STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 69

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Episode 69
both sisters were walking and screen focused on Kaustu’s face who thought “How can i answer you when i myself dont know about it I can think about anything but it is sure that i will not forgive him for not stopping her that day”
They reached home and Ganga rushed in with the maximum speed Ranvi said
Ranvi: Oh cyclone is here by the way madam what have you done with your clothes
Kaustuki: your doubt was extremely right she was fighting with someone
Sakshi: Bad thing Ganga you shouldnt have fight like that baby
Ganga held her hand and said
Ganga: But Mami he was teasing me it was not my mistake so i pulled his hairs and then Bhishoom and Dhishoom both
Sakshi was looking dumbstruck while Ranvi said
Ranvi: who was that boy whose rally you have done today
Ganga: Rohan
Ranvi was eating something which got stuck into his throat Sakshi rubbed his back giving water to him
Ranvi: Rohan!!! Son of Mr. Verma
Ganga: the same who lives in our neighbour
Kaustuki: who is that we dont know but i have given strict class to his brother also
Ranvi making a worried face: Brother also now they both husband wife will do a blunder for sure it is good Basudha is going out today otherwise My funeral was decided
Kaustuki: Oh whenever it will be happen kindly call me it’s been so many days i haven’t eat any feast
Ranvi: your funeral will also happen for sure madam if she came to know
Kaustuki: jib hoga tab dekh loongi abhi maney bhook lagi hai khana khaney do (whenever it will happen I will see then but right now I am hungry and let me have lunch please)
Saying so taking Ganga along with her she left the place and Sakshi asked “Ranvi are you sure Basudha is going”
Ranvi: now why are you asking that?
Sakshi gestured him to look out and he was shocked as it was Basudha who was back ad being confused he said “She was going then why she is back?” Basudha entered and he asked
Ranvi: sister you was going right then why are you back
Basudha: what do you mean by why are you back
Ranvi covering up: I mean how you came back
Basudha: what do you mean by that of course i came back by my car have you gone mad today
Sakshi: He wants to ask how this sudden change of plan took place
Ranvi: exactly
Basudha: Only one change of plan is there that is I am leaving tomorrow not today okay
meanwhile ganga also came out running she rushed to Basudha looking her there and hugged her Basudha asked
Basudha: Now what have you done? that this kind of buttering is going on
Ganga slightly raised her face and pretended that she is thinking then looking back to Basudha
Ganga: Uhm…….. nothing mummy nothing i haven’t done anything just feeling to shower love on you so did it
Kaustuki: chal jhoothi mujh par poora ek mug pani daal ke bhagi hai mummy ye isliye yaha chhip rahi hai sarey kapdey geeley kar diye ab ghar kaisey jaungi Dadi ne pakka meri watt lagani hai aaj (she is a liar she is doing so because she has poured a full mug water on me now how will i go home damn it Dadi will kill me for sure)
Basudha looked at her and a wide smile formed over her face she immediately went to her and pulled her into a bone crushing hug and Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: arey Mummy kapde geeley ho jayenge aapke poora geela kar diya hai is nalayak ne mujhe (oh your clothes will get wet mummy she had drenched me in water)
Basudha slapping her cheek slightly: chup kar bohot bolne lagi hai aur kahan thi ab tak yaad nahi aayi (shut up you have started to speak alot and where were in these days didn’t you missed us)
Kaustuki: Mummy i missed you but what to do papa got doubted on me so i have to do so
Basudha: oh then it is okay
they started talking and Ganga said
Ganga: Oh mami please aap mujhe adopt kar lo meri mummy ko apni badi jiyada pyari hai dekho kaisey has has ke baat kar rahey hai hey bhagwaan dekh dekh zara dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayi bhagwaan kitna badal gaya insaan doosri ko chhor diya pehli ke aatey hi Mami bas aapka hi sahara hai mujhe Mama se bhi koi ummeed nahi inka to phone se affair chal raha hai (Oh Mami please adopt me because mummy only wants her elder daughter see how she is talking being in cheering mood with her see from which condition your world is suffering god how much changed the human being is only your support is there Mami even Mama is also hopeless he is having affair with his phone only)
Sakshi stared at Ranvi and he was giving “What the hell” expressions to her then Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: duniya bhar ka drama aata hai isey haan hun mai hi pyari hun after all mai badi hu aur meri maan to tu na Mami ke sath hi ja kyuki mummy mere liye hai ja ja waisey bhi tu adopted hi hai to ek baar aur ho jayegi to kya jayega (so much drama not drama but melo drama she knows yes i am beloved of her after all i am the elder one and you if i say then you must go with mami because mummy is for me and by the way once mummy adopted you then second time mami will do so what’s the big deal in it)
Ganga being irked: Aaah you are adopted i am not mummy is mine thats why living with me and you are living alone haha
Basudha shouted: Ganga!!! you are not suppose to do such talks okay ask sorry from her now
Ganga with eyes weld with tears went to Kaustuki and holding her hand said
Ganga: I said in joke didi sorry but don’t get angry from me
Kaustuki laughed hard: you are a idiot Dangu seriously why will i get angry from you and that also for silly thing chill girl
Basudha: okay lets go its time for lunch Bhabhi what have you made today?
