STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 77

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Rohan: yes please call them too
All of them entered inside the house and then Rohan asked to Ganga
Rohan: By the way Gangu why aunty is angry
Ganga: because of you only idiot as aunty complaint about us to Mummy and this time papa too got punishment because of her
Rohan: This mummy factor….!!! we can’t understand it by the way let’s go and play uncle and dida will sit here with Bhai ji and Papa
Ganga: sure
saying so they went from there Abhi was looking all that smilingly when felt someone’s hand on his shoulder it was none other than Mr. Verma he said
Mr. Verma: Mr. Mehta welcome to our home
Abhi: glad to meet you actually I was here to ask sorry from you for that…
Mr. Verma cuts him off: Oh no need of it actually mistake was of both of us, as we shouldn’t have entered in kids matter so does my wife always I know how sweet these girls are and I know that too that mistake was of my son’s only
Abhi: but still…
Mr. Verma: Mr. Mehta no need of that I said it right!!! because fight was never happened… 😀 these are kids they fight for sometime and within a minute all fights gets vanish off and again they start playing see that happened
he pointed out towards Kaustuki who was troubling Purab saying “give me that game which you were playing” and he was again and again nodding in no then Ganga and Rohan who were now busy in playing video games
Abhi: we can’t understand kids that at what moment what they are thinking
Mr. Verma: exactly 🙂
Abhi: But Mrs. Verma…
Mr. Verma: Oh better we don’t talk about her as she never hears everyone
Both laughed on that statement and then went from their doing some chit chats
After sometime Abhi was back to home along with Kaustuki and Ganga after having dinner they both were in the room
Pragya being reminding whatever happened in college: Why you came to college today
Abhi doing something in phone: why!! can’t I come for your pick up???
Pragya: nothing like that but still I am asking as you suddenly came there and then..
Abhi cuts off: Then that sudden verbal taunt fight with Khurana and all right!!!
Pragya nods in yes
Abhi: don’t think too much silly I was passing from there thought to take you along with me that’s it
Pragya: are you sure nothing is there beside it
Abhi: Yes I am sure madam and don’t think too much and sleep
He was about to lay down on the bed but she stopped him
Abhi: What!!
Pragya: you can’t sleep here go home
Abhi: I am not going home today I will live here it self
Pragya: No….!! never.. you go otherwise what will you answer Maa and baba that where were you
Abhi: that’s not fare!!! you are again throwing me out of the house
Pragya: yes I will, as no one knows where are you and they can think wrong about you as you don’t have any friends too….
Abhi with a disappointed face: Ok but one day I will surely come here and live here that day you won’t be able to send me out
saying so he started to walk towards door but stopped when she said
Pragya: still thinking about come here and live with me not thinking about take me along with you and live with me
Abhi turned and looked towards her she was standing there with a smile on her face which was clearly showing the patience she had kept till now the patience which was showing that she is still waiting for the day that they both could live together that smile was hiding the immense pain of separation which two innocent souls were facing till now but somehow a satisfaction was there as they were still together doesn’t matters now whether they were far or not but still connected by hearts connected by thoughts connected by a sincerity towards every relation she turned towards the table which was kept on side of bed when felt herself in the hug and a head on her shoulder it was well understood that it was Abhi he hugged her from back and leaned his head on her shoulder then said
Abhi: we have always became victims of our elder’s decision Silly and this thought is killing me whether it is our marriage or decision about our lives every time they became the reason for our pain I feel why they love us so much this love is becoming the reason of our pain reason of pain to our kids who are living far from each other
Pragya looking towards the wall keeping her hand on his face: sometimes we are destined to get too much love which starts crunching our necks and see our faith that we can’t complaint about it too because others are not getting this much which we are getting
Abhi: But now not….
She turned to him looking with a shocked expression
