STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 61 (part 2) final part

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Episode 61 part 2
Abhi: Basu….
Basudha in sleepy tone: hmm…
Abhi: its morning get up
Basudha: it Is not morning
Abhi: it is….
Basu: you must say a new morning Mehta Sahab
Abhi looked at her and she opened her eyes both looked each other smilingly
Basu: come let’s go in otherwise someone will get a topic for sure
Abhi: you go, I will come later
Basu nodded in okay and went inside after getting fresh n up she went down to greet others after few minutes when she came back to the room till then Kaustuki and Ganga were not there and Abhi was coming in from the balcony
Basu: you are coming in now!!! And where they both are
Abhi: they went for their usual work after getting fresh n up
Basu folding her hands and giving him a glary look: and you!!
Abhi: I was sleeping now only I woke up so I am going
Basu with a smirk: Oh!! Ho, ho, ho whole night you were awake like an owl and now you slept in morning like an owl
Abhi: did you just called me owl!!!
Basu: did I???
Abhi: yes, you called me
Basu making innocent face: now you don’t have trust on me???
Abhi: Oh! Nothing like that don’t get into that mode again I didn’t doubt you please (as he got panicked)
Basu: promise
Abhi: promise
Basu moving ahead: never ever do that!!!
Abhi patting her head slightly: never ever my silly
Basu: hmm… then say thing after me
Abhi: is this any oath ceremony going on that I shall follow back whatever you speak
Basu: you will say it otherwise I am not talking to you
Abhi: oye that’s not fare you have started your FM in morning itself
Basu: I am speaking and I am looking like FM to you!!!!
Abhi: no I didn’t mean it
Basu: if I am FM your AIR
Abhi: you called me AIR!!! The All India Radio!!!
Basu: of course I called you as you are same boring as its RJ l….I….s…..t….e….n…… t….h….I….s I….s A….l……l I……n….d….I….a R….a…..d….I….o as they take fully five to six minutes for their introduction you also do the same
Abhi: now you are irritating me
Basu: really!!! Oh! I fear your anger god save me
Abhi: you are taunting me
Basu: again, a fear
She started moving back after irritating him but he ran after her and within a minute she was caught
Abhi holding her tight: Hum se panga (mess with me!!)
Basu was laughing hard: haan to tum se kya kisi se bhi panga le loongi ab to (why are you talking about you I can mess with anyone now)
Abhi: achha ji itna na udo pankh kat jayenge nayi udaan hai zara sambhal kar (don’t fly so high otherwise someone will cut your wings for sure)
Basu: ye pankh ab miley hai arso baad ab to udne do (these wings I have got after so many years don’t stop from flying me now)
Abhi freed her and turned her towards him to face her: darr nahi lagta??? Agar kabhi gir gayi to (don’t you fear what if you fell)
Basu: ek saye ne haath thama hai itna bharosa to karti hoon ke wo kabhi girne nahi dega (one shadow held my hand I trust him that he will never let that happen)
Abhi pushing her aside as the environment was again turning into sentimental: I will push you for sure
Basu punching his back: I will take you along with me for sure
Abhi: that will never happen
Basu turning him to face her: listen Mr. it is sure I am not going to leave you ever if you wish so then also and if I left ever then I promise you that I will take you along with me
Abhi with a smirk: and what if you failed to keep your promise
Basu being irritated: then I will kill you first then hang myself
Saying so she was about to leave but realized that her hand was still in his hand
Abhi: when I am not ready to leave you then how can you think even that
Basu: arey kaise yakeen hum kar le humri khatir kuchh kar doge re tohra ka hai kaun bharosa chhor ke tum chal doge (how can I believe you that you will not do anything what’s your assurance you will leave me one day for sure)
Abhi left her: wanted Maine bhi dekhi hai aur wo bhi 5 baar suna hai gana jiyada smart mat bano (don’t try to get over smart I have also seen wanted movie and that also five times)
Basu with a smirk: but you don’t remember the song
Abhi: gori na aisey waisey hum pe sitam kar hazir hai sir humra chahey kalam kar (girl don’t trouble me like this my head is bend in front of you if you wish you can slash it)
Basu: achha!!!! Then listen this …. Pyar ki batein watein ab thodi kam kar ja re chhor peechha kissa khatam kar (don’t talk this much about love now go and end this argument here)
Abhi: hmm…. (making expressions as if deep thinking)
Basu smirking: think, think, as much as you can
Abhi: naha ke aata hoon tab dimag jadi chalega (I will come after bathing then my brain will work for sure)
Basu with a confusing face: which song is this???
Abhi: Oh! Silly I said that I am going to fresh n up that Is not any song
Basu: Oh! Then okay let’s continue this fight later go fast
He went to get fresh n up
After few minutes
Abhi was wiping his hairs while looking in the mirror and Basu was selecting the dress for tonight’s function when Abhi was showing expression as deep thinking then finally he spoke