Sakshi: wo nothing special
Kaustuki: I am having it first time so everything is special for me
Sakshi; okay
Everyone had their lunch and chit chat here screen shifts towards Abhi he reached in NGO there a lady came out shouting and yelling on someone it was a girl about 3 to 4 years who came out running and jumped in his lap saying “Uncle save me today Shabbo has gone mad”
Abhi: what happened now Shabbo why are you torturing this little girl
Shabbo: Haan hum hi to kar rahey hai pareshaan aapki ladkiyan to kuchh karti hi nahi hain…kitni baar kaha hai humne ke hum budhiya nahi hain phir bhi nahi sunti hain hum kahey de rahey hai bhaisahab agar aisa hi chalta raha na to kasam udaan challey ki naukri chhor denge hum bataye de rahey hai haan (yea i am the only one who is troubling them your girls never trouble anyone how many times i have said that i am not an old lady still they all use to call me so I am telling you if this continuned then i will leave this job for sure)
Abhi putting the girl down: Oh ho Shabbo they are kids why are you over reacting
Shabbo: Na bhaiya hum bataye de rahey hai humse na ho payega abhi umar hi kya hai humari abhi abhi to humarey bete ki shadi hui hai to… (no bhaiya i am telling you that this can’t be tolerated by me anymore, recently my son is married then…)
Abhi completing the sentence: to tum budhiya kaisey hui hai na (then how can you be an old woman right!!)
Shabbo: exactly
Abhi getting inside: shabbo you have said this about 100 times to me and still my answer is same that they are kids let them say whatever they are saying
Shabbo: this is not done bhaiya ji
Abhi called all the girls and they gathered there
Girls: what happened uncle
Abhi: I called you here to say that no one will call Shabbo old woman now
Shabbo felt happy
Abhi: you will not call her old woman but very old woman
All the girls teased her calling very old woman and Shabbo being irked said “Bhaiya ji this is not done youi also joined them this is not fare i am saying it to you”
Abhi asked girls to go and Pulling Shabbo’s cheeks said “Oh ho shabbo you are like my maa and a son can troll his mother will you not give that right to me!!!”
Shabbo: you always take advantage calling me like madam this is not fare
Abhi: so it is done you are not angry any more right!!