Abhi holding her hand: yes you heard it right!! now not…. now I will not allow anyone to take decision of our lives whether it is Maa, Baba or any other else now enough it is our lives and we will take decision for it specially which are regarding our family they have to understand that I am a responsible person too I can take my decision on my own and you will not stop me this time
Pragya smiled: you have right to do that but don’t do anything which hurts them
He nods in agreement
Abhi: Soon I will take you and Ganga along with me because you belong with me
Pragya laughed: enough of getting emotional now go otherwise surely they will think that..
Abhi: think that….
Pragya pushing him out: think that you are having extra marital affair with someone after I left
Abhi while going: So let them think because I am having one
Pragya widening her eyes: then greet her from my side too as if you are having so then I am free as I will be free from your all duties
Abhi: listen first carefully
Pragya: what!!
Abhi: I am having one with my own wife
he winked at her and left the place taking Kaustuki along with him and Pragya left smiling and after he went she took Ganga with her inside and both drifted to sleep soon
About four days were spent and it was becoming Abhi’s habit that he was always present while the departure of Pragya from college he always reached there before time and whenever Ranjit Khurana tried to stop her he always honks the car horn which was more a warning that he is there she was suspecting him now as this behavior was looking odd to her and one day she decided to ask him about that when she was thinking everything which happened in past few days here screen shifts towards Kaustuki it was their trial tournament where Kaustuki was in the main team she was passed in her game which was javelin and Randeep was left being irked by her success as she was the head of girls team and he always wanted to show that boys are always superior that was the time for final selection and for that she had to race with other girls and she did it too but the condition was the speed must be high from others even from boys too she completed the race in 00:01:50 seconds and then it was the time for boys In which Randeep completed the race in 00:1:30 seconds which became trouble for her as Randeep teased her saying “don’t know why girls want to compete with boys when they know they can’t (laughing) They must understand that they are perfect in only one thing and that is house hold work” Kaustuki was irked and said to their sports coach
Kaustuki: Sir there is gap of just 20 sec. I am sure I will complete that
Coach: Don’t stress yourself Kaustuki You are selected but before the final trial tournament you have to overcome that time distance too.. understood!!! I know you can do it
Kaustuki; Thank you so much sir
Coach: well done
saying so he left the place and then Bulbul came there
Bulbul: Now shall we go to our class as we are really late for sure Mam will kill us
Kaustuki while removing her shoes: we are already late so no need to go there
Bulbul: then what we will do may I ask you
Kaustuki: let’s settle some scores
Bulbul: what!! what are you thinking Kaustuki if I am not wrong again you are thinking something mischievous
Kaustuki: Have to settle some scores darling
Bulbul making a pity face: No please not this time whenever you want to settle scores you always do something which is intolerable
Kaustuki: Randeep Khurana thinks he is better in every terms and going to submit his project
Bulbul: so…
Kaustuki: have you seen 3 idiots
Bulbul: infinite times
Kaustuki: remember chatur
Bulbul: how can I forget him lol chamatkar was turned into balatkaar (laughing hard)
Kaustuki: so get ready to meet another Chatur
Bulbul: how
Kaustuki winked: we are going in boys area prepare yourself
Bulbul: are you mad!!! if we got caught then for sure we will be rusticated
Kaustuki: what if we never got caught
Bulbul: how
Kaustuki: just wait and watch first lets go to the computer room and take a print out of the project which I have made for him
Bulbul: you did it!!!!
Kaustuki: I had already said it to you that he shouldn’t have messed with me
saying so she started to move towards the computer room after sometime she took print out of the drama project which was made by her and scarfed her face and asked Bulbul to wait either side of the wall while she climbed the wall to enter in boys section of the building basically it was boys hostel and she managed to get in Randeep’s room successfully hiding from everyone and successfully changed the project file but to her faith when she was returning the warden saw her and asked her to stop but she ran from there immediately and then warden called security guards too to catch her she ran towards the up floor through the lift and guards ran to the stairs then BG plays

