STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 64 part 3

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Episode 64 part3

Kabir dragged Divya from there
Kabir: what kind of childish act is this Divya you know very well that I don’t like to dance then also you are doing so why are you creating scene here yr.
Divya: you are such a hopeless person Kabir…
She was about to say further but was cut off by one girl who came there and said “Just like you Aunty ji”
Divya being in shock: What I have done
Girl pointing at Abhi: you made him move on in his life
Divya: It is right to move on and why will he suffer just because his fiancé once met accident and was dead which is not!!!
Girl: It was his fate to do so but you made him move on and you guys cheated on me and my family
Kabir: we never cheated anyone Tanushree you faced accident that time and doctor also declared you and your father dead then why the hell are you blaming us
The girl turn out to be Tanu

Divya: what a disgusting character you are we just met and beside greeting your elders you started you blame game I am happy that this alliance was broke that time itself
Saying so Divya and Kabir moved from there and here screen focuses on Tanu she smiled wickedly and then thought “Not Tanushree Mr. and Mrs. Mehta but Manjushree aka Manju my sister my father died because of you Mrs. Divya and my mother is suffering just because of you I will not leave you all so easily I can’t forget how she cried bitterly and you people never came to console any of us neither on condolence nor on the final rituals but beside that you fixed another girl for your son, you will pay for it now Mehta’s for sure you will pay for it” screen shifted from her determinant face towards Basudha she was seated with other ladies where they were singing some of the folks (in North India from one month before the day of marriage ladies comes in night and sing some folks and bride groom songs that is only called Sangeet according to tradition and now a days this have been started as particular function but believe the one which is of tradition that one is filled with real fun I know because I have attend one ) Abhigya was also there they said something and Basu laughed then she said

Basu: Maa why don’t you sing one which always Dadi use to sing!! When she becomes happy
Abhigya: if they sung that na then people will say us typical Indian
Basu: really!!! When they are doing their traditions in our country then they are representing it and when we are doing the same then we are Typical wow what a deal
Abhigya patting Basu’s head slightly: will you ever leave pointing out others
Basu: if it is wrong then NO
Kirti: keep it up didu I am also with you
Abhigya: oh, my, !! these girls are just…
Kirti and Basu in chorus: outstanding we know that
Saying so they both laughed
Abhigya: why don’t you sing that
Basu: I can’t sing that

Divya also came there: and why is it so
Basu: because my Banna (groom/husband) is not idiot
Yashika: Ooo……… your banna is not idiot haah!!
Naira: but let me tell you my dear he is king of idiots
Basu: still I will not
Abhigya: then drop this idea simple
Subuhi: why will we drop idea you tell me Basu I can try it
Abhigya: why!!! Is your banna idiot???
Subuhi: No but my cutie girl is wishing so I can fulfil her wish for sure
Abhigya: but madam it’s a Haryanvi folk and we people are not that
Subuhi: you are now as jiju is from Haryana right!!
Abhigya: uff do whatever you want to do but if anything happens later don’t complaint me
Subuhi: for sure
She went from there saying so
Subuhi: what are you waiting for girls bring the dholak and let’s begin the fun
Kirti: But maasi your performance
Subuhi: this will be more fun than that leave that and see how your Subhash uncle gets shocked
Kirti: then I want to see that for sure let’s begin
Subuhi: let’s do it Basu call out please
Basudha nodded in excitement and said in total Haryanvi style
Basu: Rae bawli le aa it dholak chamcha kitai bajaan laag ri hai (oH! Girl bring Dholak and a spoon here why are playing there)
Everyone laughed on her accent with was filled with bit rudeness and when the girl brought dholak a lady who was playing started playing it and Basu was tapping spoon on it then Subuhi started singing which grabbed everyone’s attention over there specially Subhash
main nayi naveli aayi (I was a new bride,)
main nayi naveli aayi (I was a new bride..)
sharmayi re, ghabrayi re (I was shy, I was afraid,)
main nayi naveli aayi (I was a new bride…)
main nayi naveli aayi (I was a new bride…)

Subuhi Patting her head:
saaton ajoobon se ajoobi ye joRi (this couple is stranger than the seven wonders,)
palle paRi main jaake kiske nigoRi (with whom I am stuck now..)
gift mein jaise mil jaave, langoor ko heera panna (like some ape gets jewels as a gift.)
idiot hai mera banna, idiot hai mera banna… (my husband is an idiot..)