Shabbo keeping her hand over his head smiled and he too then he left to his cabin lost in thoughts again when Shabbo brought coffee for him and looking him again lost in thoughts she asked “Bhaiya ji bahu begum is very lucky you know otherwise no one miss their wives this much” Abhi being lost in thought said “I am not remembering my wife my soul is away from me I am trying to search her and I think destiny doesnt wants me to meet her now because i have searched her every where but didnt find my soul” Shabbo said “Bhaiya ji why don’t you try to search her at some other places you are continuously going to that Villa in hope that she will come there once and you will meet her but still didnt find her so why dont you try to contact her loved ones may be they know about her anything” Abhi smiled and then said “Shabbo leave that but let me tell you one thing please dont say that much heavy language I know you are from lucknow but please pay mercy on me and dont speak this much tough language” Shabbo said “What i have done now (ab humne aisa kya keh diya)” Abhi said “Bahu begum!!! wasn’t that really heavy word” Sabbo said “Bahiya ji that is my language how can i change it” Abhi smiled and asked “Today Kaustuki didn’t came here?” Shabbo answered “Wo bete Sahab went to one of her friend’s home for some asseenn…. assem… as….” Abhi said “assignment” Shabo said “yes yes that one only she went to do that” Abhi being busy in files “Okay I will talk to her now you go and see otherwise some blunder will happen for sure”
shabbo smiled and went from there Abhi got busy in his work and after sometime he went back to home and enquired about Kaustuki so got to know that she didnt returned yet and thought that she will return soon so went to room and got busy in his work then more time spent and it was about 9:00 pm in clock still there was no sign of Kaustuki to come back everyone were tensed that where did she went and here Abhi was getting restless as she wasnt back yet Kabir and Naira called her knowns to know about her and mainly to Bulbul but got to know that she is not there and thought that she left the place sometime before thats why she is saying that she is not with her time was spending with its speed and still her sign wasn’t there Abhi was seated on couch resting his head on his fist in deep thought and then suddenly he threw his phone away Naira calmed him down and he was about to say something but that time she entered everyone looked at door Kaustuki entered and Divya asked “Where was you girl have you seen the time?” Kaustuki replied “Wo Dadi I was stuck in traffic” Abhi rushed to her “If you was stuck in traffic then wasn’t it your responsibility to call once” Kaustuki “What was the big deal I am back right!!” Kabir said “The matter is not that Kaustu you must have informed that where are you” Kaustuki replied “Phone’s battery was dead Dadu as i didn’t charged it in morning so” Abhi said “Then wasn’t anyone’s charger available to charge and if not then why have you kept phone” Kaustuki replied “Papa you are over reacting now” Abhi controlling his anger “Okay then i am over reacting right!!! so do what ever you want to do I won’t stop you anymore” Kaustuki losing her temper said “When and whom you have stopped ever, whatever happened in your life you let it happened you never stopped anything you never stopped anyone if you have ever done so then you have stoppped mummy that day this is what you are” with slight tears in her eyes and Abhi was looking at her dumb struck and she left to her room
After sometime
Abhi was in his room sitting in darkness when Divya and Naira entered in the room and asked him to come for dinner but as usual he refused to do so then Divya asked Naira to go and keeping hand on his shoulder said
Divya: she is a child Abhi dont feel her words
Abhi: I can feel ma because I never seen her cried like that every how she was crying that day her sobs were too deep Maa I still remember how I made her sleep that night tried to calm her down those swelled eyes of her that red face and choaking voice saying again and again “Please stop her please bring her back” it is not easy to forget all that maa
Divya: I can understand
Abhi: from that day I can see those eyes which are having lots of complains from me she is behaving normal infront of everyone trying to behave normal with in such a old manner but the fact is I can feel that absence of her becuase from that Mr Abhishek Mehta was no more Alarm Clock for his daughter and every time a complaining face was in front of him which was playing with him but having lots of complaints in her eyes
Divya cared his head : what was her age that time
Abhi: about 12 to 13
Divya: exactly and she have complaints because a girl of 13 seen her mother going out of house and her father not stopping her so the question that you didnt stopped her took place in her mind thats it and belive me as Kabir’s intentions will be ful filled na she will change herself for sure
Abhi: hope so
Divya: now come lets have dinner
Abhi: I seriously dont have mood maa you go
Divya: okay
Saying so she went and screen shifts towards Kaustuki she was seated on her bead regretting upon what she said before sometime to Abhi that was the time when Naira entered and Kaustuki came back to her senses
Naira: so junior anger calmed or not
Kaustuki: i was not angry
Naira: then why you spoke like that with him you know being a parent he was right his concern was right and your answer wasn’t reliable to it I know you was slept there and then Ranvi left you here
Kaustuki widening her eyes: how do you know it !!
