STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 71

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Episode 71
Abhi was looking for some files when phone rang it was Kaustuki’s phone which was ringing as she forgot it in the hall while the screen shows other side that Basudha was calling her screen again turned towards Abhi he was heading towards phone and picked it up after long ring and as he was about to say the person on the other side spoke without giving him a chance which left Abhi to be dumb stuck as the voice was of Ranvi and what he said was extreme shock to him he said “Kaustuki ji Basu left from here you are late if you want to meet her just go to raliway station directly” saying so he hanged up the call and here Abhi was stood numb after hearing that and small Fb is shown that Basudha was calling Kaustuki but she never picked up so as she was getting late Ranvi asked her to go and he will infrom her and when he called that time Abhi recieved that call flashback ends
Abhi was stood dumbstruck after recieving the call and when Divya asked about that he nodded his head saying nothing, saying so he left to his room and locked it from inside as he was in deep thought that “What I heard was the truth or just my illusion!! I am still confused that Kaustu is meeting her!! and that also without everyone’s knowledge it means whatever Shabbo said was right, I must have searched her at nearby places rather than here and there!!! She is near me somewhere But if it is true then why would Kaustuki hide this from me she also wants her to come back here then why she is hiding this all from me Shall I ask her directly?? No,… if she is hiding this then it is sure that she will tell a lie to cover up all that I should not ask her directly but what to do I want to clarify my doubt if I asked Maa about that and she comes to know then Baba will never ever let Kaustu also meet her so what to do???” he was walking here and there being lost in thoughts when suddenly an idea stuck to his mind he picked up his phone and called someone it was none other than Shabbo
Abhi: Hello Shabbo
Shabbo: ji Bhaiya ji what happened?
Abhi: Shabbo will you help me to get out of a situation
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji hum anpadh log kaha aap padhey likho ki samasya ka samadhaan kar payenge phir bhi kisi kaam aa gaye to apki zarranawazi hogi (Bhaiya ji how can we illiterate people solve your problem but if we can do so then it will be my pleasure sir)
Abhi: Shabbo It’s nothing like that but i seriously need your help
Shabbo: Okay I will try my best
Abhi narrated her the whole incident and Shabbo was listening it very carefully
Abhi: Now tell me what to do i am stuck in this situation
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji poochhna kya hai bitiya ka peechha karo agar Bitiya rani Bahu Begum se mil rahi hongi to aapko aisey hi pata chal jayega aur agar ye aapka vehem hai to bhi baat saaf ho jayegi hum bata rahey hai yahi kariye hum batayein aapko ek baat….( A single question of asking doesn’t raise bhaiya ji just follow her if she is meeting Bahu begum then you will get to know and if she is not then your doubt will get clear well shall I tell you something?)
Abhi: yes sure
Shabbo: Humari khala ke bete ki bahu ke bua ke ladke ki biwi ki behen ke devar ke sath bhi yahi hua tha uski to amma kahin chali gayi thi Bhaiya ji aur poora parivaar janta tha usey chhor kar phir usne ek din apni begum ka peechha kiya phir kya tha bhaiya ji, jo to amma milin hai unki, qasam se bhaiya ji is baar to phir wo baandh ke hi rakhi gayi thi amma qasam aur wo pata hai …. (son of my aunt his wife’s aunt’s son his wife’s sister’s son-in-law was also gone through same situation his mother was went somewhere and then full family was known that where is she leaving him then one day he followed his wife and got to know that where is his mother and when he brought her back seriously bhaiya ji she never escaped after that and you know…)
Abhi cuts off: Its okay Shabbo I will listen it after coming there keep that story
he hanged up the call then rolled off his eyes in disbelief saying “Every time having a long relation god how she remembers I even don’t remember who is my aunt’s son and daughter damn….” he left the place as Kaustuki was leaving from there when he called her and told her that there was a call for her but didn’t told that he recieved it but told that it was disconnected then kaustuki checked it and making an excuse left the place “That this is one of her friend’s no” that time he let her go out and when she went out she called Ranvi and asked about the matter so he told what he said unknowingly to Abhi and asked “I thought network wasn’t good that’s why i didn’t heard any sound from that side well it’s okay half an hour is left only she is going to station you directly go there as she left the