Subhash looked at her widening his eyes in shock as she just called him an idiot Then Subuhi continued and Basudha along with Kirti were laughing like mad Abhi was admiring her here Abhigya was looking at her sweet daughter back after a long time

main boli banna manne kulla kara de (I said, O hubby, help me brush my teeth,)
jaake bazaar se daatoon laa de (get me a cleaning twig from the market..)
ye jaake daatun ke badle (but instead of the twig,)
khet se laaya ganna (he got a sugar cane from the fields.)
idiot! haan idiot.. (Idiot.. yeah, Idiot..)

idiot hai mera banna, idiot hai mera banna… (my husband is an idiot..)

mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa (My jewellery is long,)
ji mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa (My jewellery is long,)
mere susre ne diye gaRhvaye ((my father-in-law got this made for me,))
jhanajhan jhanajhan (it clinks and clanks,)
jhanajhan baaje baajNa (it clinks and clanks,)
ji mera nau DaanDi ka baajNa hoye.. (my jewellery is long..)

[baajNa or beejNa seems to be a jewellery, which I’m not exactly able to find much detail about. However, mera nau DaanDi ka beejNa is a famous Haryanvi song too.]

main boli banna manne picture dikha de (I said O hubby get me to see a movie,)
balcony ki do Tho TickeT kaTa de (get us two seats of balcony..)
yoon to saara ke saara theatre tha khali (as such the entire theatre was empty,)
banne ne ek ticket hi nikali.. (but my husband just got one ticket..)
bola ke interval tak dekhle tu (and said, “you watch till the interval,)
haan bola ke interval tak dekh le tu (and said, “you watch till the interval)
interval ke aage ki main dekh loonga (and I’ll see post-interval.)
ek ticket se kaam chale to do leke kya karna (what’s the need of two when we can both see with one ticket.”)
idiot hai mera banna, idiot hai mera banna… (my husband is an idiot..)

