STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 64 part 2

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Episode 64 part2
The episode starts with Divya saying ……………………………….
Divya: do you think we should inform Abhi!!!
Kabir: Don’t think that until we get sure about it
Divya nodded in yes, the function ended up happily and all were in their respective rooms leaving Basudha. Abhi was waiting for her in the room but she never went there so he decided to check it out that where is she and then the screen shifted towards Basudha and Kirti they were laughing madly as if Kirti was cracking some jokes
Kirti: Okay ok didu tell me one thing how did you ended up falling for him
Basudha: when did I fell on him??
Kirti: Oh! Didu I am asking about that falling…
Basu: then!!!
Kirti: Falling in love… I am asking about that
Basu: ooooohhhh…… that…. one….

Kirti: Ha that one…
Basu: don’t know it just happened
Kirti: at least give me the view that when and how did that happened I mean something you must have seen in him, his antics or may be his charm anything that you couldn’t resist to fall for
Basu smiled: I don’t know it just happened and when this happened I don’t know that also I just know that suddenly I started feeling different for him that’s it
Kirti: it means it is waste to ask from you that when, what, and how happened?
Basu: kind off

Kirti: Okay then tell me when you proposed him
Basu widening her eyes: have you gone mad today show me your temperature
Kirti: I am perfectly fine but please do tell me how you proposed him
Basu: I am sure you have gone mad
Kirti: why is it so
Basu: because you are talking nonsense who tells that when and whom proposed someone
Kirti: I have seen in movies and serials that everyone tells it without any hesitation
Basu: excuse me but no one shares about their personal lives like this 10 out of 100 are those who shares not everyone in real life
Kirti: now-a-days 80 out of 100 didu

Basu: whatever
Kirti: so, it means you are out of that 20 who never shares their stories with anyone!!!!
Basu: if you think so then I have no problem
Kirti: Oh, come on didu don’t you think you can escape because I won’t allow that until you will tell me how, when and who proposed I will not let you go out ever
Basu: you are blackmailing me
Kirti: if you want to give a try I don’t have any problem
Basu thought: first because of this proposal we had to live separately till one month then now this this proposal is our greatest enemy damn now what to do I am totally trapped now what to do
Her thoughts were broken by Kirti who jerked her and said
Kirti: come on didu you must give up your thoughts here and tell me
Basudha: Okay, ok I am telling
Kirti with a wicked smile: I knew it., no one can escape from me specially you now start now start (folding her legs and keeping pillow in her lap)
Basudha: our story wasn’t so fine
Kirti: what do you mean
Basu: yeah, when I said I had started loving him he said I am lying
Kirti with a smirk: what else can you hope from him
Basu stared her
Kirti: okay, ok continue
Basu being lost in thoughts started singing
Maine unse kal kaha jab (when I said to him that)
Tumse hua mujhe pyaar (I love you)
Wo bole chal jhoothi (he said you are lying)
Kirti jerked her and she came back to senses then making silly disappointed faces sung further
Maine unse kal kaha jab (when I said to him that)
Tumse hua mujhe pyaar (I love you)
Wo bole chal jhoothi (he said you are lying)
Aankhon se to haan kehti (you are saying yes from your eyes)
Hai honton pe inkaar (but denying accepting it)
Teri to chal jhoothi (you are a liar)
Kirti laughed: then???
Basudha giving a childish smile:
Arre chori meri pakadi gayi to (when I was caught)
Main bhi rodi jhoothi moothi (I also cried fake)
Kirti laughingly: great didu you cried fake ha-ha then what happened next
Basudha smilingly imagining him in front of her as if he is standing on door itself sung while walking towards the window being shy:
Dil mein jo chhupaaya (what I always hid in my heart)
Aankhon ne bataaya (my eyes told it clearly to him)
Bas pyaar hi jaane (this love only knows)
Is pyaar ki maaya (the magic of love)
Unse mili nigaahen (when my gaze met his)
Main sharmaa gayi (I was so shy at that moment)
Kuch kehte kehte ruki (something I was saying and while saying)
Ghabaraa gayi oh (I stopped)
She then turned to her and making silly expressions sung:
Chori meri pakadi gayi hai (I have been caught several times)
Ek nahin sau baar (not one but more than 100 times)

