STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 67

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Episode 67

Kabir and Pratik uncle dragged all of them to the floor and the moment ended up happily with a large family picture in end, it was the last day when our whole family was together, not last actuall, we met them after that too but randomly not oftenly Abhigya Bua and Pratik uncle after settling their both daughters shifted to India in their own villa, here Maa and Papa finally decided to move into Mehra Mansion where there life was, Yash Chachu and Shreya Chachi also moved with us and Subuhi Bua is still with her brothers and sisters, now everyone is settled out so all the brothers sisters had decided to live rest of their lives together, For Basudha her life wasn’t change at all still some issues were there to resolve about her past so she did so and the most important person according to her who was her Huband only helped her alot she is very much successful now and have learnt to live on her own….

So… this all was a story narrated by someone and when the screen focus gets on face the person turn out to be was Ranvi, he was narrating this to someone let’s see who
lady: But if it is then what was the reason that they are living separately
Ranvi: Sakshi every time luck doesn’t works you know sometimes life without any problem or sorrow becomes a problem for others they can’t see you happy to such extent so this was the same happened with them also Majushree and Ranjita both planned to destroy them and they got successful too, but to their fate their thought of separating every family member and making them rival of each other didn’t worked
Sakshi: What!!! but how this all happened I mean how they were successful

Ranvi: they spoilt Abhishek’s image in his office by leaking a fake MMS which was edited through graphics whose main intention was to create a rift between Abhishek and Basudha and create a bad image of him in front of everyone but failed as Basudha’s extreme trust over Abhishek worked there she tursted him more than herself she was with him when ever his family member for once doubted him but she said that “If He was wishing to do so then why he wished this on this stage if his intentions were such then why will he wait for this much time he would have cheated me long ago” these words of her were stick to their thought but not with the world Abhishek took that all humiliation on his mind and you very well know when Mind starts to take decision of heart then person can’t be sesitive for others so happend with him he was changing that all insult he faced all the humiliation got stuck to his mind and then started the world of hell for everyone as sweet and calm Abhishek was changing he was turning into a rude person sometimes he was getting aggressive once he slapped her too for some reason just in anger she told me that it was due to some normal reason but as he was changed a bit this was the major reason that she got sure about something was there and this doubt changed into assurity when he came back very next moment to ask sorry from her she told me that she first refused but when he shared his heart out she got to know that he is in some kind of tensed situation

Fb is shown
Basudha is in the balcony trying to forget that incident which suddenly took place with lots of thoughts she went inside the room and sat resting her head on the head board eyes were closed seems she was trying to forget everything when she felt a hand over her cheek and warm tear drop over her hand, when she opened her eyes she found him in front of her she tried to move but he stopped her asking sorry his head was down and was looking like he was having only one expression over his face which was extreme guilt she turned to him and still his head was down she lifted it and looked into his eyes and the very next moment the thing he said was “Please take me out from this all it is feeling I am killing myself” she was confused hearing that but before she can think further she was pulled into the hug first she was taken aback but when she found his eyes close deeply she rubbed his back and asked him to share his problem then that was the time he narrated all that to her he said that “I dont know what is happening to me I am unable to forget that humiliation Basudha it was too much why the hell that person didnt confronted me after that confrontation also I must have proved innocent but why that kind of thing

I know every blame is cleared from me but still it is paining na every one is looking at me with those pity eyes that i was trapped and those pity eyes are killing me It feels extreme pain when your own kids also ask you such questions Basu you know she asked me that one of her friend’s mother asked her that your father was trapped into blame game is he out now why did this happen, i can’t understand why people just dont forget everything when it is solved is it necessary to make it as a gossip Basu i was humiliated and insulted once but now i feel it is going on daily every moment every second I am feeling like to kill Myself kindly help me to get out from all this please it is very much choaking” she kept her hand over his and asked “Do you belive me?” Abhi looked at her she was looking at his hand her hand then he said “More than myself”