As the song ended Subuhi looked towards Subhash he was glaring at her and she made a face as if she is saying to him “My idiot and cute husband” Subhash couldn’t control but smiled at that time then Basu hugged Subuhi saying “love you maasi” Subuhi kissed her forehead and screen shifts towards Abhigya she was stood over there Pratik when Anirudh and Shitiz came there
Shitiz: so are you ready sister
Abhigya with a smile: let’s do it bhai
Anirudh in shock: some times before you weren’t ready and now suddenly agreed for it!!!
Abhigya: I want to test something na Bhai that’s why
Shitiz: you want to test!! But what!!
Abhigya: you will get to know that time itself if I am thinking right otherwise after ending of our performance
Anirudh: okay but at least you agreed now please do something which make everyone dance over here
Abhigya: bhai this is pop star’s promise you will surely get something rocking
Shitiz: we are waiting for it
Pratik: means finally after a long time we are going to see live concert and that also of my wife
Abhigya smiling in attitude: wait and watch and yes get ready to swing
Saying so she left from there Pratik said
Pratik: she is in full mood this time
Shitiz and Anirudh nodded in yes then screen shifts towards Basudha she was going somewhere when she heard a teasing line from back of the pillar want to know what was that then let’s see
Basu was going and Abhi looked from far saw that she was coming in that direction only then thought something smiling wickedly hid behind the pillar and when she was passing from there sung
Abhi: Oh, kithey chaliye gobi the fool ban ke (where are you going being a cauliflower)
Basu’s eyes were opened in shock she turned to see but no one was there then again started moving but he followed and again sung
Abhi being in mischivious mood: Jatey ho janey jana pyar ka salaam lete jana (you are going oh my love please take my salutation with love for you)
Basu again turned to see but no one was there and here Abhi was giggling behind the pillar looking her confused expressions she ignored and again started to move then again Abhi in a teasing tone said
Abhi: Laal chhadi maidaan khadi khoob ladi kya khoob ladi (the girl in red was standing like she is in battle field, she fought well with everyone)
He peeked out but Basu wasn’t there he was confused that in a bit where did she went then in a stern tone voice came from his back and when he turned Basu was staring at him with a glare folding her hands she said
Basu: what was going on here
Abhi giving an oops expression: nothing I was just looking out the decoration (looking at the curtains)
Basu: looking out the decorations with singing teasing songs
Abhi: no I didn’t even I was saying that
Basu: what you were saying (with a dead glare expression)
Abhi holding her hand: hum dil se gaye hum jaan se gaye bas aankh ladi aur baat badhi (I am lost by heart I am lost by myself just our gaze fell on each other and the love bloomed)
Basu nodding in disbelief jerked his hand and said glaring him: Aisey besharm aashiq hai ye aaj ke inko ungli thamana ghazab ho gaya (how shameless lovers are these now-a-days it became terrible to make them hold your finger)
Abhi: Hum to tere aashiq hai saidyo puraney chahey tu maney chahey na maney (I am your lover from long time back whether you agree or not)
Basu nodding her head in disbelief: dheere dheere kalai lagey thamne inko apna banana ghazab dha gaya (slowly, slowly they begin to hold your wrist and started getting on your nerves it became terrible to make them your own)
Saying so she left from there and it was clearly seen that she was irked now Abhi patted his head and said to himself “ham ko bhi naa jaane kyaa suujhi, jaa pahunche usaki toli men har baat men usaki thaa vo asar, jo nahin banduk ki goli me ab kyaa hogaa, ab kyaa kije, har ek ghadi, mushkil ki ghadi (don’t know what I thought and messed with her her every sentence is more powerful than a bullet don’t know what will I have to do now for convincing her now what to do every moment is going to be tough because I have to convince her) I guess company of Yash mama is making just like him I must stay far from him otherwise every time I will end like this
He was saying to himself then followed Basudha and in midway he met Manju she stopped him
Manju: hey Abhi
Abhi with a confused look: excuse me do I know you!!!
Manju: you forgot me soon ah! Well I was your fiancé
Abhi: Madam what are you saying!!
Manju: I am Tanu
Abhi who was totally confused: what are you saying and if you are so then its okay why are you trying to make me remember about that and moreover I remember she wasn’t alive as she faced accident so excuse me
Manju wasn’t ready to leave him and he was getting irritated that time Basu came there and looking him with her asked from him
Basudha: what are you doing here in mid of ladies I am telling you Mehta Sahab now-a-days you are spending a lot time in mid of ladies it is not good if Kaustuki saw you like this then handle yourself
She was saying continuously then Manju interrupted
Manju: hey who is this chatter box
Abhi’s eyes got widen hearing that as he imagined what was going to be happen next looking at Basudha’s face which was now turned red in anger like chilly because she can’t tolerate someone saying her chatter box beside him yes if he will say she can listen because she loves blabbering in front of him which makes him irritate and when someone else saying that then….
Abhi smiled at Manju and said : Madam R.I.P in advance
And as he imagined now Basu was started
Basu: how dare you called me chatter box have you seen yourself looking like buried your face in the container of flour and then this hairstyle seems like a rat is living in your head and that also on rent why don’t you do one thing put a board over your head of, TO-LET and that also for lice and rats
As Basu said all that every Mehra was looking at her the style of speaking here Manju said
Manju: you are insulting me!!!
Basu: Insulting you!!!! Arey feel some fear yr. you have to face god after death I am just describing how are you looking just see your face in mirror idiot and you (to Abhi) she is insulting me and you are looking like numb you won’t say anything
Abhi: what shall I say you spoke everything now what else
Basu: now what are you waiting for!! Christmas?? It is gone and you also like Christmas go please otherwise I don’t know what I will do
All the Mehra were looking at her in shock widening their eyes when Prabhas said “Basudha me papa ka bhoot aa gaya (Papa’s ghost entered in her)
Abhigya: he said that to Aliya Bua always