Abhi: Silly…
Basu: yes
Abhi: when I was suffering from Cancer????
Basu: Cancer!!!! You were never suffering from it you were suffering from spinal tumor and now perfectly fine (messing his hairs)
Abhi with a glare: then why you said last night that I was suffering from Cancer and I hid it from you also now only I remembered that I hid that report from you then whose report was that you were talking about
Basu giving an oops expression: wo… wo… I said that in anger
Abhi: then in anger you will turn the disease too…!!!! Means if a person is suffering from fever you will turn it into head ache
Basu: sorry na !!! you made me so frustrated that my mind wasn’t working
Abhi with a smirk: tell me something new it never works
Basu: you…!!!
Abhi: handsome hoon pata hai (I am handsome I know very well)
Basu: ugh handling misunderstanding is better than handling you
Abhi: thanks a, lot and now please give me side I need to go my love will be waiting for me I don’t want to talk such persons who can change diseases in their anger
Basu: you are over reacting
Abhi: my life my rules
Basu: to hell with your rules
Abhi: please be aside I need to go to my love
Basu: I am here only
Abhi: who said that
Basu with a smirk: if I am not yours then think again here many people are there who are mad for my charm
Abhi with a glare: to hell with them
Saying so he left from there and Basu smilingly said to herself “jealous lover” she went down following him and was trying a lot to convince him that it was just by mistake he never agreed then she thought something and called Priyansh and Gaurav along with Kirti and told them something
Kirti: waah didu you are turning naughty today
Priyansh: that’s what I call my sister must be
Gaurav: today jijs will think that with whom he had messed
Kirti: done sister you go and prepare for that we all will do our work
Basu: done my dears now let him see who I am
Kirti pulling her cheeks: haye meri naughty Didi let’s go for it
All the three went from there and found Abhi talking with Prabhas Kirti went there and dragged him aside
Abhi: what happened today Miss insult have work from me???
Kirti: nothing like that but tell us whether are you and didu going to separate
Abhi: what nonsense
Priyansh: Haan I heard didu she was saying she will go on date with someone
Abhi: On date!!! And that also with someone!!! Who is that idiot who wants to get die
Gaurav: may be Rajiv Bhaiya because he is the only friend of hers here
Abhi pulling his sleeves up: today I will not leave him (aaj maine uske chehre ka naksha bigaad dena hai)
Gaurav: Haan Bhaiya go soon otherwise they will leave
Priyansh: of course, and I saw them going in that room which is at back
Kirti: great!!! Make him understand jijs that she is your property mess with my jijs
Gaurav: mess with our jijs!!!!
Priyansh: he need a lesson
Abhi pulled his sleeve up: he gone today and this Basu… I will not leave her today
He went and trio were giggling then Kirti felt a slight strike on her head and when she turned her face and found Yash at back he said with a naughty smirk
Yash: Chadha diya chaney ke jhaad pe (manipulated him well)
Kirti raising her collar: arey mama it’s Kirti the great if you will ask me I can manipulate Shreya mami also like this that she will divorce you
Yash again patted her head: shut up my only wife she is but let me tell you one thing if I will tell you to do so then you will only make her divorce me but if your sister did it she will make her kill me you don’t know her well
Kirti: okay ok I know she is elder than me so she will be perfect than me
Yash: yeah now let’s see what will happen
Abhi came back: tell me one thing
Priyansh: yes please
Abhi: where is that room
All of them patted their head in disbelief
Priyansh: I don’t think so he can do anything
Gaurav: come this way jijs
All of them took him to the room where there was complete darkness in the room called her name
Abhi: Basu…
Basu: who is there disturbing me
Abhi: it’s me silly
Basu: go from here
Abhi: think once again if I went from here then I will not come back
Basu: attitude!!!!
Abhi: I know that jerk is also with you right!!!
Basu: so…
Abhi: okay then I am going bye
He was about to go when all the lights turned on and it was Basu she was smiling naughtily he was irked with her behavior and was going jerking her hand but she stopped his way by blocking it from her hand and started singing tugging her saree pallu to her waist
Haan Chammak challo chel chabeeli(I am a beautiful girl and notorious too)
Kehte hai mujhko raas raseeli (People call me playful and juicy)
Bach ke tu rehna dildaar sajna (Be careful O Lover of mine)
Ho mehanga padega tujhko pyaar sajna (You will find this love very expensive)
She pushed him forward and then pulled back then Ranvi also came there covering his face from muffler and joined her Priyansh and Gaurav said again something to Abhi and he stood aside Kirti said something to Basu and she continued
Baja re baja re baja band baaja (The music has started playing)
Arey iska baja re dekho band baaja