jaadu tone waaliyan (The magician girl,)
ve jaadu tone waaliyan (oh, the girl who does magic..)
Dore dore daaliyan ve (She entraps)
jaadu tone waaliyan (this magician girl..)
Bun kar laT mein le gayi re loot ke (She weaved everything in her hair and looted everyone..)
Ud ud ud gayi chidi sher maar ke (The bird flew after killing the lion,)
Ho takte reh gaye moochhon waaleyan (The ones with mustaches just kept looking..)
Jai ho jigra waaliyan, jadu tone waliyan (Hail the courageous one, the magician girl..)
Waah ji veeran waaliyan, jaadu tone waliyan (Wow, the one with courage, the magician girl..)

She jumped through four steps and guards were still wasn’t able to catch her then she moved ahead and guards thought now they will catch her as that gate was the link to another building and which was closed but to their fate Kaustuki jumped that gate by climbing it and all were left looking at her because till when they had run to catch her she was in another building which was of senior batch and then warden called guards of that block and they too tired to catch her for once she thought she is trapped as they were coming from all directions and closed her eyes and remembered something
Kaustuki and Basudha were playing badminton with Abhi and Ranvi and Abhi when Kaustuki was continuously getting defeated by Abhi and threw badminton in anger when Basudha came there stopping her game
Basudha: what happened Mam
Kaustuki: He is doing cheating continuously that’s why I am getting defeated so it is waste to play with them when I can’t win
Basudha: you accepted defeat so easily !!!
Kaustuki: What else I can do Mummy
Abhi: If I will play with a feeling that you are still learning then tell me how will you learn so I will do only one thing that is behaving practically with you
Basudha: keep your practical knowledge with you let me handle this okay (turned to Kaustuki) you listen if you don’t have courage to face problems then don’t try to get into that problem listen to me carefully when you accept defeat from heart then you are defeated and no one can help you in winning but if you have thought that you will win then no one can defeat you ever understood
Flashback ends

Kaustuki opened her eyes and found she was surrounded by guards and they were asking her to put down her scarf and she was hearing them yelling at her but she never did so and then thought something and spoke changing her voice a bit
Kaustuki: you think you can catch me right!!
Gurads: of course we will
Kaustuki: okay I will do whatever you say but you have to answer my few questions
Guards: we are not here to play KBC with you
Kaustuki: If you can’t answer then feel shame as you can’t answer few questions asked by student
Guards: what
Kaustuki: who was the son of Akbar’s aunt’s daughter-in-law
Guards were in confused by her question and in thoughts but ignoring it said “you can’t fool us just put down your scarf and come with us” she was about to do it but shouted “Uncle be careful pigeon is above you and I guess he is ready to do his famous work of spoiling clothes” she said that too confidently and all of them looked up and with in that time of couple of seconds she escaped from there and Guards began to chase her finally she was near that same wall from which she was entered and BG played

Mome ki gudiya na aafaton ki pudiya (She’s neither a doll of wax, nor a bag of troubles,)
Na to muhi manjha, na kaanch ki choodiyaan (She has neither kite flying string, nor glass bangles..)
Ghoonghte ko khol ke, darje* ko chhod ke (She removed the veil, and left the class,)
Kudi gate langh gayi khoonte ko tod ke (jumped over the gate, breaking the peg..)
Ho takte reh gaye dolon waaleyan (The ones with built bodies kept just looking..)
Mantaron waaliyan, jaadu tone waaliyan (The one with spells, the magician girl,)
Jantaron waaliyan, jaadu tone waaliyan (the one with ways, the magician girl..)

Kaustuki finally managed to escape from there and after that she held bulbul’s hand and hid behind the bush throwing that scarf back in that boys area as that can result into trapping her then changed her clothes going in changing room as she went in some other clothes there which were her sports uniform that also of school


Chai ki pyaali nahi, mai ka payaala nahi (she’s neither a cup of tea, nor a drink,)
Chaandi ka chhalla na munh ka hai chhaala nahi (She’s neither a silver ring, nor a mouth ulcer..)
Dekho phoolon ki bani, mui maare ne chhadi (See, made of flowers, the girl beats people with a stick,)
Chhori haye chhui-mui, bhaari kukkadon pe hui ()
Ho takte reh gaye lath waaleyan (The girl [who looks like] touch-me-not, is tough for dogs,)
Bam patakhon waaliyan, jaadu tone waaliyan (and the ones with big staffs kept looking..)
Dhoom dhadaakon waaliyan, jaadu tone waaliyan (The one with bombs and crackers, the magician girl,)
The one with fanfares, the magician girl..
jaadu tone waaliyan (The magician girl,)
ve jaadu tone waaliyan (oh, the girl who does magic..)