A small Flashback is shown
All the Mehra family were on dining table and then all the kids arrived and Rahul was also with them today and Pragya served breakfast to them then Aliya also came there she was wearing a full sleeve Kurta with chines collar and with rough bun her flicks were coming out which were troubling her face and she was again and again struggling with them then finally she got success in that she somehow pinned her flicks in her hairs and came to dining table there as everyone wished her good morning and Rahul for teasing her said
Rahul : yeah someone is looking damn hot that today temperature will definitely raise outside ( aaj to koi bahot hot lag raha hai pakka bahar garmi badhne wali hai )
While Rahul said so then only Abhi looked at Aliya as he was first fully concentrated on his breakfast
Aliya : Mr Rahul I am hot by birth do you have any doubt on it
Abhi : Hot hot what hot look at yourself you think that you are looking hot with this nest on your head
Aliya irked : Bhai this is style this is called Rough bun what say girls (Subuhi and Abhigya )
Subuhi : I agree with you bua
Abhigya : Papa this is the style which makes you most adorable
Abhi : This nest on your head will give you adorable look I don’t think so.
Pragya who was coming out for serving the hot parathas patted slightly on his shoulder and said leave it na it’s her choice you have your breakfast saying this she left and then something strucks in Prabhas’s mind so he winked at Abhigya and she understood what he was saying and then she said something in Subuhi’s ears and she said something to Rahul and he said ok then Prabhas said to Abhi

Prabhas : Papa you are saying right don’t know what these girls think of themselves always think that they are looking cool in their get up but they always look like a ghost
Abhi : That’s like my son you are saying extremely right beta
Abhigya : Papa we don’t look like a ghost this helps in increasing our beauty
Subuhi : making us extremely beautiful
Aliya : don’t say anything beta ji what bhai will understand look at him doesn’t even know that how to make a better hairstyle haah what he will know about our styles
Abhi irked : Ooh madam whatever hairstyle I have its better than your nest which you had made on you head just giving a shelter to a bird and her family is left
Aliya irked : what did you said bhai if you said one more time my hairstyle a bird’s nest then see what I will do ?
Abhi : what you will do ? will you tell your birds to attack on me hahaha
Prabhas : No papa I know that what they will do they will go and burry their face in wheat flour then they will put a red lipstick on it and then they both will say that see how we are beautiful hahahah papa seriously
Abhi and Prabhas laughs hard and shares a high five
Aliya : Its enough bhai you can’t make fun of my beauty

Abhi widening his eyes : beauty with this type of getup seriously!!! Aliya scare from god you have to face him after your death you are saying this scary look a beauty it is looking like a ghost which is desperate to suck some one’s blood…(sundar ar is get up k sath Aliya bhagwaan ka khauf kha jaan deni hai tune use are is look k sath tum aise lag rahi ho jaise ek bhootni barson se tadap rahi hai kisi ka khoon peene k liye)
Aliya irked : bhai you are saying me ghost
Abhi : no I am saying your look as a ghost
Aliya : it’s a same thing
Abhi : have a difference
Aliya : how ??
Abhi : look If I am saying that you are looking like a ghost then it will be insult of ghost because even ghost are also scare from you because you are their boss that’s why I am saying that your look is looking like a ghost then it means you are looking less scary (dekho agar mai keh raha hoon ki tum bhootni lag rahi ho to ye unki insult hogi kyuki bhoot tumse khud darte hai tum unki boss lagti ho is mamle me tum unki boss ho matlab tum unse jyada darawni ho samjhi isliye mai keh raha hoon ki tum bhoot jaisi ho iska matlab aj tum kam darawni lag rahi ho )
Aliya : ooh is it like that ( oh achha aisi baat hai)
Abhi : yes paglu
Then aliya came back in senses and remembers what she has just said then she got more irked on Abhi argument between Abhi and Aliya was continuing all the kids were enjoying
Flash back ends

The same kind of thing was happened there also
Yash: Mai bulata hun tab to utar ke aatey nahi aaj bina bulaaye aa gaye wo bhi kiske paas Basudha ke paas waah mere baap waah beta bulaye to na, na, na, na aur aiwai ghoomne nikalna ho to ha, ha, ha, ha wo bhi Basudha ke pass (whenever I use to call him for help he never comes and today he came without calling and that also for Basudha great when calls then always say No, No, NO, No and without invitation wander here and there)
Prabhas: what are you blabbering
Yash: I am not blabbering Bhaiya I am going to call a ghost catcher if he can’t come for my help I will not let him come on earth (mai bad bada nahi raha Bhaiya jaa raha hu tantrik bulaney agar ye meri help ko nahi aa saktey to main inhe dharti par hi nahi aaney doonga)