Kirti laughingly: Teri to chal jhoothi (you liar)
Basudha laughed: exactly
Both the sisters were laughing here screen shifted towards Kabir and Divya they were talking about something while walking when they saw the same person again and they believed that their eyes were not lying to them, they decided to ask it from Abhigya and luckily, she was passing from that side when Divya stopped her and asked
Divya: Abhigya ji tell me one thing
Abhigya: yes, for sure ask me
Divya; who is that (pointing towards the person)
Abhigya: oh, they are business partners of one of the friend of Pratik he called his friend and we were having casual meeting with them so called him also
Divya: oh,
Abhigya: I am sorry Divya ji I must leave as right now as Pratik is waiting for me we had to finalize tomorrow’s theme today itself so that in morning we can order them
Divya; No problem we can understand you go
Abhigya smiled and left from that place then Divya and Kabir also left for their room there they were looking extremely tensed walking here and there when Naira also entered and she was also looking tensed
Naira: Maa you won’t believe what I have seen
Kabir: we will Naira but tell it at least
Naira: I saw them
Divya: that’s our tension too dear what to do
Naira: But how is this possible Maa I can’t believe this
Kabir: why you guys are getting tensed everything is over now so need to do so
Divya: I don’t know Kabir but my gut feeling is saying a big storm is going to enter in our lives
Kabir: listen Divya…
Naira cuts off: Maa is right Baba their presence here is not giving good feeling how calmly everything is going on it is indicating that something worst is going to happen for sure
Kabir: let’s leave all that on time and see what is stored for us
He encircled his arms around Divya and Naira’s shoulder and Divya thought “I don’t know why Kabir but I am sure that this storm will shatter everything”
Screen shifts towards Abhi’s room who was seated on the bed lights were off fully and fully darkness was there when Basudha entered the room and thought that everyone is slept, she was going silently when Abhi said “CHAL JHOOTHI” and she being in shock puts on the light and turned to see it was only him there Kaustuki and Ganga were not in the room

Basudha: you are still awake!! You know you almost scared me by that sudden voice
Abhi: yeah, I thought don’t know where you went to was going to check at that time heard some noises from Kirti’s room so eves drop and then got to know that you confessed from me and I said you are a liar!!!
Basudha: bad manners hah by the way I said that all to divert her mind
Abhi moving towards her: so why don’t you told truth to her
Basu moving back: what truth
Abhi moving ahead: the truth that you don’t ever said me that what I said you
Basu moving back: I don’t feel to share
Basu was pinned to wall now she asked: where are Kaustuki and Ganga (looking here and there in alter direction)
Abhi moving towards her: they are with their Nani and Dadi today
Basudha: okay then leave my way I have, to go

Abhi smiled and took something from her saree pallu and left her way
She saw that it was a thorny plant
Abhi smiled: from where did you brought this
Basu: wo… Kirti’s room there are many thorny plants we were in her balcony I guess from there it has stick
Abhi throwing it away: now you are free you may go