Naira: Pragya called me and told everything to me
Kaustuki: Oh!!! but i didnt wanted to say that to him
Naira: not to worry just go and say sorry otherwise he has gone on hunger strike
Kaustuki: Hein!! again Oh god this time i am not going to do anything let him face that
Naira: you are troubling my brother shall i call Pragya and tell everything to her
Kaustuki immideately rushed saying: dont need to do that otherwise she will kill me i am going
saying so she left the place and taking platter in her hand she went to Abhi’s room and after asking sorry she asked him to eat food he refused then she went and took one chair then seating beside him stuffed food in his mouth saying
Kaustuki; khana nahi kahyenge ye phir bimar ho jayenge budhape me bachho wali karkatein karenge pareshan karne ke sau bahaney hai inke pass dimag kharaab hai inka ab pata chala mummy kyu sara din kehti rehti thi unhe teen bachhey sambhalney padtey hai kehne ko janab NGO chala rahey hai par khud ki harkatein bhi bachhon jaisi hi hain (mR will not eat food then will fall ill and trouble everyone in old age he will antics like kids now i got to know why mummy use to say that she have to hand three kids it is just for fun Mr is running NGO but his own antics are not less that a child)
She was continuously saying without taking a breath and Abhi was remembering how Basudha use to scold him in same manner and again and again she was stuffing food in his mouth when he got irritated and taking a piece stuffed in her mouth saying “Kitna bolti hai zara saans to le lo continuously boley jaa rahi hai Basu ko bhi fail karegi ye to(how much you speak girl at least take a breath continuously sepaking i am damn sure you will fail Basu also)” Kaustuki smiled and so did he then after having dinner both father daughter left the place and went down where chit chat were going on Divya was busy in some other work and Kabir was talking with Naira Kaustu went and sat with Kabir they were talking something official by which she was getting bored so she said
Kaustuki: Papa Dadu ek sher arz hai (i have one poetry)
Abhi and Kabir in chorus: irshaad irshaad (speak speak)
Kaustuki: Teri Badhti hui mohabbat to hawa denge (we will encourage your love)
Abhi and Kabir: waah waah waah waah (great)
Kaustuki: teri badhti hui mohabbat ko hawa denge aag laga denge, aag laga denge, aag laga denge (we will encourage your love we will set a fire set a fire set a fire)
Abhi and Kabir gave a totally disgusting look to each other and Divya laughed then Kabir being irked said “Now my turn” Kaustuki said “yes please”
Kabir: ye daulat bhi le lo ye shohrat bhi le lo (take this name and take this fame too)
Abhi and Kaustuki along with Naira: waah baba waah (great)
Kabir: ye daulat bhi le lo ye shohrat bhi le lo hume nahi chahiye ye aurat bhi le lo (take this name and take this fame too i dont need this lady take her too)
Divya who was setting cushions that time suddenly those cushions started to fly and then she said “Now my turn” All of then said “Yes please”
Divya: girtey bujhtey lehratey khandahar soch samjh ke kharch kar (you broken monument think and then spent)
Kaustuki and Naira: wah wah (great)
Divya: girtey bujhtey lehratey khandahar soch samjh ke kharch kar ginti ke jaan bachi hai tere andar chehre se bhikari izzat se fakeer haalat dekh apni wajood ke naam par sirf lakeer(you broken monument think and then spent because you have numours days of your life your respect is just like saint and life like beggar just look at your self there is only a line in the name of your existance)
Kabir; did she just insulted me ?
Abhi: not a question baba because she just did that
Kabir shocked Divya rocked and there screen shifted towards Basudha she was doing some kind of work while everyone were chit chatting when Ganga came to her and said “Mummy i got one poetry shalli sing it for you”
Basu being busy in work: hmmm
Ganga: Mujhe haar bananey ke liye ek moti chahiye (i need a bead for making necklace)
Sakshi: great
Ganga: Mujhe haar bananey ke liye ek moti chahiye kaam kiye jaao mummy mujhe tumhare ghar me roti chahiye (i need a bead for making neckless do work continuously mummy i need chapati at your home)
Basu’s eyes got widen she glared at her saying “who taught that”
Ganga: a human is teacher to himself julia (character of a play)
Basudha taking scale in her hand: wait i will tell you Julia ki bachhi you have learnt so much michief now a days wait there i said
Ganga ran from there immediately and Ranvi along with Sakshi were laughing at Ganga that how she managed to make Basudha play with her as she knew without teasing her she won’t leave her work

Precap: Kaustuki went to her room leaving her phone in hall where ABhi is doing some work Basudha calls her and screen flips over Abhi’s face then phone and Abhi moving towards phone
scene 2 someone knocks the door and after opening it Sakshi gets shocked

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