(Look he is in trouble now)
(The playing of music is a metaphor that the guy is in trouble)
Ranvi danced with her as if her boyfriend is dancing with her and with that he was fuming in jealousy and both brother sister was managing well in teasing him they were giggling
Yeh roop rang mera jad hai fitno ki (This complexion and beauty is the root cause of all problems)
Arey niyat badal gayi jaane kitno ki(Many people’s intentions changed because of it)
Hanske jidhar main apni nazar utha doon (The place where I look up and smile)
Udhar bane afsaane (There becomes a story)
Haan milenge tujhko gali gali (You’ll find in every street)
Mere naam ke deewane (The Lovers who preach my name)
Ho… aisi-waisi main nahi raja (I am not just someone else O Lover)
Tere jaise kitne hai, jaa jaa (There are so many of You, Go Go)
She was enjoying his jealousy and he was going from there when he saw something and following Basu got success in knowing that he was none other than Ranvi he smirked then Basu was again teasing him but got back fired on her as he was now teasing her
Teri ada, Ada lagti hai qaatil (Your grace is killer)
Bade hi pyar se loote mera dil (With such ease it loots my heart)
Ho.. Teri ada, Ada lagti hai qaatil (Your grace is killer)
Bade hi pyar se loote mera dil (With such ease it loots my heart)
Zidd pe agar main aaun (If I come determined/stubborn)
To pal mein tujhko abhi utha le jaaun (Then I will carry You away just now)
Yeh samajh le gori meri hai tu (Understand this O Girl, that You are mine)
Tujhe pyar se samjhaaun (I am making this understood with love)
Arey aa naino ke pench lada le (Come and lets entangle ourselves in each other’s gaze)
Arey mere jaisa rog laga le (Take me as I am)
Haan, banke rahunga tera yaar sajna(I will remain Your Trustworthy Partner O Lover)
Ho tujhse kiya hai maine pyar sajna(I have loved You My Darling)
She was wondering that how he came to know about Ranvi and then was about to reply but suddenly they heard some sound so went out to check and as they reached there they saw Rishi, Siddharth were getting angry over Dhruv and Manav Yasho and Naira were trying to make them calm down and Kaustuki and Ganga were stood there doing there head down and as they saw Abhi they both gave we are dead look to each other and most irritating thing Ranjita was also there Abhi inquired about the matter so they came to know that again their football broke Ranjita’s window glass and this time all were getting scolding from their parents Ranvi Basudha and Kirti got irked with this activity of Ranjita Kirti was unable to tolerate that so she went ahead
Kirti: so, they broke your glass
Ranjita: it’s been six days they did so
Kirti: kids you did it wrong you must haven’t break glass one by one like this why you did that you must have done (picks some stones) you must have break those glass like this (throwing the stones on her windows continuously which leads to break every glass of her window)
Ranjita: what the hell Is this
Kirti with a smile: now you will feel good while repairing all those glasses be ready
Abhi yelled: enough Kirti and Kaustuki Ganga you come with me
Kaustuki was giving mummy save me look to Basudha and she was continuously trying to calm him down but he didn’t heard all the ladies were trying to convince their husband but in vein they were not ready to listen them instead they scolded them also then came the final decision of punishment to everyone and this time Yash also joined them as Priyansh and Gaurav were also with those kids that time and the punishment was the kids will stay in discipline and will help in small works in the home as the flower arrangement was going on in home so Kaustuki and Ganga were given work to help by passing the flower baskets to Rajiv as he was the one who was deciding which flower will be placed where Dhruv and Manav were punished that they can’t watch TV or any mobile game which turned into like hitler is giving punishment to them as all the kids hated the work which was allotted to them Abhi restricted Ice-creams and snacks to Kaustuki and Ganga as double punishment as they didn’t said sorry to Ranjita and saying so they went from there all the kids were looking at their father in pleading look and a song played in BG
All kids looking at their fathers
auron pe karam, bachchon pe sitam (mercy on others , and torturing (your own) kids,)
re baapu mere ye zulm na kar (O my dad, don’t do this torture.)
ye zulm na kar..
Ding Dang, Ding Dang, re bapu!
Ding Dang, Ding Dang..
Rishi came there and said in anger tone: come on get to work kids
And then Abhi also accompanied him and all the kids were looking on them then music continued
baapu sehat ke liye ((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)
baapu sehat ke liye((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)
tu to haanikaarak hai((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)
baapu sehat ke liye((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)
tu to haanikaarak hai((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)