college now” Kaustuki nodded her head in yes and taking her cycle she headed towards Railway station and Abhi followed her in a public transport as Kaustuki can identify his car easily Kaustuki reached Station soon and called Basudha Abhi was hidingly following her and when he finally stole her gaze yes she was there with Kaustuki, Kaustu was helping her in keeping her luggage and she was again and again resisting but she did what she wanted and pulling her cheeks Basudha hugged Kaustu and asked to take care here Abhi was still lost there in her after all it was a long time he was looking at her but again she was going somewhere before he could go and stop her the train departed and she left and within couple of minutes Kausutki was also invisible from his eyes he went back out and searched for her cycle but in vein because till then she was left Abhi was feeling peak of happiness as now he knows that Basudha is somewhere near him only but why Kaustuki hid it from him he thought “May be because she only said not to tell anyone because of baba but when she is meeting her then I can also meet her in same way but before that I have to ask about it from her” with a wide smile over his face he left the place and here screen shifts towards Divya she was going somewhere and when Kabir asked her that where she is going she answered “I am going to temple to pray from god to change Maa’s mind soon” Kabir nodded in Oh and then got busy in his work again and Divya coming out from the house took a deep sigh of relief then taking a pubilc transport she went somewhere and after sometime she was infront of somene’s home and when she ranged the bell again the person who opened the door was confused as she just entered saying “Excuse me” to her and the person was none other than Sakshi Divya went in and called out for Basudha then Ranvi came out and greeted her when he told about that Basudha is out for 15 days again and Sakshi is his wife Divya blessed Sakshi and Ranvi then felt bad that since one month she wasn’t able to meet her
Ranvi: what happened Aunty its been long time you come here?
Divya: What to do Naira got doubted over me and I have to do cancel my plans to meet her
Ranvi: so sad Aunty well have some snacks please
Divya: No, No ranvi if i didn’t returned then kabir will get doubt on me as I asked him that I am going to temple so I will come tomorrow Okay
Saying so she left the place then Sakshi said
Sakshi: Every person of the family is coming to meet her and every person of the family doesnt know that others are meeting her too
Ranvi: i wonder something blunder will happen when they all will come face to face for sure
Boht started laughing and the screen here shifts towards Mehta’s mansion here Divya was back to home and then Abhi also came in some preparations were going on there, Kabir called him
Abhi: ji baba
Kabir: Abhi there is lohri function tonight so be ready on time Okay and don’t forget to ask Kaustuki wearing something traditional okay
Abhi nodding in yes left the place and was smiling continuously that scenario which was only for couple of seconds was roaming around him mainly her face that was the time when Kaustuki entered and said
Kaustuki: papa wo there is a college trip for 15 days will you permit me to go ?
Abhi smiled: College trip or your sister is alone there?
Kaustuki being confused: what are you talking about?
Abhi called and asked her to sit beside her she did so then he said
Abhi: I am talking about Ganga Kaustu I know you are meeting your mother hiding from everyone
Kaustuki was dumb struck as how suddenly he came to know about this and she didnt wasted a time to identify that he lied about that phone call beside it he heard everything so she said
Kaustuki: wo.. I didn’t wanted to….
Abhi cuts her off: don’t tell anything just tell me where are they and how is Ganga do she ask anything about me?? and Basudha Do she ask anything about me I mean about us did she says anything about me and where she is living and how you met her please don’t raise my desperation bachha please tell me at least give me a hint if you are bound by any promise please I am requesting you bete Sahab please tell me (hiding his face in her palms)
Looking at that situation Kaustuki was shocked and was having tears in her eyes he was looking a broken person in front of her the person whom she have always stood strongly in every situation was broken down today he faced much bigger problems but never behaved like that and maybe did so but she never seen her but today she was looking at him in that state and more than worrying she was confused Abhi was constantly asking her cupping her face and she was continuously looking his eyes which were only showing the sign of happiness happiness of hope which he got today when she answered looking at him
Kaustuki: I met her during a seminar in college
Abhi: seminar!!