He went from there saying so and Abhigya, Prabhas, Subuhi nodding their head in disbelief said “this boy has gone mad”
After sometime it was evening and lights were about to turn on but Abhigya stopped everyone from doing so as she had her own plans and called Yash along with Prabhas and Subuhi all were confused that what is going to be happen next why the light are off when suddenly and rocking music which can make every one dance started playing and as the main spot light got on everyone hooted as there was live concert with in a home for them Yash was playing drum, Prabhas was with flute to give more exciting tone music, Subuhi was as usual with key board and then one main light fell on the person as the music ends it was none other than Abhigya and as Basudha seen her like that she hooted with her full energy and Abhi was looking at her thinking what happened to her suddenly

Abhigya started holding mike in pop star style:
Ankhiyaan ladi hoon ladi beech bazaar (our gaze fell on each other we shared an eye lock)
Dil mera loot gaya pehli baar (my heart flew away for the first time)
Ankhiyaan ladi hoon ladi beech bazaar (our gaze fell on each other we shared an eye lock)
Dil mera loot gaya pehli baar (my heart flew away for the first time)
Usko bulaaya maine kitni baar (how many times I have called him)
Aaya ni chandra ekvi baar (but he never came even for a once)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)

All hooted in excitement and Basudha was the one who was going crazy with every single line of hers even Kabir was enjoying it along with Divya she was feeling happy when Yash came and accompanied his sister…..

Oh chal kudiye ni chal haan tayaar (Oh, girl come on get ready)
Kehna padega nahin ab ke baar (you don’t have to say this time)
Oh chal kudiye ni chal haan tayaar (Oh, girl come on get ready)
Kehna padega nahin ab ke baar (you don’t have to say this time)

Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)


Everyone was enjoying even sometime they were following back to her also that time Pratik was also in full swing and he went towards her all of them hooted that time and the environment was really turning like a concert


Abhigya continued in a bit mild tone:
Soniyaa soniyaa, hai hai hai re man moniyaa (Oh my love my dear my admirer)
Gal sun le tujhe meri jaan ki kasam, soniyaa (please hear me for my life’s sake)
Pratik joining her taking mike from Yash:
Tu jaan meri soni soni (you are my life sweet heart)
Tere vargi haur nahin honi (I will never find one like you)
Tainu haske maar gayi oye hoye, (you killed me with your smile)
Badi zaalim teri adaa (your style is too cruel)
Abhigya raising her eyebrow and again getting back to the joy:
Oye hoye hoye barson kiya re maine tera intezaar (Oh, ho I waited for you since a long time)
Tab naa kiya tune ikraar (you mever proposed me and accepted me then)
Barson kiya re maine tera intezaar (I waited for you since a long time)
Tab naa kiya tune ikraar (you mever proposed me and accepted me then)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
The sound of tote, tote was echoing every where as everyone was enjoying it and then that was the time when Ranvi came and held Basudha’s hand dragged her towards the direction where Abhigya was and Kirti too joined them all the three rushed towards the direction and Abhi was remembering when he saw that video of little Basudha jumping here and there after Abhigya’s concert and smiled a bit
Screen shifted towards Pratik:

Soniye soniye, aaye hai hai ni man moniye (oh my love, oh admirer of my heart)
Gal sun le tujhe meri jaan ki kasam, soniye (listen to me for my life’s sake oh my love)
Abhigya getting down from the stage:
Saawan mein kaha tha aaoonga, (you promised me you will come in rainy season)
Sone ke kangan laaoonga (and will bring me gold bangles)
Na tu aaya na tere kangan, (neither you came nor your bangles)
Kayi beet gaye mausam (many seasons spent like this)
Pratik held her hand and presenting a set to her:
Oye hoye kangan kangan naa kar yaar (don’t think of bangles dear )
Kangan ke sang laaya haar (I brought necklace for you along with bangles)
Chal kudiye chal haan tayaar (oh girl get ready)
Kehna padega nahin ab ke baar (there is no need to say anything)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
Tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya (My heart broke into pieces)
She sung ahead and then faced the mike towards the guests who were enjoying it she sung “Akhiya ladi ho ladi beech bazaar” then faced the mike towards audience they sung “dil mera lut gaya pehli baar” then she again sung “usko bulaya maine kitni baar aaya ni Chandra ek bhi baar” then faced mike towards audience “tote tote ho gaya dil tote tote ho gaya” and finally that mini concert ended with enjoyment of everyone