She hurriedly moved from there and Abhi called her from back she turned
Abhi smilingly: Kadam behek jayengey ye kyu tumne socha kya meri chahat pe tumko nahi bharosa (Why’d you think we’d lose our balance? Don’t you have faith in my love?)
She smiled: I do have faith over you and your love but the fact you never had behaved like this so….
Abhi held her hand: No need to give any explanation I was just trying to check what if I also start behaving like other lovers always being close to you
Basudha: I have said already that you don’t need to be change I like you as you are
Abhi: but I want to give all kind of happiness to you more than you deserve
Basu smiled: Khud ko sambhaley rakhiye aur mujhko sambhalne dijiye hosh mai apne kho doon itna pyar na dijiye (Get a hold of yourself; let me master my emotions. I’ll lose my wits; don’t give me so much love!)
Abhi smilingly: Love is insanity it has no use for good sense.
Basudha laughed: you have mastered in such songs I had to agree on what situation what you have to use and which line you know very well right
Abhi: and you are also the same okay
Basudha while going to change: sangat ka asar hai janaab (this all is effect of company sir)
Abhi: aisi sangat meri to nahi (it can’t be because of my company)
But no use she was left till then
It was the time of mid night screen shows Basudha was sleeping calmly and when camera shifts towards Abhi he was sweating in dreams and suddenly he woke up with a shock looking around he got to know that he was dreaming he thought “Damn what the dream was it!!! Why I am getting such dreams when I can’t imagine them I think I have started thinking a lot” he tried to wipe his face but when he was taking his hand he felt like his hand is stopped he turned to see and found his hand was held by Basudha tightly he smiled a bit and thought “They are just dreams I am getting scared for nothing” he lied beside her and slept peacefully…
Next day morning
Shitiz and Anirudh were arguing over something when Abhigya reached there along with Prabhas
Anirudh: what do you think of me!! She will surely agree with me
Shitiz: Oh, Please Ani bhai no one listen to you then why will she listen to you
Anirudh: they will hear us for sure idiot
Shitiz: let’s see
Abhigya: Ani bhai Shitiz Bhai will you both please tell us what is the matter you are arguing upon
Prabhas: yeah tell this Dumbo so that she can make it worse
Abhigya: let them speak idiot
Anirudh: don’t start your fight yr.
Shitiz: yes, we were thinking that we haven’t seen any concert and that also pop what if….
Anirudh: what if Abhu dear do it today at her daughter’s sangeet
Abhigya widening her eyes: what!!
Shitiz: yes, and what if Prabhas accompany her
Prabhas: what!!!
Anirudh: yes
Abhigya: this is impossible bhai
Prabhas: and more over today’s theme is retro so it is totally impossible
Abhigya; he is extremely right
Anirudh: that’s not a deal as we have pop songs in old times also
Prabhas: but they didn’t worth of
Shitiz: excuse me!!! They are
Abhigya: but bhai it is impossible and more over I will not look good with guitar at this age
Prabhas: and just imagine how will I look with those instruments no Bhaiya please
Abhigya: already there are three performances one by Subu one by…
Shitiz cuts her off: all the else performances are rejected only subu will perform and then a combined performance.
Abhigya: impossible because Divya and Kabir are also going to perform
Anirudh: okay then they will also do so but rest of them cancelled and our sister and brother will perform
Prabhas: but Bhaiya
Shitiz: listen doesn’t matters how much you grow old but you will be still that Abhigya and Prabhas for us whom first Pulkit left with us and then Kaka and Kaki understood so you must agree upon us

Anirudh: exactly and be ready now for that…
They left from there and Abhigya, Prabhas were looking at each other
Abhigya: what this happened bro
Prabhas: we are trapped sister
Then screen shifted towards Abhi and Basudha, she was getting ready in front of mirror while Abhi was looking at her then suddenly he said
Abhi: you know yesterday I saw her
Basu: whom
Abhi: to her!!!
Basu: whom??
Abhi: arey the same girl
Basu: whom
Abhi moved towards the mirror: my college crush

Basu: oh!! So, did you met her or talked to her
Abhi: yes, I do
Basu: then why you didn’t make, me meet her I must also have seen who is that magical person who made your senses flew away
Abhi hugging her from back: I can make you meet her right now
Basudha: what are you doing have you gone mad today
Abhi: shhh… just tell me one thing you want to meet her or not
Basudha: I want to meet her but…
Abhi: so, see there she is
Basudha: where!!!
Abhi pointing towards mirror: there
Basudha being irritated: but that’s my ref…
She was saying but then stopped and looked at him through mirror he rested his chin on her shoulder and said
Abhi: yes, you are the one my girl, you are the one whom I followed you are the one who made me crazy you are the one whom I never let to know also that I am following you
Basu: so, it was only me ha that’s why you never bothered to find your girl again
Abhi: no I never knew it until that day when you showed me your certificates and now I have my crush as my love
Basudha smiled: you are buttering me
Abhi: I don’t know what’s it whether it is buttering or confession but I felt to say so I said
Basudha: really!!! What more you want to say or feel to say
Abhi looking at her through mirror: I want to say that this is Abhishek’s Basudha and this is Basudha’s Abhishek just it
Basu laughed: you know what!!
Abhi: what
Basu breaking the hug: you have gone crazy
Abhi winked at her: crazy for you
Basu: now if your craziness Is over shall we leave function might get start anytime
Abhi: really!! And what’s so special in that
Basu: Maa and Baba are having performance
Abhi widening his eyes: hein!!!! It is impossible
Basu: why
Abhi: Baba will never agree for that he didn’t agreed at our sangeet also why would he agree now
Basu: let’s see na
Abhi: I also want to see how they going to do it
They both left for downstairs where the function was being going on and as Abhi said Kabir wasn’t ready to dance with Divya and she was insisting again and again but it seems he wasn’t ready to do so Divya became so irked and screen shifted towards Abhi
Abhi: what I said see he will never agree
Basu: but Mr. Maa is
Abhi: what!!
Basu: see there
They looked towards the direction there Divya was looked at Kabir with a stern look when he never agreed she asked the person who was playing music to play a song which was muted that what song did she told but as the song started and she danced on it Kabir widening his eyes turned back and she was acting on it in a death glare (want to know what the song was!!! Let’s see)
Divya: buddha (old man)
Kabir gesturing: me!!
Divya: Haan, buddha! (Yes, you’re an old man!)
Divya started acting patting her head:
Main kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya…(Oh God, what am I to do? I’m stuck with an old geezer.)

