STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 73 (part-1)

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Episode 73

Abhi went inside college as parent of Kaustuki as she was also in same college when he was entering in the building he saw a hoarding there on which it was written “Innocent Love of strangers The Play to be presented by students of first year written by Mrs. Basudha Mehta the one and only writer of the Mordernity college” readint that he thought “Jahan hui thi Mohabbat ki shuruat wo jagah yahi hai jahan milega uska sath wo jagah yahi hai (where the first flower of love was bloomed this is the place where I will found her this is the place) he moved in and asking about the auditorium he went in and reached to auditorium there she was telling something to students his world was stopped he was feeling so he noticed her leaning himself on the pole which was there looking at her she was looking the same as she use to be in her college days and instructing that student like that took Abhi into his college days the same day when he got to know that Basudha is coming in their building to represent her written project how madly he jumped over fences and boundaries just to take a glance of her but but he wasn’t able to do so as he tried but ended up doing preprations in the auditorium

he came out of flashback and moved ahead to talk with her and said “Chalogey kuchh kadam jo sath to milega uska sath (when you will walk a bit with her you will find her simplicity with her) he thought “Simplicity in thoughts yes this was it next line resembles to thoughts which were still simple and stories which were written by her too” then he moved more further and remembered the next line “chaloge jo kuchh kadam saath to poori hogi uski talaash (if you will walk few steps your journey to search her will end for sure) this means following her like old days will take me to her only I have to do so” then smilingly he was following her when she was shouting on some students for being irresponsible and yelling at some workers for delaying the work he remembered the next ” jo khologey ateet ke kuchh panney, to paogey usey wahi jahan chhora tha kabhi tumne uske saye ka sath, jo doharogey wo pal, to janogey janab ke hai saye ki talaash ya chahtey ho uska sath (when you will open some pages of past you will find her there where you once left the hand of her shadow when you will repeat those moments then you will only know whether you want her shadow or you want her to be with you) it means this is it,

I left my silent love here I have to repeat it no no I have to do it again” He was following her being lost in thoughts and with a sudden stirke he came back to her senses and found himself in the corridoor he started to look here and there in search of Basudha but even her glance wasn’t also there every where students were there who were wandering there he was going in search of her in another direction but suddenly he saw something and felt strange it was Kaustuki and Bulbul, Bulbul was again and again pleading in front of her and Kaustuki showing rude expression and once she was about to slap her too, Abhi was laughing at his daughter as how she was trapped with a girl who was really wishing her to smile at least and Kaustuki being stubborn since childhood

Kaustuki being irked: Oh Bulbul what the hell do you want
Bulbul: Your love my love I want your love
Kaustuki: will you stop this drama please
Bulbul: will you stop being angry bird please
Kaustuki: I am not angry bird
Bulbul: then who are you!!! angry animal
Kaustuki: You just called me animal!!!
Bulbul: I think so if you will behave like an angry bull everytime then what should I call you
Kaustuki: Angry Bull!!!
Bulbul: Kya hai angry bird tujhe pasand nahi angry bull tujhe mai bulau na mera pyar banney ko tu taiyaar nahi tu dharti par aayi kyu hai sirf tod phod karne !!! kabhi kisi ka bhanda phodti hai kabhi kisi ka sir phodti hai kabhi kisi ka dil phodti hai kabhi kuchh na miley to professors ki gadi hi phod deti hai aur ab mera dimag phod rahi hai nikammi dost kisi kaam ki nahi (what do you want, you dont like angry bird you dont want to be called angry bull you are not ready to be my love then tell me why the hell you came on earth only to destroy things!!! some times destroying someone’s secret sometimes breaking someone’s head sometimes breaking someone’s heart sometimes breaking someone’s car mirror and if you get nothing destroying professor’s car)
Kaustuki: have you completed your crap
Bulbul: nah pehle mujhe complete karne de (No let me complete it first)
Kaustuki rolled her eyes and keeping books aside with the bag she sat on the boundary wall folding her both the legs and resting her face on her palms and said
Kaustuki: Okay continue please

Bulbul: Mana tujhe dil todne ki aadat hai par kam se kam mera khayaal hi kar liya kar itne ladke hai college me ek aadha mere liye hi set karwa de (I know you have habit of breaking heart of others but think about me too if you can’t accept their offer then kindly find for me either one or half)
Kaustuki: Pehle te tu decide kar le je taine ek chaiye ke aadha kyuki aadha banda dhoondhan ma time laagega (first you decide whether you want one or half because searching a half boy will take time)
Bulbul: aadha banda kya uncle ne taiyaar kiya hua hai jo tu aadha dhoondh legi meri liye mujhe poora banda hi chahiye jo sundar bhi ho aur stylish bhi (did uncle had searched half boy for me I want full only who must be sweet and stylish)
Kaustuki: mera bapu to aaj tak apna suit poora nahi dhoondh paya banda poor ke ghanta dhoondega aur tu bhi ek cheez decide kar le je taine banda sweet chahiye ke charming kyuki dono ek type dhoondh ka matlab hai jaisey butterscotch aur strawberry ek sath khana (my father isn’t able to find his suit completely and you are talking about boy and you also decide one thing please whether you want a sweet person or a charming one because finding both together is like eating butterscotch and strawberry together)

