Strangers!! (kkb) – Part 11

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Hii all. Here is the next episode. I think all are busy with works and opening of schools and colleges. I can guess it by the number of comments in mine and in others stories. All are so sad for PRagya don’t worry our hero is there to set everything right. When Abhi is here no fear but there will be more twists and turns. Stay tuned to it now back to the story.

Abhi tried to reduce if not erase from Pragya’s mind, the memories of her painful past in the days following her confession by trying to cheer her up and taking extra good care of her. He masked his own anguish, for he did not want her to think he sympathized with her. He knew that it would hurt her more as she definitely did not want people’s sympathy. He knew she deserved to be loved and cherished all her life and he was more than willing to give all the love she had missed out on since childhood. One part of him desperately wanted to confess his love to her but the other more dominant part restrained him as he feared that she may misconstrue it. He knew that she had been betrayed or hurt by every single person in her life. So she might find it difficult to accept that someone can love her as she is, without any expectation from her. He did not want her to think that his love for her was born out of sympathy or that he had any ulterior motive of taking advantage of her plight. If she did, then she may leave him even before the birth of the child and all the efforts he had taken to provide her with a home and her baby an identity will come to naught. So suppressing his instinctive nature of speaking his mind, he decided to wait till the birth of the baby before baring his heart to her. He made sure though that there were innumerable signs which conveyed his deep feelings for her.

Pragya was unaware of Abhi’s covert display of his love for her and continued to think that his actions were governed by the need to adhere to Baba’s strict orders to take good care of his bahu and grandchild. She tried to keep a lid on her own feelings for him but even without her knowledge the attraction to her handsome husband kept ever increasing. They enjoyed the time spent with each other and there was an unspoken bond between them that was growing stronger by the day.

Pragya was six and a half months pregnant and was growing in size. She soon gave up wearing salwar suits and stuck to wearing sarees. That morning Abhi had taken Pragya to the hospital, for her doctor had asked them to come there instead of the clinic to run some routine tests. Although initially they were wary as to what they may find, the doctor assured them that everything was fine. As they were on their way out, Abhi saw Purab pace up and down the hospital corridor agitatedly. Hurrying to his side he inquired what he was doing there.
“Bulbul is in there to deliver our baby,” Purab pointing to the labor ward.
Just then there was a loud shriek and they could clearly hear Bulbul scream out a string of abuses targeting her husband.
Hearing her curses, Abhi looked at Purab, aghast at what his wife was screaming out. But Purab was constantly praying for Bulbul’s safety. Seeing Abhi looking at him confusedly, he said “She doesn’t mean half the things she says. It’s the pain talking. Poor woman,” he tried to explain his wife’s screeches.
Abhi looked at Pragya worriedly wondering what his beloved will have to go through in a few months’ time.
Pragya tried to avoid looking at him directly and turned to Purab, asking him where were Rithwick and Roshan was.
“Left them with Bulbul’s mother. Did not want to bring them and let them hear their mother abuse their father,” he smiled sheepishly.
As Bulbul’s wails and curses continued they heard the nurse yell back at her.
“Shut up, woman. Don’t bring the hospital down with your screams. You are not the first woman to go through labor in this world.”
“Sister Sarita, is that the way to talk to a patient?” admonished her doctor. “Don’t worry Mrs.Khanna, it’s only a couple of minutes more. You are nearly there. Just give me one last push and we will put you out of this ordeal soon.”
Soon they heard the wailing of a baby and the doctor came out with a smile on her face.
“Mr.Khanna, it is a girl.”
Purab thanked the doctor with a huge smile possible on his face and hugged Abhi in happiness. His eyes streamed with tears of joy as he rushed in to be with his wife, asking them to join in. The nurse had just cleaned the baby and laid her in Bulbul’s arms as Ali sat beside her. She looked at her husband lovingly and said,
“Look Purab, she is so beautiful, isn’t she? “she asked, extending the arm which held the baby so that he could look at her more clearly.
Pouring over his newborn Purab could barely hide the mirth and pride in his voice “Yes, darling. Our daughter looks simply beautiful, as beautiful as her extraordinary mother.”
Bulbul smiled and blew him a kiss. The two of them then looked up at Abhi and Pragya.
“Come see my little Roshini,” he invited them.
Pragya ambled to the bed and sat in front of Bulbul who passed the baby onto her waiting arms.
“So, now that you finally have a daughter, are you going to stop fighting like kids?” he asked Purab. Abhi knew how much his friend wanted a daughter and he noticed that he has given her his dead mother’s name.
“Yes, Abhi. Will not put my dear daughter into our cat mouse fight. Now she will be there to support her father. Now who wants wife when he have a beautiful daughter and adorable sons on his side. Moreover, I can spare myself from hearing those choice gallis (curses) she gives me everytime.”
Bulbul glared at her husband and said. ” I didn’t mean to be so vicious but was blinded by the pain. But now I think you deserve it Purab anyways you have to come home right. I will see you there”
“I know dear, I know. Don’t worry. I will always be at your service at whatever you di. Afterall that is a small price to pay to see such a beautiful miracle,” he said pointing to his daughter.
Abhi asked Pragya if he can hold the baby for a couple of minutes. Pragya looked at him in surprise and nodded her head. She asked him to sit down in the nearby chair and told him to fold his arms to cradle the baby. She then gently laid the baby in his arms. Abhi looked deeply into the baby’s big blue green eyes. The baby was very fair like her mother. Her lips were soft and pick, her nose sharp and her brows neat. She had a thick mop of jet black hair on her round head. She had long fingers and toes and looked so perfect. Looking at the love in his eyes as he gazed at the baby, Pragya wondered whether his gentle and caring behavior towards her had something to do with the fact that she was carrying a baby, as he appeared to be fond of babies in general.