She was acting like she is too unlucky to have such a unromantic husband Abhigya and Subuhi along with Vibha were accompanying her as if they are consoling her here Shreya, Yashika, Naira were laughing hard along with Abhi and Basudha Kabir was getting annoyed so he dragged her from that place but Divya was so stubborn she never agreed to leave the place and jerking his hand went back to Abhigya and acted as she is telling her and Abhigya, Subuhi Vibha were listening her then Abhi said to Basu “Now I got to know why my sisters are so stubborn they totally resembles ma” screen shifted towards Divya
Divya staring at Kabir:
Sab jo gaye baagh mera buddha bhi chal aa gaya (Everyone went to the garden and my old man followed them there)
Sabko laaye phool buddha gobhi leke aa gaya (While everyone else brought flowers, he came back with a cauliflower)
Main ho gayi badnaam mujhe buddha mil gaya (I’m so embarassed because of this old man.)
Main kya karun Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya (What should I do God? I’m stick with this geezer…)

She kept her head on Subuhi’s shoulder and Abhigya patted her back
Kabir nodding his head in disbelief walked from there gesturing Divya Dramebaaz and Divya felt more irked then she continued to Abhigya
Divya staring at him:

Main gudiya haseen meri morni si chaal hai (I’m a gorgeous babe, who has the graceful strut of a peacock)
Sar mein safed uske dadaji sa baal hai (But look at this grandpa, he has grays all over his head)
Hearing that Kabir who was talking with someone on phone the phone fell down from his hand when he heard Divya calling him grandpa he was totally annoyed but Pratik asked him to take it as fun but only Kabir knows that how much Divya was annoyed on him she continued

Kya hoga anjaam mujhe buddha mil gaya (I don’t know what will become of me because I’m stuck with this old man)
Hai kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya(Help me God, because I’m stuck with an old man)
Divya tugged her saree pallu over waist in anger and Kabir hurriedly went there and made her pallu free which made her waist cover again then she looked at him again with death glare and continued going to Abhigya seated holding her head among them all Kirti was the one who was enjoying her sangeet to the core
Divya patting her head:
Pariyan ke des mujhe buddha leke aa gaya (My old man took me to the land of fairies)
Maine jo uthaya ghunghat buddha ghussa kha gaya (But when I tried to lift my veil to look around, he got upset at me!)
Bigadega har kaam mujhe buddha mil gaya (Nothing’s going to go right… I’m stuck with this grumpy old man)
Main kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya..( Oh God, please help me! I’m stuck with this old man)

Everyone laughed at Kabir’s expression and Abhi was the one who was laughing like mad and Basu wasn’t able to control her laughter looking him laughing like mad Kabir started Abhi in expression that he is dead now

to be continued…..
who is that person whose presence is troubling Divya and Kabir stay tuned to know it and be ready to see a major change in story then one question is there from me that is “WHO WANTS MISCHIVIOUS YASH AND SHREYA IN THIS WEDDING” who ever wants kindly leave your suggestions and till then bye bye

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