hum pe thoRi daya to kar (have some mercy on us,)
hum nanhe baalak hain (we are little kids.)

discipline itna, re discipline itna (so much, so much discipline,)
khudkushi ke laayak hai (it’s enough to force us to commit suicide.)
baapu sehat ke liye ((O Dad, you are injurious to health.)
Yash was taking them out for sometime but as this incident took place he also denied for picnic and everyone were looking towards their mothers to save them but not worked as all the fathers in a mood that if any one asked them to forgive kids so they will also get punishment although Basu fought a little but he ended up making her irritated to hell and as a result he restricted them to eat spicy snacks too until their punishment gets over then the BG continued
Ding Dang, Ding Dang… re baapu!

tanne bola picnic shiknik jaaNa hai maNa (you said going for picnics etc. isn’t allowed,)
yo to torture hai ghaNa re yo to torture hai ghaNa (that’s a big torture.)

re bahchon se ee bole ke na karna bachpaNa (you tell kids not to be childish,)
yo to torture hai ghaNa, re yo to torture hai ghaNa (that’s a big torture.)

toffee chooran khel khilone (toffees, chooran, toys and games,)
kulche naan paratha (kulchas, naan and parathas,)
keh gaye hain TaTa jabse baapu tune DaanTa (have been stopped since you scolded us, O father.)
jis umar mein shobha dete masti sair-sapaaTa (in the age when having fun and roaming around look good,)
us umar ko naap raha hai kyun ghaRi ka kaanTa (why are the hands of clock controlling that age?)
apni kismat ki gaaRi ki khasta haalat hai..( the condition of the vehicle of fate is bad.)