Kaustuki: yes that was for the dramatics department and there I met her she was there as senior guest and professor too I insisted that “Mummy I will come with you this time I am not going back” so she scolding me said “You have to go back why are you behaving like this” but I was stick to my decision like a stubborn child so she took me to the place where she is living and met Ganga too you know she have grown to half of my height and she is very clever” Abhi was smiling hearing her description over Ganga she continued “But you know she is cheater too last time she pushed me into water and said now let me see how will go back” Abhi laughed and said “Was it the same day when you was late for home” Kaustuki looking down at the floor “unfortunately yes and the same day you scolded me” Abhi said “I didn’t knew it na so thats why well tell me where they are living” Kaustuki’s face turned into sad and she said “I can’t tell you without her permission as she has said that Badi Dadi shouldn’t know about it so without asking her don’t tell it to anyone” Abhi smiled “Its okay now lets go everyone is waiting for us and yes you can go to live with Ganga” Kaustuki lauhged in joy and then she said “Okay I will come within 10 minutes then we will go Abhi nodded in yes and started positive hoping that Basudha will only say yes to meet him soon Kaustuki came after changing and both left towards the place where festival was been celebrated everything was ready couples were taking rounds of fire and when Abhi got lost in his own thoughts
It was the same day after they all came back from Kirti’s marriage and then Abhi wasn’t getting time to talk with her so On that day finally got to time to spend time with her but that day she wasn’t free so after all the traditions of the festival when everyone started dancing he dragged her to the terrace when she said
Basudha: what are you doing
Abhi: What!! don’t I have right to spend time with my wife
Basudha: Oh ho you can do so tomorrow also but now lets go down as everyone will search for us
Abhi : no way No one will search us see they are busy in thems selves still
Basudha: What’s this Mehta Sahab stop behaving like this and lets go down
Abhi rounding his arms around her shoulder: Aaj madhosh hua jaye re mera man (today my heart is going crazy)
Basudha shrugging her shoulders: so go and consult with a doctor
Abhi was about to say further when they were interrupted by Kaustuki she was there to tell that Kabir is calling them both Abhi made an annoyed face and Basudha ran from there laughing at him and there dance was going on every one were dancing and nodding his head in disbelief Abhi smiled widely
Flashback ends
abhi came back to senses with a hoot of Kaustuki she was hooting as Kabir was dancing for Divya as she was angry from him because he teased her infront of everyone saying “Gulabo” as she had worn pink today so Kabir sung which was followed by others too
Kabir holding Divya’s hand forcefully
Lo aa gayi lodi ve, (aaha!) (Here comes Lodi)
Bana lau jodi ve, (aaha!) (Make Your pairs now)
Kalaayi koyi yun thaamon, na jaave chhodi ve, (aaha!) (Hold the wrist of Your partner in such a way that they never leave You)
Na jaave chhodi ve (Never leave You)

Divya reliving herself with a jerk:
Jhoothh na boli ve, (oho!) (Don’t You say lies)
Kufar na toli ve, (oho!) (Don’t talk nonsense)
Jo tune khaayi thi kasmein, ik ik todi ve, (oho!) (Each and every promise that You made, were broken)
Ik ik todi ve (Each one was broken)
Abhi also laughed and hooted for Kabir saying “Go on Baba” everyone were enjoying when Kabir started holding Divya’s shoulder
Oy…… ho ho ho ho ho ho oh… hoy-hoy-hoy-hoy-hoy-hoy-hoy!