After sometime
Abhigya was talking to some guests as they were praising her and she was busy in thanking them when Basudha came and dragged her to a room there Kaustuki went to Abhi and said
Kaustuki: Mr. Alarm clock what you gave mummy to eat (in a stern tone)
Abhi who was talking with someone else took excuse and asked from her
Abhi: what happened?
Kaustuki: I asked what have you done with mummy

Abhi: I haven’t done anything
Kaustuki: then why she is behaving like mad
Abhi being clueless: what!!
Kaustuki: yes she is jumping crazily there in Nani’s room I also didn’t done it even how much crazy My Honey Singh sings
Abhi being irked: first stop him calling your Honey Singh then show me where she is
Kaustuki: there she is Nani’s room
Trio went to see her and as the room was slightly open they all were looking at her Abhigya was stood there folding her hands and smiling continuously on Basudha and Basu was looking fully excited she was saying
Basu: Oh, Maa that was spectacular I mean what to say I mean Hard Kaur is also not that much, Okay maa I am not getting words but really today you failed her totally it was really really superb one oh, my, my I missed it since long time what was the lines oh yes tote tote ho gaya dil woah I really enjoyed Maa you are the best, best of best more than best no, no not more than but more, more, than best no no that is also not enough aaah what to say maa I am not getting words it was it was beyond the world’s best
Abhigya smiling made her sit: Realx Gudiya relax I know you liked it a lot and for you only I did that
Basu: really!!! For me!!
Abhigya patting her head: yes until you jump over my songs I don’t feel that I am singing
Basu: hein!! It means you will sing daily right…. Yipeee Bingo…. (hugged Abhigya in excitement)
Kaustuki: see I said you
Abhi smilingly closed the door: come with me

Kaustuki: but where we are going
Abhi: I said na come with me
They went In their room and there he knelt before her
Abhi: now tell me what will you do if your mother do something which is your favorite
Kaustuki: I will feel like happiest person in the world
Abhi: so is Basudha also feeling maa sung and her singing is her favorite thing so she is also feeling same
Kaustuki: oh… now I got it well thanks Mr. Alarm clock now I have to go to sleep good night
Abhi: so soon!!
Kaustuki: yeah as Yash nana said tomorrow morning is mini Holi so I don’t want to miss it
Saying so she ran from there then Abhi thought “Mini Holi!!! What is that” then realizing what is that patted his head and said to himself “Oh, God he is saying Haldi as mini Holi it means surely he going to do something God I have to keep myself safe tomorrow morning”
And with those thoughts he drifted to sleep

Next day morning…
Everyone were busy in their preparation of Haldi, Kirti and Basudha were looking all that along with Ranvi, Priyansh and Gaurav from upstairs that was the time when Ranjita was going taking dry Haldi bowl somewhere and by mistake it fell on her and she started crying that her costly dress expensive dress was spoilt and Ranvi said to Basudha
Ranvi: this girl only wants to grab everyone’s attention I don’t like this kind of attitude ugh
Kirti: if she wasn’t our neighbor then I never had allowed her to enter here
Priyansh: what kind of an irritating character when she knows that clothes may get dirty in preparations of a function then why the hell she wears them that time
Gaurav: such an irritating person

Ranvi: all because she is attention seeker
Basudha smiling wickedly: she done too much with me let’s end this drama queen and make her escape in a way that she will never come back here again and give her a lot attention today
Kirti: what do you mean didu
Basudha: let’s go brother and sister (winking at Ranvi)
Ranvi understood: sure sister
Basudha went down along with Ranvi and Kirti then Ranjita was crying there fakely Ranvi started hooting in her ear
Ranvi: You Know She Like To Drama
Yeah She Is s*xy Mama
And When She Dance
Every Body Goes… Hoo… Hoo…
You Know She Like To Drama
Yeah She Is s*xy Mama
And When She Dance
Every Body Goes… Hoo… Hoo…
Ranjita closed her ears as he shouted in her ear then Basu continued and Abhi was coming down looking her like that his eyes got widen and he started looking what was going on from upstairs itself
Basudha giving a push to Ranjita that she was about to fall but Rajiv saved her she glared at Basudha and she laughingly continued
Haan… Dekho To Bholi Kitni (Look how innocent is she)
Utni Par Dedhi Cheez Hai (But she’s as cunning as she seems innocent)
Baatein Kare Hai Kadwi Kadwi (She talks bitter)
Phir Bhi Lazeez Hai (Still she is so sweet)
Ittar Gulaabon Waali (Like a rose flavoured perfume)
Botal Sharabon Waali (Like a bottle of alcohol)
Total Tabaahi Wala Scene Hai (She’s like a scene of totally destruction)