She looked at him and said “Then believe me and meet that psychatrist” Abhi was about to say something when she cuts him off and said “It is not necessary that a person meets psychiatrist when he or she is mentally unstable if you are tensed then also it is good to consult them as they help you to get out of that unnecessary tension and here in your case something is sure so we have to consult him if there is nothing then belive me i will be super happy as i proved wrong and you dont have kind of problem beside this” Abhi said “What if people started thinking that i have gone mad” Basudha smiled and said “Janab in logon ke barey me na sochey kyuki jab hum achhai karey to badhawa dene waley bhi yahi aur galti karey to keechad uchhalne waley bhi yahi Khud ke sath ho to roney waley bhi yahi aur kisi aur ke sath ho to hasne waley bhi yahi mazak bananey waley bhi yahi aur martey hue ko roz marney waley bhi yahi (don’t think about people because when we do good they are the one who praise us and when we do wrong even a small mistake they are the one who bad mouth us when we do good they are the one who never get tired of praising us and when we do a mistake they are the one who bycott us they are the one who cry when something happens with them own but laugh like mad when something same happens with others)” Abhi looked at her as she was looking like she was the most affected person this time with all that and then he said “Okay i will come with you tomorrow” she smiled
Flashback ends

Ranvi continued: they went to meet the Psychatrist and as per her doubt he cleared that Abhishek was suffering from depression he wrote some medicines for him and with the effect of that he started recovering but someone was there in whose eyes she bacame a problem It was Mrs. Daljeet Mehta his grand mother according to her, her grandson wasn’t suffering from anything but still everyone was thinking him mad but everything got fine soon, but it is said to be true that evil never dies they find another way to trouble you so happened with Abhishek, Ranjita and Manjushree were now in full rage to destroy him and so they took a drastic step which was that they told one of the staff member that Abhishek is none other than The Abhishek mehta son of Mr. Kabir Mehta and this lead to the fall of them because then the point which was how Abhishek can get back to back promotions got raised and he was questioned for that too Basudha was fired before anyone can raise finger on her and never thinking ability of that man everyone started to saying that they were blood relatives thats why he was getting back to back promotions Kabir uncle as a very strict rule follower he fired Abhishek

and now he was job less Manjushree’s plan was this only that Kabir uncle will fire him from his job and he will think that it was the uneven thing happened with him so he will fight against his own family but her wish never came true as Abhishek being an understanding person understood that taking this step was necessary for Kabir to keep his and his son’s respect alive he knew that his son is able to do anything so he will get back to work on his own for sure so he never raised a single question but leaving that company by Abhi lead to actual problem a person hired by Manjushree was hired on Abhishek’s place and he hacked all the company accounts and started trasferring funds to another accounts which were of Manjushree arora she was getting successful as company started facingn loss and Kabir uncle somehow get to know about fraud which was going on in company and decided to stop it before any further loss so showing an extreme loss over his company shares he shut that company
Sakshi: Shut that company!!! wasnt that stupidity!!!!

Ranvi with a smile: stupidity for us but cleaverness for him as if he would have continued with that then for sure his every company would have suffered loss which he was running so Media company which was much famous he shut that and Ranjita and Manju thought they have become insolvent now but Kabir uncle was thinking something else after declaring that the company is no more he hired an investigating team who investigated about those sudden loss and then only he got to know that it was done by those girls only it and with that he trapped them and Manju, Ranju went behind the bars
Sakshi: Oh glad that everything went fine

Ranvi: thought so but everything never got fine as Mrs. Daljeet Mehta was thinking that this all is happening because of my sister and she started getting irk of her resulting she was scolding her on every small matter which was resulting in a great shock for her as she was the only one who supported her in all matters and finally one day a last hidden truth came out which was the bitter truth for Abhishek not for Basudha
Sakshi being confused: bitter truth for Abhishek and that also only by his family???
Ranvi: hold on Mrs Mehra i am telling you yr
Sakshi making a cute childish face: sorry… continue please

Ranvi: so one day suddenly Kamya came to meet them and specially to his grandmother so Dadi also said okay and as she also wanted to ask something and she asking to bring tea from Basudha went from there along with Kamya all were confused with this behaviour of them, Basudha went taking tea with her to serve them and then got a shock of her life that Kamya was being paid to make me agree for marriage as it was none other than His grand mother who paid her because Kamya wasn’t ready to give her hand in his hand after knowing that he was having same faults as her so thats why she paid her to hide this fact and let happen what is happening Basudha wasn’t affected much knowing that because she wasn’t having any else hope from her hopeless aunt but after getting to know that Kabir uncle and Divya aunty were the one who were affecting more because his mother does such kind of cheap things and but in his grandma’s opinion this fight also took place because of Basudha so she said her decision that “either she will live here or i will live here you people have to decide whom you want to keep here” and this made them think then Kabir uncle came forward as support to her she said to them