Tere qurbaan jaavaan, teri marzi jaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You, I will make sure of what Your needs are)
Toh har baat maan jaavaan, teri soniye
I will do everything You ask of me, My darling
Oy-oy-oy, tere qurbaan jaavaan, teri marzi jaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You, I will make sure of what Your needs are)
Toh har baat maan jaavaan, teri soniye (I will do everything You ask of me, My darling)
Oy-oy-oy tere qurbaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You)

Divya jerking him and moving back wards facing him and showing finger to him sung:
Haan! tenu main jaan-diyaan, khoob pehchaan-diyaan (I know You now, I have recognized You very well)
Milna jo mujhko haiga tujhko, sun le kuchh galaan meriyaan (If You want me to be with You, then You have to listen to some of my talks )
Tenu main jaan diyaan, khoob pehchaan diyaan (I know You now, I have recognized You very well)
Kabir was agian and again teasing her calling Gulabo then saying not to mind and now DIvya was irked to the core she went to some ladies and sung here Abhi and Kaustuki along with Naira was enjoying all that when Naira pushed him to accompany Kabir and he did it happily too
Divya patting her head as if she is totally disappointed: Shaam hote hi naal yaaraan de roz da peena (Every evening You leave and go out with Your friends to drink)
Doobe sooraj toh banda vi doobe, hai ye koyi jeena, hmm (As soon as the sun sets, You also set, is this some way of living life)
Kabir in thinking expression and to convince her:
Baat changi, hai ye teri, dhyaan rakhaanga (Your talk is right, I will take care of it)
Aaj pee loon, boond kal se, main na chakhaanga (Let me drink tonight, I will not even drink a drop from tomorrow)
Abhi taking side of Kabir: Haan… jo ab shaam hogi toh seedhe ghar jaayenge (Yes… Whenever it shall be evening, he will come straight home)
Haan haan haan (Yes Yes Yes)
Divya giving glare to both went from there and Kabir sung looking at Abhi:
Tere qurbaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You)
Kabir leaving Divya then started talking about playing cards when Divya felt irked as beside convincing her he was talking with others so she sung
Divya holding Kabir’s collar from back:
Tenu har din, vekhdi hoon, khed-de patte (Everyday I see You, playing cards)
Mujhse pyaare, tenu panje, chhakke te satte, kyun? (You love the cards more than me, those 6’s and the 7’s)
Kabir making an oops expression:
Taash kheloon, ab na hogi, aisi naadaani (I won’t play cards now, there shall not be such foolishness)
Ab toh honge, do hi patte, raaja aur raani (Now there shall be just two cards, The King and the Queen)
Divya :
Jind ey meri hogi teri, chhad patteyaan di dheriyaan (My life shall be Yours, if You get rid of these cards)
Tenu main jaan diyaan, khoob pehchaan diyaan (I know You now, I have recognized You very well)
Divya then asked Kabir to bring Tea to drink as it is a bit cold there but instead of that Kabir for teasing her more brought cold drink for her on which she was more annoyed
Divya:Kuchh mangaaun, yaad tumko reh nahin paaye (If I ask You somethnig to bring, You always forget)
Laana toh tha, ek paraanda, halva le aaye (I asked You to bring a Paratha You brought Halva (Indian sweet dish) )
Kabir with a broad smile over his face:
Paas ab ye, note book hai, is mein likh loonga (Now, I have a notebook, I shall write down in this)
Yaani ab jo, tum mangaao, woh hi laaunga (Now, whatever You have asked of me, I shall bring that only)
Divya made expression like go to hell and here Abhi stopped her and joining his hand sung
Haan… sudharte sudharte hi sudhar jaayenge (Yes… Slowly, slowly he shall improve himself)
Haan haan haan (Yes Yes Yes)
Kabir smiling at her:
Tere qurbaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You)
finally Kabir asked sorry from her and she also smiled at him in forgiveness then she sung smiling
Aa… chaahe badlo ya na badlo, phir bhi mere ho (Even if You change or not, You are mine)
Main toh chaahoon, jab janam loon, tum hi mere ho (I feel like this, whenever You are reborn, You shall be mine)
Oh ho ho ho ho…
Heeriye main, har janam hoon, tera hi jogi (My Lover, I will be Your Love in every life)
Tu meri thi, tu meri hai, tu meri hogi (You were mine, You are mine, You shall always be mine)
Abhi and Naira were smiling at their bond and looked down as it was their moment and kids have no right to see that so he did and to get back to normal mode he sung
Abhi: tumhaare bina ye kidhar jaayenge (Yes, without You where will I go)
Kabir: Tere qurbaan jaavaan (I will sacrifice my life for You)
Divya keeping hand over his head sung: Honi ab poori, hai zaroori, mann diyaan sadraan teriyaan (It shall be fulfilled now, It is necessary, all Your wishes)
All started to dancing in joy and at the end said “HAPPY LOHRI”

Precap: Kaustuki saying to Abhi “you will get her there where the first flower of love was bloomed search your soul when you will get it you will find her”
Wishing you a very Happy Lohri to all and just think everyone here knows about basudha what will happen if they all come to know about each other

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