they all decided to escape then found Abhi along with Siddharth coming there and making a we are dead expression they continued their work and BG played
O re mhaare baapu (O my father,)
O aa gayo re baapu (father came..)
O hamaare baapu is gaaRi ke vaahan chaalak hain (yeah, our father is the driver of this vehicle.)
baapu sehat ke liye haan tu to haanikaarak hai (O father, for the health you are injurious.)
Kaustuki felt irritated and taking Dhruv and Manav went to Basudha that time Naira and Yashika were also there
Kaustuki: mummy please save us papa is torturing I can’t handle that flower basket and no snacks it is total torture that Ranjita didi trapped us
Dhruv: Mom without games life sucks
Manav: without TV life is total bore
Basudha: we cannot do anything his mind is on swing but I will kill that Ranjita for sure
Yashika: she is right
Naira: forget that you have mothers for a day (ek din ke liye bhool jao tumhari koi maa hai)
They all three hearing that woke up and started to move from there
Basudha: where are you going???
Kaustuki: who are you? I don’t remember
Basudha, Yasho and Naira widening there eyes and said in chorus “Inti Jaldi bhool gaye (forgot so soon)”
But till then trio were went there Kaustuki was denying to help Rajiv but till then Abhi came there and then started supervising her BG music played
tanne bola khaTTa teekha khaaNa hai maNa (you told that eating hot and sour things isn’t allowed.)
yo to torture hai ghaNa, re yo to torture hai ghaNa (that’s a big torture.)

re miTTi ki guRiya se bole chal body bana (you ask earthen dolls for body building,)
yo to torture hai ghaNa re yo to torture hai ghaNa (that’s a big torture.)

tail lene gaya re bachpan jhaR gayi phulwari (our childhood is gone for a toss, this garden is gone,)
kar rahe hain jaane kaisi jang ki taiyari (don’t know preparation for what kind of fight is going on,)
sote jagte chhooT rahi hai aansoo ki pichkaari (sleeping or awake, our tears are coming up all the time.)
phir bhi khush na hua mogambo hum tere balihaari (still Mogambo isn’t happy, (even though) we have dedicated our lives to him.)
teri nazron mein kya hum itne naalayak hain (are we so useless according to you?)

re tujhse behtar to (manne chhoR do re bapu) (better than you.. (leave me alone father!))
re tujhse behtar apni hindi filmon ke khalnaayak hain (better than you are villains of our Hindi movies.)
baapu sehat ke liye tu to haanikarak hai (O father you are injurious to health.)
Ding Dang, Ding Dang…
re baapu!

That time Kaustuki saw Kabir and Pratik coming there together and saying “now see” to Abhi she ran from there in full speed to them then only Abhi realized that now she will take advantage of Dadu and Nanu and his expression turned into “Mar gaya (dead)” and murmured to Basu going to her “RIP in advance Basu its our turn now” Basu in a stern tone said “Not mine but yours” she was saying but till then Kabir and Pratik came there and it was clear from their expressions that all the kids complaint to them about their punishment Kabir called Yashika and Naira too Pratik called Kirti and Ranvi as they were there when their grandchildren were punished and Pratik called Basu too and asked them to stand in a que in anger tone Abhi again said to Basu “I already said RIP in advance now we are dead” Basu hit him with her elbow and in anger tone said “just because of you”

to be continued….
I guess new morning started with fight itself and then one mistake was done by me that is i wrote cancer lol i myself forgot what was the disease so thought to correct it in episode itself hope you liked it and then now time for senior Bapu’s lets see what they will do and what others will get as punishment hahaha well i guess now confusion will be cleared then i am obsessed with this bapu song haha i love it just enjoy it and if you liked the episode then as usual comment it and write reviews i am getting mad and again going to Hanikarak Bapu till then bye bye and keep guessing what will happen next till then bapu sehat ke liye tu to hanikarak hai

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