STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 64 part 1

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Episode 64
Abhi: Oh! My Ranvi you rocked it brother I guess Yash uncle will also fail in in irritating like this truly superb
Yash: Oh!! Who the hell do you called uncle
Basudha: he called uncle to you
Yash: see yourself Mr. Abhishek uncle suits better on you
Basudha and Ranvi were laughing
Abhi: I said uncle in a casual manner like we jokingly call our friends Oh! Uncle come here… in that way only
Yash: in that way also you can’t call me uncle understood otherwise I will make you dada ji of whole world
Yashika joining them: he already Dada ji
Abhi being irked: and you are Dadi amma
Yashika: I am not dadi amma I am amma of my kids
Abhi: torture to them
Yashika: what you said just now!!! Repeat it again
Abhi dragging Basu in front: talk to her
Saying to he escaped from there in max speed from which he can run and all of them stood laughing there meanwhile Kirti called Basudha and Ranvi said
Ranvi: go madam your little baby is calling you
Basudha: kind off
She went there, where Kirti was she asked her about the matter so she said
Kirti: my hands are occupied with this irritating henna and I want to drink water as well as my snacks and feeling like I have no hands I asked maa and she said just sit be quiet until guests goes from here so will help me my lost hope of life, my savior, my lord…
Basu: stop blabbering okay I will bring water to you
Kirti: I wish something more from you
Basu: now what?
Kirti: sister’s night out
Basu: have you gone mad!!!! Out and that also in night three spy of mine will kill me for sure
Kirti: you will always remain a scary cat
Basu: idiot I am not scary cat but the fact is…
Kirti: okay, okay don’t start your fact book now we can celebrate it in my room is it okay
Basu: ahm… wo…
Kirti: Oh come on didu if jijs will not meet you today he won’t die but I can’t assure you about me that if you don’t spent some time with then whether I will be alive or not
Basu slapping her forehead slightly: Always drama… okay I will come
Kirti: thanks now go and bring water for me
Basu nodded her head in disbelief and went from there the screen shifted towards Ranvi he was talking with Abhi about something and suddenly he saw two shadows again behind the curtains he went to see at that direction along with Abhi then he said
Abhi: Why are you so desperate for those shadows Ranvi
Ranvi: I am not desperate but I am suspicious because I saw them yesterday also and every time with a pin drop noise they use to escape
Abhi: it can be your misunderstanding too
Ranvi: No Abhi every situation have two face and when you are suspicious about something it is good that you clear that first and I am suspicious about these two shadows of girls who are not coming in-front of everyone
Abhi: then what you will do
Ranvi: waiting for the revelation
Abhi was looking at him and screen shifted towards Kabir and Divya they were talking about something when suddenly Divya saw someone and got shocked
Kabir: Divya what happened??
Divya: Kabir see there….
Kabir looking at the direction too got shocked: How is this possible…
Divya: Kabir but what we are looking is real
Kabir: that’s why I am saying Divya how is this possible
Divya: do you think we should inform Abhi!!!
Kabir: Don’t think that until we get sure about it
Divya nodded in yes

screen freezed…..
Running out of time ugh i know it is shortest episode by me shortest ever aah but what to do well a new storm is going to enter lets see what happened make guesses

1. Whose shadows are those
2. Whom Divya and Kabir saw and got shocked

Keep guessing now we will meet either on Sunday or Monday Merry Christmas in advance and Christmas eve too and Nividha your welcome dear then ANna Khwaja i am glad you commented and Varsha you can call me dii dear for sure

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