Roshini soon started whimpering in hunger and Abhi passed her on to her mother. They took leave of Purab and Bulbul and as they went out of the room, Bulbul got busy feeding her daughter and Purab sat beside her wrapping his hands around bulbul’s shoulder for support and whipped out his mobile to jubilantly inform his mother-in-law and his sons of Roshini’s arrival.

Back in their car, Pragya remarked how beautiful Roshini looked and Abhi nodded his head in agreement. “I’m sure our baby will also look as beautiful as its mother,” he said with confidence not realizing that he had just said ‘our baby’ instead of ‘your baby’ as he normally does. The subtle change did not go unnoticed and Pragya looked at his bent head in surprise as he clipped the buckle of his seat belt. Before she could say anything she suddenly felt a kick in her stomach.
“Ouch”, she cried out.
Looking at her in alarm, Abhi asked her what was the matter.
“Abhishek, the baby kicked!” she exclaimed. Unthinkingly she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Her saree had slightly moved in the breeze and his hand came into direct contact with her skin sending shivers down her spine. Just then he felt the baby kick and he got very excited.
“Wow, Pragya. I felt it this time. It’s amazing!” She smiled at his exhilaration. It was only a few moments later that he realized that he still had his palm on her bare stomach. He jerked his hand away, trying to hide his embarrassment and asked if they can go home, to which she nodded.
That night as they got ready for bed, Pragya was about to line up the pillows between them when he stopped her.
“Don’t you think we should get rid of this Lakshman rekha now that you are getting big with the baby? There is not enough room for you, me, the baby and the pillows in this bed.”
She nodded in agreement and threw away the pillows between them. Abhi looked pleased that he got at least one physical barrier between them out of his way. He hoped that in time all the other invisible barriers between them would come crumbling down. That night he had unknowingly wrapped his arms around her burgeoning stomach in his sleep and held her close. Although she was aware of his arm around her, she did not push it away as she felt comforted in his lose hold, even if it was confined to just a few hours at night.

So this Is it. Thank you so much for the comments for my previous episodes. Hope you all like this episode. The love between Abhi and Pragya will be in slow pace and detailed I think u all will like it. So now drop on your comments on how this episode is. I know there was little abhigya scenes were there but purbul scenes I cant get rid of it. Hope u like it.

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