes filled with tears, and choking voice, said “ YES I LOST Neev, I lost my life to u, I lost my love to u , I lost the reason for my living to u even though when I know that u wont cherish them in ur life as much as I do but I have to u know why Mr. Shergill because love is not about staying with ur loved ones and spend your life with them…it’s about letting them to live their life happily and having their memories for the rest of our life…. my beautiful memories with my pragya and isha is enough to spend my rest of the life… thank u for letting them to stay with me for this past year”
PRagya who heard all this stood dumbfolded not able to say anything the inner turmoil as she didn’t expect that Abhi will let her and Isha just like that. She got even more shocked when she heard NEev said back.

Neev, “this much intelligence Mr.mehra… wah I am impressed. But do remember u r dealing with Neev Shergill don’t u dare to repeat this mistake of urs by coming near my wife and MY daughter..get out of our sight and let us to live our life happily”
Pragya who was hiding and hearing the conversation came forward by shouting “ enough of u both. There is a limit for everything. What do u think of me? Abhishek I thought ur love for me is pure and u wont leave me at any cost”

Abhi tried to interrupt but PRagya showed her hands signaling him to stop
Pragya “ and Neev, I loved u once and surrendered myself to u at one point of time which I regret till now but u, u r trying to do a deal with me? Am I stock in a share market or company deal?”

She cried holding Isha close to her who by now has slept. She again composed herself.
Pragya “ when I saw Neev for the first time I thought my life would be colorful from now on and there would be someone to love me so only even though I know it is wrong I gave myself to u believing u. but the situations separated us I agree. But after being away from me for one year I thought u rove for me would have multiplied but u started to think of me as ur trophy wife. U r trying to win me just because I forgot about u and love Abhi. But one thing u didn’t see Neev, even though I love abhi I still hold some respect to u because u gave me isha who gave me myself anf my abhi.”

PRagya turned to Abhi who was standing now in a daze “ and u Mr. MEhra, what do u think of me? How dare u to take my life decisions? I have had enough of people manhandling my problems and taking decisions for me. It is my life I get to decide with whom I should live and not. You said you love me right? Then why don’t u understand that I cant live without u isha cant live without u. hell she adores u a lot that she loves to spend time with u more than me. I envy the bond between u and isha. I wish why my father was not like that. Why I was tagged ‘illegitimate’ in a young age when I even don’t know the meaning of it? Why? What is my fault in this whole ordeal? I am not a machine that u all will come and give pain to me and hurt and I should be same to u all. Now enough of all this.

Abhi and Neev became silent spectators to this outburst as they know Pragya has to let her heart out so that she can get peace.

Pragya wiped her tears with determination and said looking staright in to their eyes and said “ enough I have faced a lot I have bared a lot now its time for me to decide what I want in my life. Mr. Shergill, I loved u once in my life and gave myself to u in return u gave something precious that is my isha, even though there was no fault in ur disappearance, it was me who suffered and now I love someone else I cant live with u in the façade of loving. Thank u and sorry.”

“ Mr. Mehra, u were my savior in my hard times. I don’t know how to thank u for being there for me. No Abhishek its my time to speak. Don’t stop me. U were there for me when there was no reason for me to live in this world. U gave me advice, u made me smile, u made me think that my life has second chance, and u gave me the biggest happiness of my life b bringing my daughter in this world safely. With ur kindness innocence, ur love u made me fall for u steadily. So with all due respect I thank u for being there for me and my daughter. There is no need for u to think about me anymore I am there now in charge of my life. On thing I am not stopping both is that u can meet ISha whenever u want because u both have a large part in her this beautiful life. So I wont stop u but don’t interfere in my life. I will remember u both till my life and last but not least I LOVE YOU ABHI., good bye”

Pragya turned to go but stopped in her tracks when she heard Neev saying “ that’s were u r are right PRagya”. She turned to see Abhi seeing her with defeated face due to her departure and surprisingly she saw neev with a smile and eyes filled with tears.

Precap : no precap

So what do u guys think now? No bak baks, if u guys want me to scold do it with full heart I am ready coz I know I am at fault but pls leave ur comments. I will finish this story withing this week and u all will be free from my torture until then pls support me. Thank u all love u sayanora.. waiting to see ur views on todays episode… sayanora….

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