Bulbul: done!!!
Kaustuki: done sis and believe me I thought I will be dead but Mummy helped me
Bulbul: Mam was also there!!!
Kaustuki: yeah in my thoughts now lets go by the way I want to ask one thing from you
Bulbul: tell me
Kaustuki: actually sir asked me to practice hard for the tournament
Bulbul smiled: don’t worry madam I will be there in the park at sharp 4:00 am
Kaustuki: smart
Bulbul: now shall we go from here
Kaustuki: sure
they both left from there and screen shifts towards Basudha again same happened Abhi was there before time and she went with him and there was a complete silence among them then Abhi breaking the silence said
Abhi: anything happened today!!! why are you so silent ?
Basudha: shall I ask something
Abhi: is there any need to ask
Basudha: why you are coming to pick me up and that too daily!!
Abhi: want to hear truth
Basudha: I expect that only
Abhi: I don’t believe that Khurana
Basudha: You believe me right!!
Abhi: more than myself
Basudha: then don’t come like this from tomorrow I don’t want that someone make gossip about us as few people are expert in that stuff If you believe me then you will agree with me for sure
Abhi stopped the car: I believe you and will believe you but I don’t believe Khurana and you can stop Abhishek from caring about Pragya but not Abhi for caring his Basudha so let it happen
Basudha: but listen….
Abhi cuts off: Madam if you said one more time this then I am sure that I will bang this car into the tree and both will be dead then I will become ghost and then will trouble that Khurana for sure
Basudha laughed aloud at that and Abhi smiled
Basudha: Mehta sahab you are…
Abhi: mad for you I know it
Both laughed and screen freezed at their happy faces
From next morning Kaustuki started her practice and Bulbul was also helping her with the stop watch every morning her work was to record the increment in her record and this continued for about 6 days the seventh day she was there and Bulbul too after all she was the only one who use to help her in everything specially in hard times and today also she was here when Kaustuki came completing her one round she was huffing a lot
Kaustuki resting her hand over her knees: how much
Bulbul: Kaustu still 15 seconds are extra yr.
Kaustuki drinking water: what shall I do now Bulbul I want to chase him I will do more practice from tomorrow now we will practice from 4:00 at morning to 7:00 at morning
Bulbul: have you gone mad you will be tired and then how will you concentrate on studies idiot no never 4:00 to 6:00 is okay as you need one hour rest too
Kaustuki yelled: My rest will harm me only Bulbul I can’t afford loosing from person like them I have to do it. It’s not about ego or anything else it is about respect which we hold in sports field
Bulbul: okay then let’s start from tomorrow but let’s go now
Kaustuki nodded her head in agreement
From next day Kaustuki begin her practice more earlier and Bulbul was also there she started running and BG played

Hai Nahin Teer Talvar, Nahin Goli, Nahin Goli (There is no sword or arrow)
Tu Khud Hai Teri Fauj, Tu Hi Toli, Tu Hi Toli (you yourself are armed and your company too)
Taron ko pakad lain de, tez taron ko pakad lain de (let me catch the stars, let me catch stars quickly)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)
Suraj ko tak lain de (let my gaze meet the sun)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)

She was doing warm up and the running and warm up then running Bulbul was massaging her shoulders to relive her tiredness for about 15 minutes and then she was back to work about three days this continued and then on fourth day Bulbul was there with a heavy bag which was enough to make the back pain but that also if someone hold it for more than half an hour
Kaustuki: why you brought this
Bulbul: I have seen in college the athletics team girls who mainly participate in race sir use to tie some heavy things in their waist or back and then ask them to run and this increases their speed and I am seen it is truth so let us try it
Kaustuki smiled and worn that bag on back Bulbul also smiled and Kaustuki started running BG played

Teri Gurrahat Singh Ki Dahaad Hai Dahaad Hai (Your roar is like a lion)
Sab Zarra Zarra Tu Pahaaad Hai Pahaad Hai (your courage is like a mountain)
Lehron Ko Jakad Lein De (let me hold the waves)
Toofan Ko Akad Lein De (let me hold the hurricanes)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)
Suraj ko tak lain de (let my gaze meet the sun)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)

it was the sixth day and same schedule was going on Kaustuki was running and stopped in front of Bulbul she said
Bulbul: still 3 seconds left
Kaustuki: we will cover up
Bulbul: of course
Bg plays

Ab Mauka Hai Kuchh Khaas (now is the opportunity)
Dikha Jalwa Dikha Jalwa (show what you are capable of)
Manzil Khud Aayi Paas (your destination has come to you)
Dikha Jalwa Dikha Jalwa (show what you can do)
Saanson Ko Dehek Lein De (let the breath flow)
Jazbaaton Ko Mehek Lein De (let the passion spread fragrance)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)
Suraj ko tak lain de (let my gaze meet the sun)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)

14 days were complete and it was the last day for their practice Kaustuki was running as usual and came stop in front of Bulbul and asked “how much” Bulbul didn’t said anything she just hugged her back and excitedly jumping said “escaped 5 seconds Kaustu you ended it 5 seconds earlier now we will win for sure” Kaustuki said “we will celebrate after the final selection” Bulbul nodded in agreement Bg played

Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)
Suraj ko tak lain de (let my gaze meet the sun)
Aaj phttey chak lain de, chak lain de (let me do it)

Precap: still thinking

Uff finally managed to write what I thought hope you will also like it and many commenters are disappering what happened ?? is this getting out of your expectation if yes kindly tell me as I will change the story line for sure 🙂

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