Kirti rounding her arms around Ranjita sharing high five with Basudha:
Adaayein Badi Funky (He style is very funky)
Kare Hai Nautanki (She is an incorrigible dramatist)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)
Ho Badi Badi Aankhein Hain Aansuon Ki Tanki (She has big eyes and she’s like a well (bore-well) of tears)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)

Kirti, Ranvi and Basudha in chorus:
Adaayein Badi Funky (He style is very funky)
Kare Hai Nautanki (She is an incorrigible dramatist)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)
Ho Badi Badi Aankhein Hain Aansuon Ki Tanki (She has big eyes and she’s like a well (bore-well) of tears)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)

Basudha holding Ranjita’s hand climb up on the table which was nearby then sung in taunting tone:
Ho Table Baja Ke Gaoon (I bang/hit the table and sing)
Chadh Jaoon Kursi Pe (I climb on the chair)
Poori Karun Main Manmaaniyaan (I do what my heart desires)
Chaahe Samajh Lo Nashe Ka Ye Nateeja Hai(Think of this as a cause of intoxication or)
Ya Pagalpan Ki Nishaniyaan (The signs of my craziness)
Ittar Gulaabon Waali(Like a rose flavoured perfume)
Botal Sharabon Waali(Like a bottle of alcohol)
Total Tabaahi Wala Scene Hai(She’s like a scene of total destruction)

Kirti pulled her down and both sung in chorus:
Adaayein Badi Funky (He style is very funky)
Kare Hai Nautanki (She is an incorrigible dramatist)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)
Ho Badi Badi Aankhein Hain Aansuon Ki Tanki (She has big eyes and she’s like a well (bore-well) of tears)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)

Ranvi again sung in her ears and by that time she was at peak on her anger he continued:

You Know She Like To Drama
Yeah She Is s*xy Mama
And When She Dance
Every Body Goes Hoo… Hoo…
You Know She Like To Drama
Yeah She Is s*xy Mama
And When She Dance
Every Body Goes Hoo… Hoo…

Naina Do Naali Se Kyun(With her pair of eyes)
Goli Maare Kishton Mein (She shoots (bullets) every now and then)
Kaahe Na Jhatke Se Jaan Le (Why doesn’t she kill with just one blow)
Moti Ki Mala Leke (With a garland of pearls)
Gori Gori Japte Hain (I chant Your name, O girl!)
Tu Bhi Humara Kabhi Naam Le (You also chant my name someday)
Lakhon, Karodon Wala (You’re worth a million)
Tann Tera Sone Jaisa(Your body is like gold)
he held her head and jerking in a way which made her hairs totally messed up
Mann Se Chhokariya Tu Mean Hai(But You are mean from the heart)

They were singing but suddenly all the three stopped as Abhigya came there and was looking them sternly but then suddenly she laughed and all the three started again along with her
Adaayein Badi Funky (He style is very funky)
Kare Hai Nautanki (She is an incorrigible dramatist)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)
Ho Badi Badi Aankhein Hain Aansuon Ki Tanki (She has big eyes and she’s like a well (bore-well) of tears)
Yeh Chhori Badi Drama Queen Hai (This girl is a drama queen)
All were looking them happily as two generations were there dancing on the song with same charm and when Kaustuki and Ganga too joined them the fun increased now three generation were there dancing on the same song and the charm was same
screen freezed on that moment with happy faces

Precap: Yash and Shreya face off, Manju’s true intentions, Ranjita’s secret
so keep guessing why Yash said Mini Holi to Haldi function and what is he going to do till then enjoy this one and yes apology for three songs but two more episodes and then the end of this musical series and this is the link of rocking song which is actually rocking and i can’t get rid of it so continuously singing tote tote ho gya dil tote tote ho gya a

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