Abhi who was stood at less distance heard that and thought “issey ummeed bhi kya kar saktey hai (what else I can hope from her)” here screen again shifts towards Kaustuki
Bulbul: really!!
Kaustuki: jee
Bulbul also sat beside her in same pose: what to say my dady is also same whenever I ask him that dady lets go to shopping he agrees but unable to figure out what to purchase by the way today is our practical right!! of dramatics so have you learnt your dialogues
Kaustuki gave an oops expression: today is practical damn!! I am dead I neither have seen the plot nor the script surely Basudha mam gonna kill me
Bulbul: what else can i expect from you when you are always busy in the sports ground with coach
Kaustuki: stop taunting me
Bulbul: I am not taunting you duffer I am telling you the fact dont worry I have submitted your assignment late so our turn is tomorrow but learn by tomorrow okay otherwise our marks will be out of our range
Kaustuki smilingly hugged her: thanks ram deen

Bulbul being irked: stop calling me that
Kaustuki: What ramdeen
Bulbul: that name only
Kaustuki: what? Ramdeen!!
Bulbul: stop calling that Ramdeen to me I will kill you for sure
Kaustuki: Ramdeen is such a good name what is bad in that
Bulbul: ugh I hate you Go to hell (saying so she went from there)
Kaustuki mumbbled: I love you too
screen shifts towards Abhi he was still in search of her when finally saw her going towards the gate outside he was following her and when he saw something unusual happening it was Khurana who stopped Basudha in mid
Khurana: Basudha ji come I will drop you at home
Basudha: NO thanks I can go on my own
she started moving but stopped by him again as he blocked her way
Basudha: Stop your nonsense Khurana leave my way I am getting late
Khurana whispred: You are the only one who is doing late Basudha ji I am saying that dont waste time and be mine everything would be fine
Basudha glared him
Khurana: well my son also got admission in same college won’t you congratulate me now he will also be with us na

Basudha pushed him aside: To hell with you and your son
she went from there and here screen shifts towards Abhi he was unable to figure out what was happening and he wasn’t wishing to think anything without confirming it from Basudha because from distance it was being cleared that Basudha was close to him khurana picturised that kind of image in front of everyone so he just followed her and after about one hour Basudha entered in home Sakshi welcomed her and Abhi was still on gate thinking “Damn.. here that Ranvi is living and while going NGO I passed this home about 100 times why the hell I never went to confirm that wheather the name plate is of Khurana’s whom I know or someone else it is really something more than stupidity which I have done” he was slapping himself mentally and then he also moved in he found Basudha was helping Sakshi in arranging dining table as she was in Kitchen they were talking something randomly when Sakshi suddenly started asking about Abhi and Basudha rolled her eyes and smirked then said “Mehta Sahab na Bhabhi he is that much silly that when his shirt will be kept in front of him then he will search it in the closet so it is obvious that when I am living at neary by place surely he will search for me at other places and that also which are far from here for sure” again she smirked and then Abhi who was leaned on the door listening her smiled and thought to surprise her so said
Abhi: Humara zikr to har pal hua fasane me to kya hua jo zara der hui aaney me (Gossips are every where about me what happened if I am late a bit)

Basudha turned and saw Abhi standing there leaned on the door and smiled in front of her meanwhile listening his voice Sakshi also came out and when she asked that “Who is he” Basudha in reply nodded her head turned and smirking said
Basudha: Weh dekthe aur siskiya hum bharte,hasrat hai ki kadmo pe kisi ke marte, aye baade-saba, mile to unse kehna, muddat hui intezaar karte-karte (they were looking at me and I was sobbing I wished to die at someone’s heart, If you met them ever then kindly tell them that It is long time spent waiting for them) (indirectly said to him)
Abhi entered and while moving towards her said: Yaado ka ye karawa hamesha rahega, Door jaate hue bhi pyaar wahi rahega, (memories were still same and there with me,, you were far but love was same for me) (turning her to face him )
Maaf karna mill nahi sake aapse, Magar yakin rakhana in ankhon mein intezar wahi raha hai. (I amm sorry that I was unable to meet you but look into my eyes you will find that wait was same for you)
Sakshi being irked: will anyone tell me what is going on here
Basudha pushed him and turning back to work again with a fake anger: Bhabhi kindly bring something for Mehta Sahab please

Sakshhi: who the hell is Mehta sahab ….. (remembering whom she use to call like that) Oh bandey di jaan ye ye yehi hai Mehta Sahab hey ma… pehle kyu nahi bataya (Oh My he is Mehta sahab OH ma why you didnt told me earlier)
Basudha cutting apple: Abhi bataney ke liye pehle nahi bataya kyu Mehta Sahab (for telling now I didnt told it earlier am I right Mehta Sahab)
Abh while snatching that Apple from her and stuffing into mouth: Of course ji Silly is always right
Sakshi: you wait here let me inform Ranvi after all he is at our place for the first time we must treat him well you wait here (being excited)

She rushed from there to pick up her phone leave Basudha and Abhi laughing then Abhi asked
Abhi: How are you silly
Basudha smile got fade off and in her fake anger she said : You made me wait alot I dont want to talk with you since morning you are following me like crazy but never came and said that Basudha I am here
Abhi: Hmm what I must have said then Like Akshay Kumar of Rowdy Rathore jumping in front of everyone saying “I Am Back!!”
Basudha chuckled: haa to kar lete to kya ho jata logon ko pata to chal jata na ke Professor Basudha ke pass bhi koi dramebaaz hai (so what!! let people know that Professor Basudha also have a dramebaaz with her)
Abhi rouding his arms around her: Phir sabko pata chal jata to aapka dramebaaz aapka kaha rehta huzur (if everyone gets to know then how you dramebaaz was a secret anymore)
Basudha smiled

screen freezed over their faces
to be continued…

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