STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 70

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Episode 70
It was a fine morning and time was about 7:00 am in the morning when the door bell of Mr. Ranvi Mehra rang he was sleeping in a deep sleep and Sakshi who was shown working in kitchen along with Basudha talking about something got irritated with that sound of bell she went to see who was there on the door, as she opened she got confused and shocked too as again the person without telling her anything saying “Excuse me”entered in the house, she was so confused that she started yelling at the person
Sakshi: excuse me how can you enter inside my home like this no introduction no interrogation and all you are entering as if this is your home
Person taking a seat and picking up newspaper : This is my daughter’s home so I can enter whenever I want and by the way who are you did she kept a new maid
Sakshi being irked: Am i looking like a maid to you!!!
She shouted by which Basudha came out of kitchen to look what was the matter then she smiled and got surprised too looking at the person she went near him and patting his shoulder from back said
Basudha: Good Morning Baba
The person turns out to be Kabir he smiled and blessed her then Basudha said
Basudha: Now you are remembering me haah!! by the way she is my Bhabhi Ranvi’s wife
Kabir: he got married!!! but when and why you people never called me ???
Basudha: What to do you were not in contact those days and then you have restricted me to you call you too when you are at home and you never came here too so tell what option was left
Kabir: okay okay i got it was my mistake now kindly give me my dose so that my morning becomes sweet
Basudha laughed: Okay you wait I will bring your tea and breakfast
Sakshi: Ahm i am also coming Basudha wait
Basudha and Sakshi both headed towards the kitchen where while making tea Basudha asked sorry from Sakshi
Sakshi: Sorry for what?
Basudha: My father-in-law called you maid sorry for that only
Sakshi: OH its okay by the way i was wondering that if he is like that then how will be his son I mean Ganga’s father and your husband God he will be double wonder for sure
Basudha while serving tea: this is the only thought which proves wrong everytime wait for the day when he gets to know that where I am you will get to know how My Mehta Sahab is
Sakshi: Hey why you call him Mehta Sahab you can simply call him by name right!!
Basudha while taking tray in her hand: Dadi doesnt liked that, wife taking husband’s name so I suddenly one day called him like that and he said he liked it so from the moment itself whenever I have to take his name I use to say that
Sakshi and Basudha while having chit chat walked towards the Hall where the dining table was, There Sakshi started placing it on the table while Basudha after serving Kabir said
Basudha: Baba you still didnt answered me
Kabir: what?
Basudha: why you didnt came from long time
Kabir: your Mother-in-law my wife Mrs Divya Mehta got suspecious on me thats why she got doubt that i am meeting you so to manage it I have to change my plan and because of that My tea and breakfast got missed everytime and my morning was no more sweet as again I had to eat that diet food which Divya is having these days
Basudha laughed and Sakshi being confused said
Sakshi: when everyone is doubted regarding you people meeting her then why are you hiding it I can’t understand the fact
Kabir: People!!! who else is meeting you
Sakshi: that…
Basudha glared her geturing not to tell
Sakshi covering up: Wo I said that in a flow
Kabir: oh!! well I don’t want anyone else meet her because if Divya met her it means she will come here daily and if she started coming daily then Naira will get suspecious and she will also start following her and if she started then it is obvious that Kaustu bachha will also start doing so and then left her husband my son he will get to know where is she and I dont wan’t that because if he got to know where is she then my all plan will get flop because he is too stubborn so he will never let my plan get fullfilled and I dont want that
Sakshi: ooo so this is the fact
Sakshi: of course bete sahab Okay Pragya now it is getting late i have to go back tomorrow again i will come okay
Basudha: ji baba but I am going today out regarding on project so I will be not here till about 10 to 15 days so…
Kabir: not to worry tomorrow is Sakshi’s first kitchen for me will you make breakfast for this old man bete sahab
Sakshi being over whelmed hearing that and in excitement: Of course Uncle Basudha you go he will have that with me
Kabir smiled and left the place before leaving he said to Basudha keeping his hand over her head “I am sorry beta you have to live alone just for my selfishness I swear once Maa come here to take you it all wil be fine back again” Basudha smiled and said “Don’t say that Baba I know you did it as you can’t lose your mother so you took this step and belive me she will come for sure what if it is taking time” Kabir said “But because of that you both are losing some moments with each other right!!” Basudha said “Nothing like that Baba I know that to get something we have lose something” he smilingly blessed her and left the place then while Basudha was getting in Mrs. Verma stopped her and here screen shifted towards Mehta’s residence here Abhi was doing some work in the hall when some boys entered and fell on his feet and with that sudden reaction he popped on sofa on which he was seated
Boys: uncle namastey
Abhi: Its okay with Namastey but who gives entry like this (Namastey theek hai beta par aisey kaun entry marta hai yr)
Boy: Uncle what to do your daughter has made us so helpless that we have to do so
Abhi: My daughter!! who is my daughter??
Boy: uncle Kaustuki Mehra is your daughter right
Abhi patting his head: Oh yea Kaustuki she is see your this entry affected my brain too by the way what she has done
Boy: Uncle she destroyed Ranawat sir’s car and put the blame on us by which he took about 20000 from us for repairing his car
