Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 13

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Abhi quickly lifted her and took her to one of the guest bedrooms on the ground floor. He laid her on the bed and called up her doctor who asked him to time the frequency of the contractions. He said that she seemed to have just started having the pains. The doctor assured him that in the case of first confinements labor generally lasts twelve hours. So hopefully things would return to normalcy by then and she can be brought in to the hospital. By now Pragya started sweating profusely. Abhi sat by her side and held her hand tightly in his. His eyes never left his wrist watch as he kept timing her contractions. Soon her contractions started coming in a more rapid and regular frequency and were increasing in intensity.

Abhi called back the doctor to inform her that Pragya was experiencing contractions every fifteen minutes. The doctor was alarmed to hear this and asked him if there was anybody else with him. On hearing there was no one she asked him to get prepared to deliver the baby himself. Abhi just froze for a minute and turned to see his wife. She had her eyes squeezed shut, her face twisted in pain as she was hit by another powerful wave of pain. This face of pain made him to feel pain in his heart. So he decided to do this come what hell or water to save his lovable ones. He recovered to ask the doctor what he needs to do. She asked him to first of all remain calm. He took a deep breath to calm his frayed nerves and made a quick mental note of all that she was saying. He tucked the cell between his chin and shoulder and rushed to the kitchen where he boiled some water in a bowl. He dropped a pair of scissors in it and brought it to the bedroom. He then walked to the bathroom where he washed his hands with soap and Dettol and wipe them clean. When the doctor asked him to place a plastic sheet under the mother, he looked around the bathroom and noticed the plastic shower curtain. He ripped it off and returning back to Pragya, he lifted her backside and placed it under her. He then brought a mug of water, soap and towel from the bathroom. Kneeling down at the foot of the bed, he asked her to raise and spread her knees, repeating what the doctor was instructing him over the phone. Pragya was initially hesitant to reveal herself in this manner but hearing him bark at her in impatience, she did as she was told.
By now Pragya’s contractions quickened to every five minutes. Her membranes ruptured and there was a gush of fluid. Pragya’s embarrassment at having to go through all this in front of her husband whom she was still not intimately familiar with was soon submerged in the intense pain which overtook her. She clutched and twisted the pillows in her agony. Trying hard to mask his own apprehension, Abhi asked her to take deep breaths as she started bearing down. She had fully dilated and the baby started descending. Abhi’s head was tilted to one side as he continued to hold the cell between his chin and shoulders and repeated the instructions he was receiving from the doctor. As he saw the crowning of the head, he asked Pragya to pant and blow. He then gently applied counter pressure to the head to keep it from popping out suddenly. He let the head emerge gradually. As instructed by the doctor he gently stroked the sides of the baby’s nose downward, the neck and the under chin upward, to help expel mucus and amniotic fluid from the nose and mouth. He then held the head in both his hands and pressed it very slightly downward, asking Pragya to push at the same time to deliver the front shoulder. As the upper arm appeared, he lifted the head carefully, holding the back of the neck and waited for the rear shoulder to appear. Once he freed the shoulders, the rest of the baby slid out easily. He looked at the baby and shouted out that they had a beautiful baby daughter to a profusely sweating, exhausted but extremely relieved Pragya. He then took the scissors from the bowl of hot water and snipped at the umbilical cord an inch and a half from the baby’s navel after tying it with a piece of twine. Once the baby was free he quickly wrapped her in the clean towels and brought her to Pragya who took her in her waiting arms. He thanked the doctor profusely who in turn congratulated him on a job well done before hanging up.

The whole ordeal had taken just about an hour. After he cleaned up, he sat by the side of his wife and wiped the beads of sweat from her brow. He bent down and kissed her lightly on her forehead as she closed her eyes in relief and happiness. He looked down at the baby he helped deliver. That moment he realized he really did a wonder by bringing this bundle of happiness to this world safe and sound. She was like a little angel, a perfect replica of her mother. She fluttered her big dark eyes open and looked unfocusedly at the two loving faces turned towards her. He held his forefinger out to the baby and she wrapped her tiny little fingers around it. He seemed to feel a magnetic connection with this cherub, a connection which appeared to be stronger now that he was part of the process which brought her into this world. He cooed over her, making her turn towards his voice. He tickled her sole making her twitch her tiny feet. He took her tiny foot in his cheek feeling the softness which made him happy tenfold which he didn’t experience before ever. He then ran his fingers down her tiny tummy making her squirm in Pragya’s arms. Pragya turned to look at him and they exchanged a warm smile. He went up to their room and brought a few baby things including the baby’s clothes, diapers, napkins, cradle, baby powder and baby soap. He slid a soft white muslin dress into the baby’s arms and as Pragya held her up, he tied the strings at the back. Pragya took the napkin from him and tied the triangular piece of cloth around her waist.

After a few minutes the baby started whimpering in hunger. As Pragya started unbuttoning her dress, Abhi turned his head away to allow the mother some privacy with her baby. The baby initially struggled to latch on and Pragya gently assisted her. Soon she got the hang of things and started feeding hungrily. Pragya pulled a thin blanket over her shoulder to cover herself and the baby and assured Abhi that he can turn around as she was presentable. Abhi smiled and gently wrapped his arm around Pragya’s shoulder, brimming in happiness to be with his wife and their baby.

After the baby finished her feeding, Abhi picked her up to burp her. Pragya warned him to hold the back of the neck. Gingerly he held the tiny creature in his large arms and placed her tiny head on his shoulder, holding the back of her neck for support with one hand and patting her back with the other. Soon the baby let out a burp, bringing out a little milk in doing so. He then lifted her forward to look at her. He wiped her mouth clean with his palm. The baby let out a wide yawn, opening her pink lips to reveal her gums and tiny tongue, bringing an indulgent smile to his face. He returned her to his shoulder and patted her till she fell asleep. He then placed her in the cradle and rocked her. Pragya watched all this and was amazed to see the tenderness of this gentle giant who was her husband. She silently prayed in her heart that their happy little family will never break up.

Baba and Bua, who returned that evening after the curfew was lifted and the city returned to normalcy, were greeted by the loud wails of their little granddaughter who wanted her sixth feed that day. When they heard how Abhi had solitarily handled the entire birthing process they were amazed and proud of him. After the baby was fed they took turns in pampering her. Bua wondered what they will name her.

“Isha,” said Abhi and looked at Pragya for approval. She smiled and nodded her consent. Isha soon became the most popular and pampered member of the Mehra household.

Hii all so this is the next one. Hope u all like it. I don’t know why but I wanted Abhi to help Pragya deliver. As I thought this will make a new view on their love hope u all like it. Sorry if anyone felt not so good abt it. But pls tell ur views on this as well both positive or negative. Thank u so so much fr ur comments in ur busy schedule hope u all like this episode love u all saty blessed and sayanora….

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