Kabir went to Pragya and said “Bahu beta may i come in” Pragya was lost somewhere get back into senses and said “No need to ask Baba please come in” Kabir went in and kept hand on her head then said “Pragya your existance have been questioned today by my own mother i am sorry as she did really cheap thing I can’t ask forgiveness for that too but want that you must prove yourself and show her that you are also a person filled with courage you are not the one who let things happen in their life being helpless but you are the one who rule your life on your own” Pragya asked “But baba…” Kabir “look beta i am really feeling ashamed and really want that none of family member must get chance to badmouth about you so will you do as i say” Basudha said “What i have to do?” Kabir caring her cheek “Thats like my daughter well nothing much but you have to do this” he narrated what she had to do and then said “will you be able to do so” Basudha smiled and said “No worry Baba

I will make him understand” Kabir said “Thank you bachha” and went from there she smiled and took deep breath and then after sometime when Abhi came back and inquired about Basudha going somewhere Kabir told him that she is angry from us and narrated the whole incident he looked towards Dadi with tears in his eyes which were filled with complaint but her face was still not showing any sign of guilt and he rushed towards his room and looked that she was packing her stuffs and making Ganga ready he went to her and said with choking voice “Look mistake is from my family’s side not by my side right!!! then why are you leaving me” she looked at him and said “It is necessary to do so” Abhi being like a stobborn child “No please look it becomes very hard to live without you please and Ganga and Kaustuki how will I live without them no I will not let you go anywhere please Basu dont do this injustice with me please” with a pleading tone he said and that was the time when Kabir entered and told everything to him too which he told to Basudha and saying so he left from there then he asked from Basudha

“Is it necessary” Basudha cupped his face “Do you want to prove to your grandma that every person have his/her self respect whether they have parents or not!!!” Abhi nodded in yes then Basu said ” then it is necessary and lets examine our destiny too this time lets see whether living at same city same place just change of area makes us meet or not promise me you will never try to find me let destiny do so let it decide when we will meet” Abhi held her hand and said “Are you mad?? I can’t…” Basudha cuts off ” everytime i did what you said this time do that what i said please” saying so she started to move and when she was about to go passing him he held her by his arms and looking towards the same direction without looking and turning to her said “You are leaving this place not me right” she smiled and turned to see him who turned to her and then she said “Saya bhi rooh hota hai kya juda (does shadow separates from soul ever!)” Abhi left her hand and she smiled in assurance and he said “i will wait for that day” Basudha left from there leaving Kaustuki with Abhi she was crying alot asking “Papa please stop mummywhy she is going alone please stop her dont let her go” but he never stopped her and held Kaustuki’s hand that day she sobbed alot and he was just looking at the direction where she went for sometime
Flashback ends

Ranvi continued: so then Basudha left the place and suddenly i found her living at some other place on rent so i asked her to come here and live with me and thats all so she is here and working along with Ganga and he is there with her
Sakshi: okay then!! this is the story but don’t they miss each other
Ranvi smiled and answered: Jo rishtey jad se majboot hotey hai unhe dooriyan kabhi nahi mita pati (the relations which are strong by roots distances never affect them
She smiled

to be continued…..

screen freezed on her then dividing the screen Abhi and Basudh’a faces are shown and BG plays
Ek pyar ka nagma hai, maujon ki ravaani hai (It is a song of love, it’s a flow of ecstasy)

Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahin (Life is nothing else)

Teri meri kahaani hai (but the story of you and me)

Precap: a Girl is shown in college some boys came to her and said “Oh girl why dont you give a chance to call our self as your care taker” Girl stares at them and said “Goli kha ke manega ke chaudhry (would like you get shoot by gun Chaudhry)”
Okay no beatings please as i thought not to show that enemy crap drama any more thats why ended it up in a single episode lets see whats store in the story further

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