Abhi making confused : kaustu destroyed the car she can’t do so (then remembered Basudha destryoing cars in anger and every antics of Kaustuki matching with her) she can do so absolutely she can do so (kar sakti hai wo bilkul aisa kar sakti hai)
Boy: Haan uncle now please do something she had troubled us alot
Abhi called Kaustuki and here screen shifts towards Ganga
Basudha: Ganga…. come down immediately
Ganga came there
Ganga: Yes mummy
screen flipped towards kaustuki
Kaustuku: Ji papa you called me??
Abhi: you destroyed one of your professors car then blamed them
screen flipped towards Basudha
Basudha: you beaten Rohan black and blue
Ganga: Mummy mai kya karti mujhe loser loser keh raha tha maine kaha mat bol mana nahi maine bhi jama diye do char (he was calling me loser and was irritating me then wha else was left)
Screen flipped towards Kaustuki
Kaustuki: I haven’t done anything they are blaming me
Abhi: why are you trobling these kids
Kaustuki laughed: Bachhey bhai aajkal bachhey instant noodles ki tarah ho gaye hai bilkul instant dekho to paida hotey hi college (kids damn i guess now-a-days kids have became instant just like instant noodles thats why after taking birth direct went to college)
She was laughing and then screen flipped towards Ganga
Basudha yelled: you slapped him!!! you almost killed him (do char jamaye tune use almost maar hi dala hai maine dekha hai use)
Ganga: nahi nahi maine maara nahi Papa kasam maine bas do char mukkey marey phir thoda bohot baal nochey aur haath moda phir usey keechad me dhakka de diya (no no i havent killed him I just slapped him then i punched him about two to three times then I pulled his hairs and then twisting his hand at his back I just pushed him into the mud thats it)
Basudha: Bas itna hi tha (just it)
Ganga pretending as if she is thinking: Haan bas itna hi kiya tha (yes that’s it)
Basudha shook her head in disbelief and here screen flipped towards Kaustuki
Abhi: Stop joking Kaustuki and ask them sorry
Kaustuki: Sorry….!!!!! No never
Screen flipped towards Ganga
Basudha: you have done so much with him and saying that’s it and leave him you beaten his elder brother too !!! (itna sab kar diya aur keh rahi hai bas itna hi wo sab chhor usko to mara hi maara badey ko bhi maar diya itni buri tarah)
Screen flipped towards Abhi
Abhi: why will you not ask sorry from them??
Kaustuki going infront of them: Inko sorry shakal dekhi hai inhone apni aisi shakal par to sirf curfue banta hai wo bhi dhara 144 ke sath aap khud hi dekho lagta hai ya nahi (look at these faces do you think i will ask sorry from them these faces only deserves to take curfue on them and that also with act 144 you see your self)
Abhi: baat to teri sahi hai (point to be noted)
Screen flipped towards Ganga
Ganga: i said already that i didnt treated his big brother
Basudha: then who did so
Ganga: badey ka ilaaj badey ne kiya chhotey ka chhotey ne (Elder fought with elder and younger with younger)
Basudha sat down holding her head: Achha hai mehta sahab yaha nahi hai warna in ladkiyo ki harkat dekh unhoney ab tak 50 baar heart attack aa kar mar jana tha (Its good that Mehta Sahab is not here otherwise looking these kind of activities by their daughter they would have got heart attack and deat about 50 times)
Screen shifts towards Kaustuki
Kaustuki: You don’t worry about them I will take care of them I knw these all people are con use to say like this then from every home they con about 50000 a day
Boys: no uncle we are not telling a lie see our ID cards
Abhi looking them: they are saying true
Kaustuki dragging all of them out: I said don’t take tension I will see them
she dragged them out of the house and then said in a stern tone “Aisa hai beta nikal lai yaha te warna je maine papa ko bata diya ke maine aisa kyu karya tha pher to aadey baaraat hi niklegi thari aur poora mohalla dekhega (now get lost from here otherwise if I told papa that why i did so then your good treatment will happen here and all the residents will look it)
Boys: Okay dont tell him but sister our pocket money is all spent out how will we survive
Kaustuki smirked: Boys back on line okay dont take tension of that I will pay your bills but if you promise you will never cut my way ever
Boys: Never ever sister
Kaustuki: to bhaago phir issey pehle ke mera mood change ho jaye (so run before my mood change)
They all ran from there and she rushed inside when Abhi asked they gone then she making joke of him said “aisa bhagey ke ab to seedha shakal aur neeyat pe ban hi lagega (they ran in a way that their intentions and face both will be ban now)
She went from there jumping in joy and Abhi holding his head sat down saying “Je aaj Basudha hoti to usne mujhe sooli te tang dena tha hazar dafa fansi ki saza suna deti ke Mehta Sahab ek ladki nahi sambhali gayi aap se (If Basudha would have been here today she would have killed me for sure and then 1000 time she would have declared the punishment hang till death Mehta Shab coz you are unable to handle one girl)
Screen divides and both the side Abhi and Basudha are shown seated holding their heads
After sometime
Abhi was looking for some files when phone rang it was Kaustuki’s phone which was ringing as she forgot it in the hall while the screen shows other side that Basudha was calling her screen again turned towards Abhi he was heading towards phone and picked it up after long ring and as he was about to say the person on the other side spoke without giving him a chance which left Abhi to be dumb stuck as the voice was of Ranvi and what he said was extreme shock to him he said “Kaustuki ji Basu left from here you are late if you want to meet her just go to raliway station directly” saying so he hanged up the call and here Abhi was stood numb after hearing that and small Fb is shown that Basudha was calling Kaustuki but she never picked up so as she was getting late Ranvi asked her to go and he will infrom her and when he called that time Abhi recieved that call flashback ends

Precap: Kaustuki goes to railway station to meet Basudha Abhi followed her

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